Kota factory Season 2 Cast: Release Date, Cast, Trailer 2021

Kota factory Season 2

Today we have featured Kota factory Season 2 Cast, With all episodes of Kota Factory Season 2 on Netflix will be discussed here. In the second season of Kota Factory, one of the most anticipated series, the show takes viewers on a nostalgic journey through the past.

Kota factory Season 2 Cast List 2021

Kota factory Season 2 Cast

Kota factory Main cast

  • Mayur More cast as Vaibhav Pandey
  • Ranjan Raj cast as Balmukund Meena
  • Alam Khan cast as Uday Gupta
  • Jitendra Kumar cast as Jeetu Bhaiya
  • Ahsaas Channa cast as Shivangi Ranawat
  • Revathi Pillai cast as Vartika Ratawal
  • Urvi Singh cast as Meenal Parekh

Kota factory Recurring cast

  • Rohit Sukhwani cast as Rohit
  • Arun Kumar cast as Deepak
  • Harish Peddinti cast as Bablu
  • Sanyam Bafna cast as Aayush
  • Loveleen Mishra cast as PG Aunty
  • Jasmeet Singh Bhatia cast as Parminder Sir
  • Shivankit Singh Parihar cast as Awasthi Sir
  • Gaurav Mishra cast as Batla Sir
  • Visshesh Tiwari cast as Piyush
  • Jyoti Gauba cast as Vaibhav’s mother
  • Amitabh Krishna Ghanekar cast as Vaibhav’s father
  • Saurabh Khanna cast as Vice-Principal Mehta Ji
  • Deepak Kumar Mishra cast as Autowala
  • Sameer Saxena cast as Maheshwari Sir
  • Vaibhav Thakkar cast as Shushrut
  • Naveen Kasturia cast as Dhruv

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 Kota Factory Season 2 Review 2021

Kota Factory Season 2 Review

Kota Factory season 2, one of the most anticipated shows which takes the fans on an expedition through the past.

Kota Factory’s first season became a great hit, and fans have eagerly been looking forward to this season to find out what is going on in the lives of Jeetu Bhaiya, Vaibhav Pandey, and all others. All Episodes of Netflix Kota Factory Season 2 take fans on a very sentimental journey.

It is a delight to inform you that the second season of The Kota Factory will be released on Netflix on September 24. The admirers of ‘Jeetu Bhaiya’ can now look forward to his arrival on Netflix as the show has come back.

A completely new black-and-white web series has premiered in the country, and it is one of the first and in this story and the main focus is on the students living in Kota in Rajasthan and the hardships they have to face every single day.

‘Kota Factory,’ is a show web series made for Netflix, which will finally release its second season with a more realistic presentation of students’ real hardships and problems.

Kota factory Season 2 Cast List 2021

Those taking an interest in watching the first season of the series can do so through OTT. The movie also starred Ranjan Raj, Ehsaas Chanana, Revathi Pillai, Mayur More, and Urvi Singh and Alam Khan, playing crucial roles. 

The second season also gives the viewers an intuition into what the modern youth generation is thinking about when they are in college, the options and hardships of Kota, and also every American youth.

This series has already attained an IMDB rating of 9.2 due to its outstanding presentation in season 1.

Presently, there are five episodes in this season two devoted to watching the hardships of Vaibhav during his life. The first season has been divided into four parts, Reasoning, Control Systems, Atmospheric Pressure, Repair, Maintenance, and Packaging.

Throughout the five episodes, this show makes its best effort to highlight the sexist culture that existed for many decades in the engineering circles. Now in the second season, the cast will bring out greater presentations.

It is mind baffling to see what capabilities the actors possess, and Mayur More and Jitendra Kumar are excellent at playing their respective roles and characters.

The engineering students join a coaching institution in Kota to prepare to crack the IIT entrance exam, which is the inspiration behind the story. There are rarely any shows that make viewers look beyond the reality of the shots, the lighting, cast and plot, and the message they depict.

Although these shows manage to make lose one’s every self in them, viewers turn out wiser when the series ends. Kota Factory is such a show which holds as an example that it follows this trend through its first season and carries it effortlessly through its second season.

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Kota Factory Web Series Watch Online

Kota Factory Web Series Watch Online

In Season 2, the main characters in the second year are portrayed as busy preparing for JEE Mains that will pave the way for them to sit for the JEE advanced (IIT).

The increased pressure is evident, and it is also depicted how the coaching institutions of our country keep functioning to prove their worth.

Their goal is to give the student a better rank rather than helping a student learn, and astonishingly, these two are depicted as completely different from each other.

From episode 1 to episode 5, the series Kota Factory is pulling off its storyline in a perfectly balanced state.

Rather, it can be termed the Kota equilibrium in a great word. On one scale, there is Vaibhav’s first love coping with his health and the relationship with his mother to Susu’s eye-opening episode, and Meena’s self-revelation with Hasth-Maithun to the fright of inability Vartika and Meenal.

While on the other scale, there are critical issues, contests, the inefficiency to comprehend, coaching as a business, and the grief of failing. In all these manners, Kota Factory successfully depicts the dynamics of a student living at Kota.

Two different teaching methods are depicted, both of which will be palpable to all students as every student has one point in their life at least experienced either or both of these.

On the one hand, the atmosphere of Maheshwari prevails where studying is the only thing considered.

On the first day of a new starting of a session of which Vaibhav was a part, Maheshwari, who runs Maheshwari Classes, tells the students that they maybe can or may not get to crack JEE mains. The only requirement to do so and have the chance to crack it is to follow the Maheshwari curriculum rigorously.

The discipline is that of a ‘factory’ that rightfully showcases the title of the series. Jeetu Bhaiya has up the ante of his teaching procedures using his peculiar methods for students to get equipped for what is to arrive.

Even he is depicted as a person who has to struggle a lot to tackle and keep up pace with his contestant Maheshwari Sir to get a greater more number of students, just in the way the students are hustling and bustling to cope with each other to achieve more marks and gain credits.

So, the thing highlighted in both cases is competition, which is the major motif in the show portrayed, which is a kind of rat and race world of competition and survival.

It is a case of doing or die which all the characters in the show follow religiously. However, the love and trust he receives from his students take him from the position of a teacher to that of “Bhaiya,” which his students addressed him.

The near endings depict the intense reality of competition in life and the extent to which it can severely impact a student whose depiction is the main motif of the show.

While the whole of coachings of Kota is celebrating the results of JEE and Jeetu Bhaiya is also praising the failures with his students, a sad reality strikes all of the viewers as Varnali commits suicide for not being able to get through the mains.

It is a reminder and showcases the pressure students have to face due to this competition. Several of them will not say it or admit it and bear it as long as they can unless the water reaches the bucket and ultimately falls.

At last, when everything was put on the line and the results were unexpected, there was only one way out. Therefore, everyone needs to vent out, which is the message that the creators of Kota Factory want to deliver to the viewers.

There definitely will be competition, but never let yourself be lost in this rat race of survival to get ahead of others.

Emotions were always a crucial part, as depicted early in the show Kota Factory whether it is the mother’s love, a teacher’s advice, or the first kiss.

The show successfully reminds everyone of these in the warmest manner, which is also made a great success by the background scores and songs, adding to the emotions.

The cast, which remains the same almost while having a carrying forward arc, manages to hold on to the real vibes of the characters and does not appear to be a cliche.

The new characters also suit their roles, such as Maheshwari Sir and Mr. Gagan Rastogi, although not much was revealed. Hopefully, viewers will get to know them better in Season 3.

The nature of the show does not disappoint at all but instead adds ever more to the nature of the show.

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