6 Gripping Underrated Netflix Shows That Need To Be Renewed

With Netflix boasting Riverdale Season 5, it’s time to look back at some shows on Netflix that deserved an extended life span, whether for their interesting premises, diverse casts, and, oh, the fact that they ended on massive cliffhangers, leaving the audience wanting more! It’s time to give these underrated Netflix shows the love they deserve.

Teenage Bounty Hunters (2020)

6 Canceled Underrated Netflix Shows That Need To Be Renewed

Image: Teenage Bounty Hunters/Netflix

In this quirky teen comedy, twin sisters Blair and Sterling are pulled into the world of bounty hunting after an accident with their father’s car. Despite positive critic reviews and ratings, the second season was dropped by Netflix, regardless of the shocking cliffhangers set up in the last episode. It’s a shame because Bounty Hunters is a subversive, fun watch, which remains grounded despite its likeable, quirky leads and snappy dialogue. Despite its cancellation, its first season is worth a watch.

I Am Not Okay With This (2020)

Image: I’m Not Okay With This/Netflix

Sydney’s teen angst- a combination of her secret crush on best friend Dina, her anger issues, and grief over her father’s death- culminates in a sudden burst of supernatural strength. Realistic, heartfelt, and funny, this dark comedy inspires both nostalgia and feeling. It embodies teen darkness in a way no other show does. Its final episode, which explodes forth with a massive cliffhanger and twist, leaves us wanting more- so go fill out a petition now!

The Society (2019)

Image: The Society/Netflix

Another LGBT+ favorite canceled due to the pandemic, “The Society” is a mystery TV series about a group of teenagers who must learn how to run themselves after the remainder of their small town mysteriously disappears. Although juvenile at times, the Society is interesting in its constant discussion and debate about forms of governing, made more real by its nihilistic approach to their doomed situation. The season ends with a cliffhanger and an impossibly fascinating twist- one which, alas, cannot be explored further. 

American Vandal (2017)

Image: American Vandal/Netflix

A satirical true crime show, “American Vandal” follows what happens following an act of childish vandalism. A critic’s favorite, American Vandal is unexpectedly brilliant and funny under the guise of a silly mockumentary. Its portrayal of teenagers is authentic, and it’s a shame Netflix dropped it after its lauded second season. 

Dare Me (2019)

Image: Dare Me/USA Network

Dare Me explores the world of high school cheerleading, and how the lives of a cheer team, particularly best friends Beth and Addy, are shaken with the arrival of a new cheer coach, Colette French. Dare Me is a uniquely queer, dark thriller that depicts the danger of teenage girls and their jealousy, of the spiky, gruesome side of female power. It doesn’t hesitate in portraying the reality of being a teenager- of sex and drinking and desire. Most remarkable is its portrayal of the nuances and homoeroticism of female friendships. Unfortunately, the USA network canceled the show, preferring to move away from scripted series. 

Daybreak (2019)

Image: Daybreak/Netflix

In a post-apocalyptic world, high school protagonist Josh Wheeler searches for his missing girlfriend, in this comedy-drama series. Although often silly and juvenile, Daybreak’s adopts a relaxed vibe, portraying teenagers and their carelessness with honesty, and steeped high with pop culture references and over-the-top gore. It’s a fun, “chill” watch, but it ends on a huge cliffhanger- lending to the tragedy of its cancellation. 

When we binge-watched these shows, we were expecting it not to end but come with another season.

What was your reaction when you discovered that your favorite show got canceled? Mention it in the comments!

Cover Image: Daybreak/Netflix

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