6 Srushti Tawade Songs That Redefine The World Of Rapping

Srushti Tawade Songs That Redefine The World Of Rapping

Srushti Tawade – a name you would probably have heard many times now – has recently taken the rapping world over by storm. Being just 23 years of age, she is one of the most promising young artists of modern times. Even though the Covid 19 and the resulting world lockdown did much harm to us, we also saw many people tapping into their creative sides with not much else to do. And the results have been amazing! Srushti Tawade began writing songs in 2020, and seeing her performances today – she has surely redefined the term ‘Rap Queen.’

Hailing from Mumbai, Srushti Tawade holds a master’s degree in English. She combined her love for writing and poetry with her passion for rap and pop culture to reach where she is today. Srushti Tawade’s songs are bold and unique, with unfiltered lyrics that come as a respite in this pretentious world.

This internet sensation is currently seen on MTV Hustle 2.0, and her songs are hitting the charts weekly. Let us now take you through some of the most phenomenal Srushti Tawade songs!

6 Srushti Tawade Songs That Redefine The World Of Rapping

Dummies Guide To Mumbai (10th Sept ’22)

There has been no ode better to the glam city of Mumbai than this masterpiece by Srushti Tawade. It beautifully covers every aspect of the city – from its street food to the local trains to the big dreams that people arrive in the city with!

The lyric – ‘Dilli mei, Chennai mei, Kolkata mei/ Jagah Jagah Mumbai ka hi bol bala hai// Beta Poona mei, Patna mei, Goa mein bhi/ Hawa hawa Mumbai//’ – might be Mumbai’s next anthem.

The awesome beats, meaningful lyrics, and the overall raw nature of the song stick to the tongue. You will find yourself crooning to Dummies Guide to Mumbai all day long after listening to it. It was the very first Srushti Tawade song on MTV Hustle, making her an overnight sensation.

“Jab tak Andheri pohonchega,

Tera har sapne pe thoda thoda toh katega”

Chill Kinda Guy (18th Sept ‘22)

Srishti Tawade songs are known for their raw and unfiltered lyrics, like Chill Kinda Guy. The whole song is dedicated to God, who she refers to as the Chill Kind of Guy here. She is undoubtedly an amazing writer and poet, which oozes out in her phenomenal raps.

We promise this to you – even if you have hated rap music all your life, Srushti Tawade will change your mind. With zero abusive content and a hundred percent meaningful lyrics, India’s rap world has finally breathed fresh air. Honestly, who can compare to – I’m a chill kinda guy, daryadil kinda guy – when she talks to us in the name of God?!

“I know, sab bolte hain mera naam lena din bhar

Koi jo naam na le jeena mushkil kar

Par mera aisa koi scene nahi hai chill kar”

Ek Tha Kauvva (24th Sept ‘22)

Goosebumps. Literal goosebumps. That is what you get with Srushti Tawade’s song – Ek Tha Kauvva. The morals she gives with each one of her pieces had remained untouched in the world of Rap until now.

The way she describes a crow’s story, taking this unrelenting world in the background, is captivating and hard-hitting. On a child’s request, she is seemingly narrating a ‘pari wali kahani’ as a bedtime story and reaches the peak when she goes – yeh Kahani sun ke jo neend aaye toh so jana shh shh. The gravity with which she describes the horrors of this world is just mindblowing.

“Kauvve nei seekha ki aise hi logon se poori dunya hai bhari

Dunya mein kahaniyan chhodo toh kahin bhi ab rahi na pari”

Chhota Don (1st Oct ‘22)

Having ultimate-level humor in raps apart from lyrical beauty is definitely a new concept in the Indian music industry. With Chhota Don, you would be laughing for the entire two-and-a-half minutes. Srushti Tawade songs combine poetry, stories, beats, and a lot of fun to deliver what she does on stage. In this one, she is helping a mafia of Mumbai in getting married by attempting to write a good description of him. A description that makes us double up in laughter.

We definitely needed artists like her, and now that she is here, we can’t have enough. Moreover, her highly relatable lyrics have struck a chord with this generation. 

“I hate my job, but for the money every thirty days

I bear with the people at work work work work.”

Mai Nahi Toh Kaun (8th Oct ‘22)

Mai Nahi Toh Kaun is highly addictive and inspiring because of the ray of confidence it instills in the listener. You can play this one repeatedly without it being too much. It is one of the best Srushti Tawade songs, via which she has shown us the power of music in instilling confidence and optimism. It is a surprise that this stuff is totally free of cost and available at our fingertips!

Through Mai Nahi Toh Kaun, Srushti Tawade teaches us to believe in ourselves and the uniqueness that we have to offer to the world – without having to conform to a box. She also shows us how to not listen to the voices around us telling us – it is not something you can do.

“Mai nahi to kon bey? Hai kon idhar?

Srushti nahi toh kon?” 

Bachpan (15th Oct ‘22)

Bachpan is the most emotional and heartbreaking among the Srushti Tawade songs. In this, she narrates the emotional and physical damage that she went through as a little child. The lyrics are so hard-hitting that you would listen in shocked silence as each word leaves your heart bleeding a little more.

Ay mera bachpan kahan gya, abhi toh yahin tha koi kha gya – will have you in tears. Without hesitation, we say that Srushti Tawade is a whole other vibe, off to revolutionize the rapping world.

“Yeh hona zaroori tha kya? Rula ke bhigona zaroori tha kya?

Yun mujhko is dunya ka andhera kona dikhana zaroori tha kya?”

With this, we come to the end of our Srushti Tawade songs list. Have you listened to any of these yet? If not, what are you waiting for?! Also, do let us know your favorite in the comment section. 10

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