10 Best Hollywood Horror Movies To Watch On Netflix

10 The Best Hollywood Horror Movies To Watch on Netflix

From period drama to suspense, comedy to sci-fi, meaningful themes to escapist stories: Netflix has covered all your horror requirements! The horror genre has so many things in store for us: drama, suspense, fearand at times, comedy. It is the most versatile genre that can be used in any kind of story. If you feel like being transported to the world of spirits, ghosts, jump scares, and cult rituals, Netflix has got you covered.

Here are some of the best Hollywood horror movies to watch on Netflix that you can stream.

10 Best Hollywood Horror Movies To Watch on Netflix

The Witch (2015)

10 The Best Hollywood Horror Movies To Watch on Netflix - Storishh

The Witch/Maiden Voyage Pictures

The Queen’s Gambit star Anna Taylor-Joy made her marvelous film debut in A24’s The Witch. The film opens up with the story of a family that is compelled to flee their town and settle at the edge of a forest, away from civilization. However, hostile forces await the family of six, which starts disintegrating soon.

Under Robert Eggers’ direction, the storytelling is perfectly eerie and captures the right tone. The Witch will scare you without bordering on the off-putting hysterical and gore. Eggers ingeniously nails the atmospheric tension and brings the best out of his cast. This period drama is cinema at its best.

Hereditary (2018)

Hereditary (2018) - Storishh

The Hereditary/PalmStar Media

Very few companies can create horror films like A24, which is again evident in Hereditary. The film is directed by Ari Aster, renowned for taking personal issues and transforming them into horror. In Hereditary’s feature debut, he takes up the theme of generational trauma and baggage and presents something frightening yet eye-opening.

Hereditary follows the downfall of a family when a senior member dies. The genius of Hereditary is, while we understand what’s happening with them, the characters are always kept out of the loop. Their denial becomes haunting. The way Aster translates his theme into fear and sometimes teases comedy is nothing less than genius.

His House (2020)

His House (2020) - Storishh

His House/Regency Enterprises

British director Remi Weekes’ feature debut, His House, is one of the best films to come out in 2020. In this movie, a couple escapes from a conflict-laden South Sudan. They take refuge in the UK and are assigned a place by the local authorities. However, their new home isn’t very welcoming to them.

The action that unfolds in the story establishes. If it is hard for refugees to find shelter in another country, it is even more excruciating to assimilate into a new life. The film masterfully portrays the horror of refugee life. This Netflix original horror also contains a tear-jerking sequence when we are transported back to the grim realities of South Sudan. His House is worth every second of its 93 minutes run time.

Us (2019)

Us (2019) - Storishh

Us/Monkeypaw Productions

If you’re a Jordan Peele fan after his Oscar-winning Get Out, there is little chance that you might have missed out on Us. Nevertheless, if you have still not watched Us, it’s a real shame, Jordan Peele stan or not. The film is simply too amazing to pass as it explores issues of race and class through the lens of horror. This movie also has one of our time’s most memorable background scores.

12 Years a Slave actress Lupita Nyong’o plays the role of Adelaide Wilson, whose family comes under attack by their doppelgangers. The film follows Adelaide’s struggle to survive and protect her family, making its audience reflect on pertinent issues.

Mother! (2017)

Mother! (2017) - Storishh

Mother!/Protozoa Pictures

Mother! is inarguably the most universally relevant film of our time. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, Mother! is theatre and cinema combined. It follows the story of a beautiful, homely and caring wife (Jennifer Lawrence) whose narcissist writer husband (Javier Bardem) welcomes strangers into their home, creating upheaval in their lives.

There are no evil spirits or ghosts, nor are there any jump scares. The horror of Mother! lies in the plight of its helpless protagonist, who’s at the mercy of her husband’s whims. While the film will make you frustrated and put you in the shoes of the protagonist’s discomfort, it will slowly reveal its theme of environmental ruin by humans to you. Can you resist watching a horror film about climate change?

Hush (2016)

Hush (2016) - Storishh

Hush/Blumhouse Productions

Hush contains no deeper meanings or brutal truths. It’s simply an escapist horror that you can dive into while keeping your brains aside.

The film features a deaf writer who is enjoying her solitary time at a cabin in some woods. However, an insidious masked man attacks her, attempting to kill her. With limited resources at her hand, she endeavors to fight and escape him in this gripping film that has the quintessential horror fix for you on Netflix.

Secrets in the Hot Spring (2018)

Secrets in the Hot Spring (2018) - Storishh

Secrets in the Hot SpringWang Toon, Happy Hsu, Ju-Feng Yeh

If horror films disturb your sleep after watching them, Secrets in the Hot Spring is the perfect match for you. Who says horror cannot have comedy this film packs immense punches of comedy!

This oddball Taiwanese movie follows the story of three schoolmates as they visit a mysterious hot spring and take on an adventure. The film is hilarious and scary at the same time. It also hits you with heavy emotions through its heartening message. Secret in the Hot Spring is a rare horror film that is funny and wholesome.

Annihilation (2018)

Annihilation (2018) - Storishh

Annihilation/Skydance Media

Very few sci-fi films risk venturing into horror and vice versa, but Annihilation transcends all boundaries. Annihilation is grossly underrated, adapted from Jeff VanderMeer’s elusive book of the same name. The film’s director and writer Alex Garland explore the self-destructive drive innate within humans.

In this movie, a group of female experts journey into a mysterious bubble that’s quickly spreading. Their expedition presents them with many challenges and revelations. Natalie Portman takes the lead in the film as biologist Lena. The film contains so many mind-blowing sequences, especially as it nears its end. You cannot miss out on the epic experience of watching Annihilation.

Doctor Sleep (2019)

Doctor Sleep (2019) - Storishh

Doctor Sleep/Intrepid Pictures

Doctor Sleep is the sequel to 1980 classic The Shining by Stanley Kubrick. Both films are adaptations of Stephen King’s horror books. Don’t worry if you have not watched The Shining and can still take up Doctor Sleep. (But please, at some point, watch Kubrick’s masterpiece, too.)

The film features a cult known as Red Knot that collects people with special powers similar to the protagonist Dan Torrence. Dan takes on the cult to protect his little friend. Doctor Sleep is genuinely thrilling and enjoyable. It’s a delight to see Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson share the screen. With a bit slow starting, the film eventually picks up its rhythm to deliver an engaging horror.

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

The Cabin in the Woods (2012) - Storishh

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)/Mutant Enemy Productions

Featuring Chris Hemsworth, the movie is about a group of five people who are compelled to face horror at a cabin in a secluded forest. The film contains a brilliant ending, along with violent and gripping scenes.

The Cabin in the Woods is considered a path-breaking film in the horror genre. The film is subversive, all the while paying homage to classic horror tales and tropes. It is unmissable and unique.

So, which of these Hollywood horror movies on Netflix do you plan on streaming first? Let us know in the comments.

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