7 Amazing Web Series From Dice Media That Are Worth Watching

7 Amazing Web Series From Dice Media That Are Worth Watching

Dice Media has always brought to us some short yet beautiful stories with a good connection with reality. From love stories to tales of self-discovery, Dice Media has always won our hearts with its web series’.

With most of the shows of Dice media are on Youtube, it is quite popular and loved for its unique style of storytelling mixed with simplicity.

Dice media web series list


Firsts Dice Media Shows

Firsts: Dice Media 

Cute, heartwarming, and lovely are indeed the best way to describe this mini web series. Firsts is a beautiful show illustrating most of our first experiences in a short yet beautiful way. Whether dating your crush or having your first child, every story has been beautifully crafted by the characters.

With each episode being of just one minute, this show can be watched on Youtube and Instagram. To date, six amazing seasons of the Firsts have been released by Dice Media!

Please Find Attached

Dice Media Please Find Attached

Please Find Attached: Dice Media

This web show, starred by Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh, is about the characters venturing out of their bed of roses in a corporate office. Eventually, they fall in love as they still struggle with themselves coming out of their comfort zone.

The story is set to motion in a very elegant and lighthearted style! This show has two seasons, both of which are available on Youtube!


Dice Media Adulting

Adulting: Dice Media

As the name suggests, this show is based on the lives of two modern-day young adult roommates, Ray and Nikhat. The story unfolds as the ladies in their 20s try to meet ends with their career as well as their lives in a fast-moving city.

This vibrant, zingy yet lighthearted show can be binge-watched on Youtube with two seasons streaming on the platform!


Brochara Dice Media

Brochara: Dice Media

This show illustrates the life of four best friends as they maneuver through their issues in both their professional and personal lives. Director Simarpreet Singh beautifully brings out the vulnerabilities and feelings that men feel about their lives, especially their relationships.

Brochara is one of the popular Dice media shows that celebrates male friendships. With five episodes of season 1, you can stream Brochara anytime on Youtube!

What The Folks

What the Folks Dice Media

What the Folks: Dice Media 

This Dice Media show is one of the most popular shows with quite a different outlook. Set in a familial setting, this show gracefully portrays the efforts and adjustments to belong to a new family.

From making some uneasy adjustments to creating a beautiful familial bond is what director Ruchir Arun has beautifully crafted. Starred by Veer Rajwant Singh, Renuka Shahane, and others, this show has three seasons streaming now on Youtube!

Operation MBBS

Operation MBBS Dice Media shows

Operation MBBS: Dice Media

Many people have the notion that the lives of medical students are a cakewalk. Little do they know about the daily hardships and challenges that they face! 

Operation MBBS is indeed an amazing portrayal of the lives of medical students and doctors and how they deal with their problems and issues. Season 1 is based on the hardships and challenges faced by the students in their careers and friendships.

However, season 2 has excellently chronicled the lives of doctors and medical personnel in a pandemic situation.

Directed by Amrit Raj Gupta, both seasons of Operation MBBS can be streamed on Youtube.

Little Things

Little Things Dice Media Shows

Little Things: Netflix

We are all looking for our perfect love stories. But what makes a love story perfect is gracefully shown in the show Little Things. The most popular Dice Media show is based on the modern-day relationship of Dhruv and Kavya, played by Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar, as they work out on their little issues to make their relationship perfect!

This heartwarming and binge-worthy show is now streaming on Netflix, and the final season is going to be out soon on Netflix!

All these Dice Media shows have certainly made a place in our hearts. Every show creates a beautiful connection with us and is undoubtedly a treat to our hearts! Let us know in the comments below your favorite Dice Media Shows!

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