Friends TV Series: An Iconic 90s Sitcom

Friends The Show That Has Been Still Winning Hearts

Old is gold, and the ultimate gold in the world of series is the show Friends, the 90s sitcom that has been and still is winning hearts.

Friends TV Series: An Iconic 90s Sitcom

Meet Rachel Green: The Fancy One

Meet Rachel Green Gif, the fancy one

The first episode of Friends TV series season 1 opens up with Rachel running away in her wedding dress on her wedding day, searching for her high school friend Monica. With that, all six friends are in the same place, they meet, and the ball gets rolling.

Rachel is a typical “Daddy’s little girl” until she learns how to be independent and survive on her own. She is a pretty, smart, ambitious, and definitely fashionable one. 

Meet Ross Geller: The Nerd

Meet Ross Geller Gif, the nerd

Ross Geller, the golden boy of the Geller house, is a paleontologist by profession. His thing is science, and his life is a tragedy. He is the “divorce” guy until he ends up with his high school crush, the love of his life – Rachel Green. 

Meet Monica Geller: The Chef

Meet Monica Geller Gif, the chef

Monica is Ross’s sister and the ignored and outcasted child out of the two. She spent the majority of her life being super fat and later completely transformed herself. She has OCD and is a cleaning freak of the group. She is what we call ‘the motherly one’.

Meet Chandler Bing: The Funny One

Meet Chandler Bing Gif, the funny one

Chandler Bing is the funny guy in the group. He met Ross in college, and they have been friends since college. Due to his sad childhood and his parent’s divorce, he used humor as a coping mechanism and became commitment-phobic until he fell in love with Monica. 

Meet Joey Tribbiani: The Charming One

Meet Joey Tribbiani Gif, the charming one

Joey Tribbiani is the dumb, kind-hearted, generous Cassanova friend. An actor by profession, he is always broke but never out of charm for the ladies. He is a big foodie, he eats all the time, but his goodness and innocence are what keep him around. 

Meet Phoebe Buffay: The Unique One

Meet Phoebe Buffay Gif, the unique one

Phoebe Buffay is the girl with a truly devastating childhood and unconventional beliefs, the one who survives life as if it is no big deal. She is the life of the group in a way and a reminder of how things can be different and still cherished. 

What is your thought on the Friends tv series, and which one is your favorite?

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Images: Friends/Warner Bros. Television

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