8 Amazing Films and Series To Entertain Your Inner Entrepreneur

8 Amazing Films and Series To Entertain Your Inner Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial films are the best way to bring the lives and struggles of a business personality to us. These films provide us with a vivid picture of an entrepreneur’s life thus helping us develop a new perception towards life! 

Following are some of the best entrepreneurial films that help us learn a lot of new ideologies and perceptions for bringing out our best! Here are 8 amazing films to entertain your inner entrepreneur. 


Guru entrepreneur

Guru: Reliance Entertainment

Based on the real-life story of Dhirubhai Ambani, India’s richest business personality, this film has been one of the favorites for young entrepreneurs! 

This Mani Ratnam film has splendidly portrayed the journey of an ordinary man to become a business tycoon all due to his ambitious and wise nature. Abhishek Bachchan’s craft as the lead has taken this movie to yet another level. 

Rocket Singh Salesman Of The Year

Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year entrepreneur

Rocket Singh Salesman of The Year: Amazon Prime

This Ranbir Kapoor starrer film revolves around his journey from being an enthusiastic sales executive to be the founder of a huge company.

Harpreet Singh joins a famous company as a salesman. As a result of the company’s corruption, he starts off his own firm secretly. With the help of 5 of his colleagues, his firm starts to grow massively! 

This film has depicted its motto that determination and hard work pays off in an interesting and inspiring way!

Pirates Of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley entrepreneur

Pirates of the Silicon Valley: IMDB

Undoubtedly the two biggest names of the Silicon Valley are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Based on their rivalries, this film is one of the best in the lot!

This film is a beautiful portrayal of the ideals and visions of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as they bring about the tech revolution in the 20th Century. Played by Noah Wyle and Anthony Micheal Hall, this 1999 film is undoubtedly a great film to learn from and perceive the ideologies of the best entrepreneurs!

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happyness entrepreneur

The Pursuit Of Happiness: Netflix

With one of the finest performances by Will Smith, The Pursuit Of Happiness is an amazing film describing the struggles of a salesperson. 

Based on the book by the same name, this film portrays Chris Gardener as he struggles every day to sell his X-ray scanners. He invested all his wealth in the business but it did not yield anything. His financial conditions declined gradually, leading him to be homeless. The film ends as Gardener grabs a job at an investment banking firm which was the only ray of hope in his life!

The Social Network

The Social Network entrepreneur

The Social Network: Columbia Pictures

Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest and famous startup in the netizen’s era. From being a Harvard student to one of the richest entrepreneurs, the story of Mark Zuckerberg is indeed amazing.

The film takes the viewers through all the rambles in transforming an idea of connecting the whole world into a reality, all done by Mark Zuckerberg. Not only does this film glorify Mark’s ups but also highlight the downs he had to face when he was accused of stealing his friends’ ideas to create the world of Social Networks!

Wolf Of The Wall Street

Wolf of the Wall street entrepreneur

Wolf of the Wall Street: New York Times

Based on the book of the same name, this film describes the rollercoaster career of a stockbroker. The plot revolves around the life of Jordan Belfort played by Leonardo Di Caprio.

After losing his job at Wall Street, Belfort starts off with his new firm along with his friend. Soon with his tactics and schemes, he craves his way to Forbes magazine. His immensely growing success itself leads him on the wrong path.

The Founder

The Founder entrepreneur

The Founder: FilmNation Entertainment

The Founder chronicles the journey of an ordinary salesperson to become the founder of the world’s largest fast-food joint chain, Mc Donalds. The Mc Donald joint was instituted by the Mc Donald brothers in San Bernandino but was franchised all over America and later the world by Ray Krocs played by Micheal Keaton.

This film highlights the zeal and never settle attitude of Ray Krocs as he expands Mc Donalds. However, this film has also portrayed the controversial side of Ray as he forced the McDonald brothers to step down as the restaurant owners.

This film not only highlights the good times of an entrepreneur but also describes his shortcomings which helps us learn some important lessons!

TV Series: Start-Up

Start-Up entrepreneur

Start-Up: Netflix

Start-Up is surely one of the best Korean web series released in 2020. Revolving around the life of the protagonist, Seo Dal-Mi, this show has stunningly portrayed both the professional and personal aspects of an entrepreneur.

Seo Dal-Mi is a bright and passionate young woman with the desire to be the Steve Jobs of Sandbox. While working hard towards her goal she mistook a successful businessman as her first love, thereby creating a love triangle!  

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley entrepreneur

Silicon Valley: HBO

Created by Mike Judge, john Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, Silicon valley is one of the most amazing shows! Based on the life of Richard Hendrik, the owner of a startup, this show portrays his combats with other companies to be the best!

Satirizing the original Silicon Valley culture, this American comedy can be refreshing as well as enriching for us! This show is currently airing on Disney+ Hotstar.

Self Made

Self made entrepreneur

Self Made: New York Times

The American mini series is based on the life of Madam C J Walker, renowned African-American entrepreneur.

With Octavia Spenser playing the lead, this show chronicles the journey of a lady fighting against all odds to stand out as America’s first Black, Self Made entrepreneur!

The show has won various awards like Primetime Emmy Awards and can be streamed on Netflix!

Besides entertainment, these films also leave a lifelong impression on us that surely helps us to be a better version of ourselves. Not only their success but also their mistakes teach us a lot of life lessons. Let us know in the comments below your favorite Entrepreneurial film!

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