10 Adults Only Ullu Hot Web Series

10 Adults Only Ullu Hot Web Series

A genre that has been gaining a lot of views across different platforms is the erotic genre. Combined with thriller, romance, and/or drama, these hot Indian web series have garnered a lot of popularity in no time. Because of OTTs, people also have easier access to them; thus, These hot Indian web series are always one of the most watched on their respective platforms.

One such platform that is filled with such shows is Ullu. Over the years, Ullu has quickly gained momentum because of its erotic shows and is one of the first homegrown platforms that showcase both rural and urban India and makes shows for adults. 

This article will mention such all-time popular Ullu hot web series that need to be on your watchlist!

10 Adults Only Ullu Hot Web Series


Ullu Hot Web Series: Panchali

One of the most popular Ullu hot web series is this 2019 erotic drama titled Panchali. Set in a remote village, it is the story of a woman named Bhoomi, who is married to four brothers. When their educated youngest brother, Kshite, arrives from town, he is also asked by the elder one, Yogi, to marry Bhoomi, which he finds nonsensical and thus declines.

Yogi, a highly spiritual person, feels that this would lead to a catastrophe and asks Bhoomi to seduce Kshite, not knowing that she would start to fall for him. Highly erotic and dramatic, this Ullu hot web series is a must-watch if you are a fan of the erotic-drama genre.

Client no.7

Ullu Hot Web Series: Client No. 7

If you are a fan of murder mysteries, then look no further. This Ullu hot web series is a perfect mix of erotica and suspense and will always keep you on the edge of your seat. The show revolves around a police officer who lands at a mysterious bungalow after getting a call from a captivating woman named Moni.

Things start to get complicated when their lives intertwine during the investigation. One of the best mystery thrillers available to watch on Ullu, it stars Leena Jumani and Tariq Jamal in the lead roles with Ashmit Patel and Suman Manak playing pivotal roles.

Riti Riwaj

Ullu Hot Web Series: RITI RIWAJ

The story of Shanta is set in a rural area where men are married to multiple women simultaneously. A woman whose husband is married to two more wives, Shanta gets infuriated and gets jealous of them and thus goes to lengths to quench her thirst.

One of the most Ullu hot web series to exist, Riti Riwaj works on different levels as it explores women’s sexuality, their desires, the ideology of our society in rural areas, and how these rural areas suffer from water scarcity.

The protagonist, Shanta, is a strong-headed character who understands her situation deeply and thus is an interesting character to watch. This one’s highly recommended if you like an erotic drama that also is a satire about societal and environmental problems.

Virgin Boys

Ullu Hot Web Series: Virgin Boys

As the title suggests, this Ullu hot web series revolves around the lives of three friends, Gagan, Chomu, and Chuchu, who want nothing but to lose their virginities and enjoy the pleasures of life. Gagan is the first one to get lucky and thus starts a ride full of hilarity that explores the different paths these friends go through, their desires, and the secrets they form along the way.

A fun and super entertaining watch, Virgin Boys firmly cements its position in any hot Indian web series list and will provide you with a range of emotions, making it different from the other shows mentioned in the list. A rare light-hearted and comedic show, this should not be missed!

The Bull of Dalal Street

Ullu Hot Web Series: The Bull of Dalal Street

Another adaptation of Harshad Mehta’s story, this Ullu hot web series, takes a different route and presents the story of The Bull through the erotic thriller drama genre. Set during the early 90s around the biggest stock market fraud, this hot Indian web series explores the different shades of Harshad Mehta through the course of time – A man who has the gist of rising above all odds, a man who becomes the king and is called The Big Bull of the Dalal Street, and a man who will do anything to stay at the top.

Watch it for its peculiar execution, strong acting performances, and seductive and sizzling chemistry between certain characters. Starring Ashmit Patel, Falguni Shah, and Iqbal Khan, this is a must-watch for all the fans of this genre.

Size matters 2

Ullu Hot Web Series: Size Matters

Another erotic comedy-drama available to watch on Ullu is this 2019 series titled Size Matters. The first season is about a couple named Manpreet and Akash. Manpreet is someone who wants to get her wishes fulfilled, and Akash is the one who can’t seem to fulfill them. This Ullu hot web series explores the big “Does size matter?” question in a quirky way that can’t be missed. 

The second season takes a different route and explores body positivity, where the protagonist Aarohi is a victim of fat shaming and tries to get out of that helpless zone.

Melting cheese

Ullu Hot Web Series: Melting Cheese

An erotic suspense drama, this Ullu hot web series is about Neena, who meets and instantly clicks with her husband’s secretary, Meera, through certain circumstances. Soon, their relationship evolves and gets intense, providing a hell of an entertaining ride that will make your jaw drop and keep you on the edge of your seat. As the name suggests, it is a cheesy drama that is highly recommended!


Ullu Hot Web Series: ULLU

The 2020 erotic-thriller that explores a struggling actor getting introduced to an Illuminati-like secret society through one of his films is one of the finest hot Ullu hot web series. The protagonist Karan, played by Hiten Tejwani, gets embroiled with a secret society that not only shocks his core beliefs but also makes him uncover the society’s ulterior motives and their true intentions behind finding such a society. 

A thrilling watch that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this hot Indian web series is unlike most web series in such a genre and thus becomes a must-watch for every fan of the genre.

Palang Tod

Ullu Hot Web Series: Palang Tod

Arguably, the most popular and hottest web series available to watch on Ullu is the Palang Tod series. This Ullu hot web series is an anthology series with many spin-offs and multiple seasons to its name that present the stories of different individuals over a period of time.

Seductive, sizzling hot, and erotic, Palang Tod mainly focuses on the dilemma that its characters go through over the course of the show about their personal lives and explores sexuality, relationships, desires, and love in different ways. Currently, there are 20 titles available under Palang Tod, which are one of the most viewed titles on the Ullu platform.


Ullu Hot Web Series: Titliyaan

A two-part hot Indian web series on Ullu that talks about lesbian relationships is a romantic drama titled Titliyaan. Revolving around the lives of Tanya and Sophia, Tanya is dragging her days through a loveless marriage and an oppressive husband while Sophia is getting over her boyfriend after his betrayal.

Things start to change and get better when the two meet and discover their love for each other, fully knowing that the relationship will never be accepted by society. Titliyaan is a soulful gripping tale that talks about a lot of things like the LGBTQ community and how they are viewed by society, a woman’s sexuality, and her desires, patriarchy, and many more. 

Adults Only Ullu Hot Web Series: Bonus


Ullu Hot Web Series: Woodpecker

This popular show of high aspiration and glamour revolves around Shanaya, who aspires to an affluent lifestyle & tries to woo a wealthy businessman with her beauty. But as she fails, she doesn’t give up on her dreams & the storyline gradually unravels whether she succeeds. If you are a fan of mystery & drama mixed with some steaminess, this show is undoubtedly for you.


Ullu Hot Web Series: Singardaan

This Ullu Hot Web series got popular primarily for its plot. The story encapsulates a man’s life who falls in love with a hooker & brings home her cursed makeup box. Ergo, his family gets cornered by the Singardaan’s cryptic powers. With Shraddha Das playing the lead, this sensual mystery is a must-watch for all thriller lovers out there!


Ullu Hot Web Series: ULLU

This is one of the most popular Ullu shows. The storyline revolves around Julie, a nurse who leads a smooth life until a psycho lover chases her and leads her to some sinful endeavors. This show maintains a perfect balance of mystery and sensuality. The show is absolutely stunning and mind-boggling at the same time.

Me too

Ullu Hot Web Series: #MeToo

Based on the #Metoo movement that exposed the reality of the casting couch, Me Too is indeed an interesting watch. The plot revolves around Sana, a victim of the casting couch, and how her friends put themselves out to reveal the truth. Despite being bold and sensual in some scenes, this show will trot out the nasty truths of film industries.

Lady Finger

Ullu Hot Web Series: Lady Finger

Suspenseful, bold, and voluptuous can surely describe this popular show. The show revolves around Sarla and Dev as she plans to test Dev’s loyalty. But the plot takes a turn when she gets trapped in her own plan. Despite being bold, this show stunningly sticks to the story and is a great watch.

Khul Ja Sim Sim

Ullu Hot Web Series: Khul Ja Sim Sim: Ullu Series

Khul Ja Sim Sim is one of the most-watched Ullu shows! With Nikhita Chopra being the protagonist, the plot revolves around newly married Sim & her unfulfilled sexual desires. Besides being voluptuous, this show also portrays various human emotions & vulnerabilities in gratifying those passionate desires. This show will not only spice things up but will also make you laugh hard!


Ullu Hot Web Series: Charmsukh

This is, again, the most-watched Ullu show ever! This popular drama takes intimacy, passion, and lust to the next level with its episodes. Every episode offers a new story of desires & love. With over 50 episodes released till now, this sensual series has some intriguing tales and some amazing casting that will surely make things steamy and slinky.


Ullu Hot Web Series: Walkman

Released in 2022, this Ullu Hot web series is more than a regular erotic show. The story is about an unsatisfied housewife who relies on erotic stories for her pleasure, and her urge rises to such an extent that she cheats on her husband with other men. Although erotic, Walkman will make you sit on the edge as the story unravels.

Which Ullu hot web series have you watched to date? Let us know in the comments.


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