Songs We Listened To While Growing Up That Make Us Feel Nostalgic

Songs We Listened To While Growing Up That Make Us Feel Nostalgic

Not being racist, but have you ever wondered where the “Kaale Chor” came from? Also, the peacocks who took our Nani’s peahen away? Ring any bells? Every time we listen to the songs of those fun-loving times, we wish we could listen to them for the first time again. Each childhood song holds a special meaning which we gave to them. They never fail to bring back the euphoria of being a child. And the most beautiful part is that we all have a distinct memory attached to those songs.

Some of us listened to “Nani Teri Morni Ko” while sleeping on our mother’s lap, and some heard of it when they listened to the radio for the first time. Let’s look back at those childhood songs again.

Songs We Listened To While Growing Up
That Make Us Feel Nostalgic

Kasto Mazza (Parineeta- 2005)

This mesmerizing song was shot on the train giving vintage vibes, and was passing through the fresh fields. A group of children was clapping and singing “Kasto Mazza Hai Lelaima, Ramailo O Kaali Odhali,” the meaning of which we obviously didn’t know, but it was fun to dance in circles to this song. We don’t know if Saif’s girl was in phoolon mein ya fir kaliyon mein but we as kids were definitely in khwabon ki galiyon mein.

Bum Bum Bole (Taare Zameen Par- 2007)

If Amir Khan looked charming and fascinating to kids, it was in the outfit he wore in this song. That round and red joker’s nose has always been attractive to children. The whole class dancing to the song sung by their teacher was the experience we all were dying to have in our classrooms too. Because kids always love breaking the rules and some benches too.

We were surprised by the idea of “dekho dekho kya vo pedh hai chaadar odhe ya khada koi” and were also curious to know “itni rangon bhari apni duniya hai kyu?” The song justified all the absurd questions we had about the world. 

Koi Kahe (Dil Chahta Hai- 2001)

Koi kahe kehta rahe kitna bhi humko deewana we barely listened to anyone because we thought hum logo ki thokar mein hai ye zamana. And because of our carefree and adventurous attitude, we loved this song as children. Just like what the lyrics meant, we used to care less about what people thought of us or what they said about us. Did we want to make our own rules and live by them because hum hain naye andaz kyu ho purana?

Jadoo Jadoo (Koi… Mil Gaya- 2003)

Dancing with an alien on green fields was the experience we could only dream about. So we kept it alive through this song. Like Rohan, Nisha, and other kids, we empathized with Jadoo and told him looking at our TV screens, “tumhe aankhon mein basaya, tumhe dil mein bithaya, koi tumse na lenge kiraya“. And just like Jadoo, this song also lives in our hearts rent-free. 

Chanda Chamke (Fanaa- 2006)

We loved tongue twisters as kids and still do. We all have practiced the tongue twisters of this song and have challenged our friends to say “Khadak Singh ke khadakne se khadakti hain khidkiyan, khidkiyon ke khadakne se khadakta hai Khadak Singh” and have laughed when they couldn’t do it well just like Rehan (the kid in the song). As kids, we loved challenges and this song was a fun challenge for us. 

O My Friend Ganesha (My Friend Ganesha- 2007)

This song was a cool Ganesha hymn that we could listen to more joyfully than any other. The song lyrics are a request saying, “O my friend Ganesha tu rehna sath humesha“. Also, depicting Ganesha as our friend on whom we can rely. 

Lakdi Ki Kathi (Masoom- 1983)

Lakdi Ki Kathi (Masoom- 1983)

‘Lakdi Ki Kathi’ was a complete play of imagination; it made us imagine a wooden horse who was egoistic and went to sabzi mandi, but “sabzi mandi baraf padhi thi baraf mein lag gayi thandi” and our question was how come a wooden horse catch a cold? Nevertheless, we loved the play of words and the horse’s tale. 

Ta Ra Rum Pum (Ta Ra Rum Pum- 2007)

Ye Ta ye Ra ye Ma ye Pa agar mil jaye toh we would definitely ask them to take us to the land of candies and river of chocolate. This song was a fairytale that came true and gave us hope that such a dream place of ours may exist where we can have plenty of sweets. Our stomach has been craving that place for over a decade now. 

Mere Buddy (Bhoothnath- 2008)

Mere buddy zuno zara do you remember Bhoothnath and Banku’s thodi shararat kuch shaitani kaam koi gadbad ka? The super cool soon song made us all want to have a relationship with our grandparents where the huge gap between the ages isn’t a barrier to having fulfilling conversations. 

Ye Tara Woh Tara (Swades- 2004)

The inspiration of counting ye tara woh tara har tara was incited in us through this beautiful song. Shah Rukh taught the villagers and us about the significance of unity through the presence of each star in the space and what we learnt is sabke ek he sapne hain socho toh sab apne hain, koi bhi kisi se yahan gair nahi.

Chhota Bachcha Jaan Ke Na Koi Aankh Dikhana Re (Masoom- 1983)

This song validates all our mischievousness as a child. The courage to say whatever was in our hearts. Also, we ensured that our innocent face wasn’t mistaken for our fighting spirit or na din din dinna na din dinna naach nacha denge.

 Let us know if the nostalgia flowed, breaking the dams?

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