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While Hollywood is serving the spookiness on a praise-worthy platter, we bring back the fear vibes from the 1990s and 2000s that Indian television presented to its audience. Stepping into nostalgia, we are about to go through Hindi horror serials that frightened us to the core so much that we didn’t even step down from the bed or the couch after having a watch. 

8 Hindi Horror Serials That Spooked The
Shit Out Of Us

X Zone

Hindi Horror Serials: X Zone

This Hindi horror serial aired on Zee TV from 8th June 1998 to 30th October 2000. Directors like Anurag Basu, Tulsi Ramsay, Shyam Ramsay, Kushan Nandy, Vivek Agnihotri, Imtiaz Ali, Anil Sharma, and Ketan Mehta were involved in different episodes of X Zone. With a different story every week, the show depicted ghosts to zombies, from Ouija boards to voodoo.

You can stream all episodes of the X Zone horror show on YouTube. It acquired cult status for its professional special effects at that time and its mature content concerning its competitors.



Hindi Horror Serials: Aahat

The intro music of Aahat is still so fresh, and it will remain in our minds forever. Amongst all the hindi horror serials from that time, Aahat has a name that is spooky enough to instill horror in our souls. Stories in the different episodes of Aahat revolved around paranormal activities, supernatural elements, and frightening entities. Written by Yash and Sima Shridhar Raghavan, Aahat’s first episode aired on 5th October 1995. This horror show is available to stream on Sony Liv.


Hindi Horror Serials: Rooh

Zee TV really had a spooky team to finalize shows that will air on it. And Rooh is another hindi horror serial that aired on Zee TV from 6th November 200 to 6th August 2005. Every story of this spooky television show has a different story with a different cast. The stories included elements such as black magic, phantoms, ghosts, possessed objects, and witches. 

Ssshhhh…koi hai

Hindi Horror Serials: Ssshhhh...koi hai

Created by Cinevistaas Limited and Contiloe Entertainment, Ssshhhh…Koi Hai was one of the popular Hindi horror serials that ruled television from 27th July 2001 to 16th May 2010, including three seasons. Vikraal and Gabroo, the protagonists going on a ghost hunt, were the main characters throughout the series, and their chemistry gave a dose of humor to every horror story. The second and third seasons of the show were titled Ssshhh…Phir Koi Hai and Ssshhh…Phir Koi Hai 3. You can stream this nostalgia horror show on Disney+ Hotstar.


Mano Ya Na Mano

Hindi Horror Serials: Mano Ya Na Mano

We told you that Zee TV has a knack for serving some fear vibes to the audience through its choice of Hindi horror serials. Mano Ya Na Mano used to run on Zee TV in 1995. Directed by Rajesh Ranashinge, this Hindi horror serial projected stories about ancient beliefs, myths, and supernatural elements. 

Raat Hone Ko Hai

Hindi Horror Serials: Raat Hone Ko Hai

You might not know, but Sunidhi Chauhan sang the theme song of this Hindi horror serial. Raat Hone Ko Hai was produced and directed by BP Singh, and it aired on Sahara One on 10 May 2004 and served 272 episodes of fear. Episodes of the Raat Hone Ko Hai included scary monsters created by special effects. The show didn’t succeed in gaining popularity and thus was wrapped up.

Aap Beeti

Hindi Horror Serials: Aap Beeti

If records are believed, Aap Beeti portrayed factual stories of paranormal activities and unexpected happenings based on mysterious real-life stories. Ghosts of loved ones telling people about the reason for their death and seeking revenge through them was one of the main storylines. Directed by Ravi Chopra and produced by B.R. Films, Aap Beeti was aired on Doordarshan National in 2001. Aap Beeti & Doorshan: Perfect Nostalgia Horror Vibes!


Zee Horror Show

Zee Horror Show is the showstopper for the article! With an IMDB rating of 8.1, Zee Horror Show is still ruling in its genre, and no other Indian television horror show has yet been able to defeat it. The first episode was named ‘Aatma,’ aired on Zee TV in 1993. As per its time, the show had a decent take on the Ghosts, and every episode brought along a new story with it. 

“We watched a few episodes to write this up, and we think table ke niche koi hai.”

Tell us which Hindi horror serials were the most BHOOTIYA?


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7 Best Indian Sitcoms That Are Worth Watching



Top 7 Indian Sitcoms

Sitcoms have continuously been a well-known genre among audiences all over the world, and India is no special case. The Indian TV industry has delivered a few of the most famous Indian sitcoms that have engaged and brought giggling to Indian families. They offer a reviving break from the everyday schedule and give much-needed quantities of excitement.

We have compiled a list of some of the most excellent Indian sitcoms that have earned a gigantic fan base and are worth observing.

7 Best Indian Sitcoms That Are Worth Watching

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Tarak mehta ka ulta chasma

Possibly the most popular of all the sitcoms. The show revolves around the lives of families dwelling in a society in Mumbai called Gokuldham. The show creatively incorporates social issues and conveys them with a squeeze of humor. The show’s characters are a representation of a perfect society, with a different bunch of individuals from distinctive societies, religions, and foundations.


The show is known for its humor and relatable characters. The show has completed more than a decade and is still one of the most-watched and cherished sitcoms in India.

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabiji Ghar par Hai

The show revolves around the lives of two neighboring couples, the Mishras and the Tiwaris. The show has picked up immense popularity in the years since its initiation. The show is known for its humor and silly circumstances. The show’s characters, like Vibhuti Mishra and Angoori Bhabhi, have ended up being fan favorites. The show was inspired by the 1990s Hindi sitcom Shrimaan Shrimati.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

Sarabhai vs sarabhai

Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai could be a cult classic Hindi sitcom circling in the early 2000s. The show spun around the life of an upper-class Gujarati family, the Sarabhais. The show was known for its witty one-liners and entertaining circumstances. The show’s characters, like Maya Sarabhai and Rosesh Sarabhai, are still remembered by the audience for their unique identities. The humor is unpretentious, and the show may be a cult classic among fans.




Khichdi is another classic Hindi sitcom that debuted in the early 2000s. The show revolved around the life of a quirky and broken Gujarati family, the Parekhs. The show was known for its quirky characters and unconventional circumstances. The humor of the appearance is special and relatable. A film based on the show was also released in 2010.

Office Office

Office Office

Office Office may be a parody of the corruption that exists in Indian government workplaces. The show revolves around Mussaddilal, played by Pankaj Kapur, who is continuously stuck within the bureaucratic maze of Indian government workplaces. Each scene showcased how common individuals were betrayed by degenerate officials and how they battled for equity.



F.I.R. is another sitcom that was a hit with gatherings of people. The show featured Kavita Kaushik as inspector Chandramukhi Chautala, who unraveled different cases with an amusing turn. The show was adored for its droll humor and the camaraderie between the characters.


Chidiya Ghar

Chidiya Ghar

Chidiya Ghar spins around a retired principal, Kesari Narayan, who lives in a house named Chidiya Ghar along with his family, where everybody is named after a specific creature. Each part has a characteristic that comes about under a few silly circumstances. The show was known for its funniness and characters such as Mayuri, Koyal, and, in particular, Gadha Prasad, whose tricks made most of the snickers within the show.

These sitcoms have captured the hearts of millions of viewers and continue to engage with their ageless humor and relatable characters. They have made us snicker, cry, and feel nostalgic and affectionate for the characters and recollections they have given us.

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Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows Which We Miss



Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows Which We Miss

NDTV Imagine, for us, is certainly synonymous with nostalgia, amazing, and way ahead of its time. The channel was launched in 2008, and ever since its inception, it has become immensely popular for its groundbreaking yet warm shows and serials. From producing devotional shows to intriguing reality shows to dramatic yet refreshing serials, NDTV Imagine has done it all. Initially, it was said to have collaborated with Karan Johar as a creative consultant, and maybe it was one of the prime reasons for the channel to have some great shows!

Though most shows on the channel had a high-rated TRP, NDTV Imagine started losing its viewership and was soon closed in 2012. 4 years in the entertainment industry might seem tiny, but the channel has undoubtedly produced some of the most entertaining and impactful shows in India. The channel and its shows are surely nostalgic to most of us and thus we bring to you the best NDTV Imagine TV shows that we all miss!

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows Which We Miss

Ramayan (2008)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Ramayan

Undoubtedly, this adaptation of the Ramayana was a top-rated show on NDTV Imagine. Started by Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee, this show must be nostalgic for many Gen Zs. Captivating performances and a perfect adaptation made this show a must-watch after the OG Ramayana serial!


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Jyoti (2009-2010)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Jyoti (TV Series 2009–2011)

Despite the storyline being a typical melodramatic TV show, Jyoti was indeed a new-age serial challenging patriarchal and societal notions that prevailed in a household. Actor Sneha Wagh’s portrayal of Jyoti, a girl who puts everyone before herself, was indeed fantastic. Compelling plot twists and dramatic nuances made this a highly-watched NDTV Imagine show.

Kitani Mohabbat Hai: Season 1 and 2 (2008-2009)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Kitni Mohabbat Hai

As the name suggests, this popular Imagine show revolved around two young lovers from different realities. When an aspiring singer, Aarohi, falls in love with her boss, Arjun, the plot develops into a very romantic and eloquent one. With Kritika Kamra and Karan Kundra playing the leads, the show became a favorite for its feel-good storyline and the chemistry between the characters.


Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega (2010)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Rahul Dulhaniya Ley Jayega

It may appear bizarre, but this reality show format got popularised on NDTV Imagine. The age-old idea of swayamvar came back when celebrities like Rahul Mahajan looked for their brides on air. With various women participating in it, the show was a blend of drama and reality, giving insight into the celeb’s personal life too! It was basically like Splitsvilla just the trophy was Rahul Mahajan.

Bandini (2009-2011)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Bandini (TV Series 2009–2011)

Premiering in 2009, this NDTV Imagine show, though overdramatic at times, was a highly-grossed show. Centered on Santu, a girl who had to marry a widower under certain circumstances, the show portrays the struggles and challenges of Santu to fit into the rich family. Played by Ronit Roy and Aasiya Kazi, Bandini was popular for its twisty plot and compelling drama.

Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein (2009)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein

With a multi-star cast of Sumeet Vyaas, Amrapali Dubey, and Shoaib Ibrahim, we are pretty sure you haven’t forgotten this show! Based on an orphan girl who wishes to be part of a joint family, the show highlights her struggles to find a place in the family. The show first aired in September 2009 and continued until 2010, with one of the highest TRPs on the channel.


Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev (2011-2014)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev

Encapsulating the divine tale of Lord Shiva and Parvati, this was a must-watch in every Indian household. Though the show was later aired on a channel named Life OK, it was initially on NDTV Imagine. Owing to its top-notch production and lead Mohit Raina’s craft, the devotional show got all the love it deserved from the viewers.

Swayamvar Season 3 – Ratan Ka Rishta (2011)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Ratan Ka Rishta

The last season of the “Imagine Swayavar Trilogy” featured actor Ratan Rajput. The format remained the same, but that didn’t hinder the show from being entertaining and captivating for the audience. Undoubtedly, it felt bizarre, but who doesn’t like an insight into celebrities’ lives and choices?

Chand Ke Paar Chalo (2008)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Chand Ke Paar Chalo (TV series)

Marking the debut of actress Yami Gautam, Chand Ke Paar Chalo was one of the most feel-good shows on the channel. The storyline revolves around the love and separation of Sana and Rehaan, set in a Hindu-Muslim framework. As the story developed, the viewers witnessed a love triangle, which made the show very captivating and engaging. This Imagine TV show was also popular for its background score and songs.


Rakhi Ka Swayamvar (2009)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Rakhi Ka Swayamwar

This is the OG Swayamvar show that aired on the channel. Rakhi Sawant, a very famous and controversial figure in the industry, had a show where guys tried to woo her for marriage. Though the show was highly entertaining, it became the most discussed and controversial show on Imagine TV.

Gunahon Ka Devta (2010)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Gunahon ka Devta

The hidden tales of UP have always been a director’s favourite story to tell, and one such portrayal is this show. Encapsulating the gun violence of Lallanpur, the plot revolves around Advesh Singh, a village top shooter, and Arpita. With a multi-star cast, this TV show, which aired in 2010, was one of the most watched and entertaining shows on NDTV Imagine.

Armanon Ka Balidaan – Aarakshan (2010)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Armanon ka Balidaan - Aarakshan

If NDTV Imagine was a hot topic in the columns, it had to be for this show. Premiered in 2010, Aarakshan was not only popular but also controversial for showcasing political violence. The storyline of this political thriller was based on the Mondal Commission protests of the 1990s, something that was highly controversial and talked about. Ngl NDTV Imagine was certainly daring as a channel!


Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo (2010-2012)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo (Tv Series)

Revolving around a unique storyline, this popular NDTV Imagine show attempted to bring something new yet crucial to the viewers. The story is about Bharti who was ridiculed for being a dwarf and Murli, as they got hitched. The story aimed to challenge the stereotypical notions of marriage and portray societal misogyny, something that was indeed a groundbreaking attempt.

Nachle Ve with Saroj Khan (2008-2009)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Nachle Ve with Saroj Khan

One of the most watched shows on NDTV Imagine has to be Nachle ve with Saroj Khan. Saroj Khan, the late Bollywood choreographer, showcased her craft of choreography to dancers and television actors in an engaging and precise way. The show had a total of 3 seasons, and we are pretty sure most of us learned some steps while watching the show!

Radha Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi (2008-2009)

Best NDTV Imagine TV Shows: Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi?

In the times of melodramatic shows, this TV show became one of the most-loved shows on the channel for portraying the mother-daughter relationship beautifully. As the title suggests, the show revolved around Radha and her 3 daughters as they tried to build an identity of theirs from scratch with their mother being a constant support. The three sisters, completely different from each other, gave their best to create a mark and settle in the busy city of Mumbai!


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8 Childhood Superhero Cartoons Who We Want With Us IRL



8 Childhood Superhero Cartoons Who We Want With Us IRL

A lot of fictional characters have defined the childhoods of most average Indian kids. From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who gave us the fighting-for-good spirit, to Conan Edogawa, who turned us all into detectives – what would our lives be if not for these superhero cartoons who have shaped the way we think today?

As you turn nostalgic while going through this article, you couldn’t help but agree that we still need them as almost adults as much as we needed them as kids! Read on.

8 Childhood Superhero Cartoons Who We
Want With Us IRL

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Childhood Superhero Cartoons: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Our very first superhero cartoon from the 90s was undoubtedly the four ninja turtles – Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo. As kids, we loved these ninjutsu-trained champions who became all the rage during the time, influencing everything from clothing to video games. What made these animated turtles our ultimate heroes was how they always used their intelligence and fighting skills to protect the people in New York City while also teaching us the true meaning of kindness, compassion, and loyalty.


We just can’t help but wonder how amazing our lives would be if we had these savage mutant ninja turtles with us IRL! The four of them, with their humor and bravery, were truly role models for their entire fan base. 

Scrooge McDuck

Childhood Superhero Cartoons: Scrooge McDuck

In the Disney universe, Scrooge McDuck – the Scottish duck from DuckTales – ruled the screens with his love for money and adventurous spirit. He made us fall in love with the game of treasure hunting and also taught us the value of hard work, savings, and thrifting as kids. On top of all that, we just adored his humor and sarcastic comments – let’s admit it, we learned sarcasm first from Scrooge and only later from Chandler!

Further, he was not just a money-loving duck; he was also a big philanthropist and loved his family dearly. Scrooge McDuck was one of the first cartoon characters who taught us moral values in the world of degrading morals. Can we have him in real life, too, please? 



Childhood Superhero Cartoons: SWAT Kats

We had a lot of cartoons in the 90s and 2000s revolving around the themes of fighting for the innocent and saving a city from criminals, and we loved them all! T-bone and Razor, the SWAT Kats from Megakat City, were both heroic and compelling characters who used their skills and resources (mainly a fighter jet) to fight villains that posed a threat to their city.

These cats were actually former Law Enforcement officers who were fired as they did a lot of collateral damage in the way of fighting crime. So they go undercover and form a secret hangar! How cool is that? These superhero cartoons are not just fighters but also high on comedy which made us love them so much as kids. 


Childhood Superhero Cartoons: Little Baldy Hagemaru

The elementary school student – Hagemaru Hageda – became our hero with his mischievousness and laziness! He always found ways to get into trouble with his family and then used his intelligence to get out of the pickle. Truly, there was nothing that appealed to us more as kids during the time. The popularity of this character was such that he was adapted into many movies and video games as well.


Hagemaru made us see the fun in quick thinking and teamwork. This lovable character always gave us a valuable lesson to be learned while he explored the ups and downs of his childhood. Truly a superhero!

Usagi Tsukino

Childhood Superhero Cartoons: Usagi Tsukino

The protagonist of Sailor Moon, Usagi Tsukino, has influenced many cultural phenomena around the world since it was first released in 1991. As a warrior out to save the world from all kinds of evil, she inspired many little girls with her fierce determination, positive attitude, and kind heart. On the other hand, Usagi Tsukino was also a typical teenager with a lazy, cheerful, and carefree personality.

We just loved how she matured as a person throughout the episodes – teaching us everything about courage, responsibility, and friendship as kids. The best part about this superhero was her magical ability to transform into different forms and also the power to heal others. If only we had her in real life!


Rantaro Inadera

Childhood Superhero Cartoons: Nintama Rantaro

For all those kids who watched Rantaro Inadera in Ninja Boy Rantaro – it was impossible not to fall in love with his ninja skills, humor, and misadventures. Undoubtedly, we all hoped to be a part of the Ninja Academy and take ninja classes along with Rantaro and his best friends, Kirimaru and Shinbei. But above all, what appealed to us most was the unique ways the trio found to get themselves into trouble with their sensei-tachi (teachers) and all the mischievous ninja hacks they used to get themselves out of their predicament.

Rantaro Inadera taught us all about loyalty, bravery, friendship, and of course, mischief-making. Our childhood without this superhero would have been so dull!

Tyson Granger

Childhood Superhero Cartoons: Tyson Granger

The young days of most Indian kids have been defined by Beyblades and the makeshift beyblade battleground – often the Indian cooking vessel, Kadhai. Tyson Granger romanticized this battle enough with his hot-headed and impulsive character, along with his fierce loyalty, perseverance, and never-give-up attitude.


We all tried to imitate him when “battling” with our neighborhood friends, didn’t we?! This protagonist of the Beyblade series was truly an inspiration and influenced our attitudes, where we learned sarcasm, humor, and defending our friends behind their backs. Our almost-adult selves still need him to come and save the day for us.

Conan Edogawa

Childhood Superhero Cartoons: Detective Conan

The last on the list, and also the best, is Conan Edogawa (originally Shinichi Kudo). No, we are not taking sides here, but he did turn most of us into child detectives – so he definitely wins. A high school detective, who could easily compete with Sherlock Holmes, turns into a child after being poisoned by a criminal organization. We are so glad their original plan of killing Shinichi Kudo didn’t work! To hide his identity, he turned into Conan Edogawa – naming himself after the two best mystery writers, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Ranpo Edogawa.

Coming to people who did not watch this anime series as kids, you are missing out on a lot! Go ahead, you can watch it on YouTube by searching for “Detective Conan.”


This was our list of superhero cartoons that we wanted with us in real life! Were they yours too? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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