8 Non-Mainstream Good Animated Movies You Should Watch

8 Non-Mainstream Good Animated Movies You Should Watch

There are a ton of underappreciated and underrated good animated movies that didn’t get enough spotlight, often overshadowed by mainstream ones by Disney, Pixar, and the likes. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid, teenager, or adult, animated movies are always a hit. Whether you need something to watch with the entire family or just to sit back and relax with a lighthearted tale, these are the first that come to mind. We’ve curated a small list of such movies that you should definitely watch. 

The Book of Life (2014)

8 Non-Mainstream Good Animated Movies You Should Watch

Image: The Book of Life/20th Century Fox Animation

A man embarks on an adventure spanning three different, majestic worlds where he’s forced to choose between his family and his love.

A sweet movie that can be watched with the family, it combines essential Mexican folklore, ancient mythology, and pop culture.

Klaus (2019)

Image: Klaus/Netflix Animation

After nearly flunking the postal academy, a man is stationed on an island where there seems to be little sign of life. He’s about to give up and quit until he makes an unusual discovery.

The Christmas movie has roots in friendship, building bridges, and the dying art of letter-writing with impressive animation and an expressive voice cast.

The Croods (2013)

Image: The Croods/DreamWorks Animation

A caveman family embarks on a search to find a new home once their cave is destroyed and meets a boy who helps them on their journey.

When we think of cavemen, we think of uncivilized, probably violent creatures. However, the movie focuses more on bringing people together rather than fighting. The way in which the family grows throughout the film is subtle yet powerful.

Meet the Robinsons (2007)

Image: Meet the Robinsons/Walt Disney Pictures

A young inventor who is intent on building a time machine to look for his mother meets a mysterious time traveler who takes him to the future and helps him uncover a secret.

The story is well-written and executed, with a little something for both kids and adults.

Home (2015)

Image: Home/DreamWorks Animation

A quirky alien on the run from his people takes shelter on Earth and befriends an adventurous young girl trying to find her mother. He tries to help her with her quest but often ends up being an interference. 

Starring Jim Parsons and Rihanna, a great load of creativity and artistry has gone into this production, with adorable, colorful animation.

Monsters vs Aliens (2009)

Image: Monsters vs Aliens/DreamWorks Animation

After getting hit by a meteorite, a woman transforms into a giant. She is then sent to space to join a team of monsters who are tasked with stopping an alien mastermind from taking over the earth.

The movie cheerfully converts two major sources of cinematic terror (monsters and aliens) into wacky, goofy, and familiar figures.

Open Season (2006)

Image: Open Season/Columbia Pictures

A domesticated Grizzly bear finds himself stranded in the woods 3 days before Open Season. As he is forced to rely on an irritating mule, they form an unlikely friendship and must alert the other forest animals to save themselves from hunters.

The characters and animation are different from those that came before this movie, with a hilarious script that everyone should watch.

Onward (2020)

Image: Onward/Pixar Animation Studios

In a magical realm where magic has turned into a myth, two elven brothers set out on an epic adventure to bring back their father from the dead, for a day.

The movie is majestic with really great animation and a moralistic storyline and relatable characters. Being a Pixar film, the only reason it couldn’t get much attraction is because of the pandemic.

Have you seen any good animated movies from the list? Tell us your opinions in the comments below!


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