In 2020, Storishh came to being and set out to become a content haven for zillennials all across the world. Since then, we have evolved as a digital firm that focuses on entertaining people and educating them.

Today’s youth is passionate – and we understand it. From popular culture to social issues, we have gotten everything covered for such an empowered and ever-evolving palette. Here at Storishh, our content is curated keeping in mind the needs of a generation that embraces diversity, is politically aware, and digitally forward.

However, we do not believe that our audience is monolithic. Instead, we accept the fragmentation of our personalities. Since we understand this, our platform offers a wide variety of tasteful themes and topics to cater to the many, fast-changing, and liberal requirements of all 20-somethings who rely on us to give them knowledge along with fun.

Storishh captures the pulse of today’s youth, understands the fast beating hearts that beat in those timelessly working minds by articulating all our longings, interests, issues, and opinions through its dynamic content. Where there is passion, stories, authenticity, and creativity, there is Storishh.

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