10 Trippy Movies On Netflix For An Otherworldly Experience

10 Trippy Movies On Netflix For An Otherworldly Experience

Trippy movies are a genre of films that often feature surreal and mind-bending visuals, unconventional narratives, and psychedelic elements. They can be science fiction, horror, or drama, often exploring consciousness, reality, and perception themes. Here are some trippy movies on Netflix that can be watched for an otherworldly experience.

10 Trippy Movies on Netflix For An Otherworldly Experience

Inception (2010)

Trippy Movies On Netflix: Inception

We just had to start with this gem. Is it even possible that you have not seen Inception yet? Stop whatever you are doing and plug into Netflix right now! This movie is a total trip from start to finish, and it is one of those mind-bending films that will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about reality. 

This cinematic masterpiece takes us through dreams and the subconscious mind. With a stellar cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio, incredible visuals, and a sensational storyline, Inception is one of those films you’ll want to see repeatedly to catch all the minor things you missed the first time. Trust us; you will not regret watching this trippy movie on Netflix!

The Discovery (2017)

Trippy Movies On Netflix: The Discovery (2017)

We are sure you have all heard of the concept of the afterlife – and your mind is full of questions about it. The Discovery is a trippy movie on Netflix exploring this concept in a whole new light. After scientist Thomas Harbor (played by Robert Redford) proves the existence of an afterlife, people all over the world start taking their own lives in the hopes of reaching it. 

But things turn unexpectedly when his son falls in love with a woman haunted by a tragic past. This movie is a thought-provoking journey through life, death, and what comes after. With a great cast, mesmerizing visuals, and an intriguing storyline, The Discovery is definitely worth a watch. So, give it a go and be ready to get swept away into a world beyond our own.

Annihilation (2018)

Trippy Movies On Netflix: Annihilation (2018)

If sci-fi thrillers that keep you guessing until the end with your mouth open feel exciting, Annihilation is definitely a must-watch. This trippy movie on Netflix follows a team of scientists as they enter “The Shimmer,” a mysterious and dangerous zone where the laws of nature do not seem to apply. 

Led by Natalie Portman’s character, the team encounters all sorts of strange and terrifying creatures as they try to uncover the secrets of The Shimmer. With an all-star cast, a haunting soundtrack, and amazing direction, Annihilation will leave you wanting more. Turn off the lights and go wild with this trippy movie on Netflix!

Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)

Trippy Movies On Netflix: Velvet Buzzsaw

Can a beautiful and vibrant world of art be combined with a nerve-wracking and thrilling experience? With Velvet Buzzsaw, definitely. This dark comedy horror film takes a satirical look at the cut-throat world of art collecting. 

The story follows a group of art critics and collectors who become obsessed with the works of a mysterious artist after his death. But as they begin to profit from his art, they soon realize that there may be deadly consequences for exploiting his talent. With a cast that includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, and Toni Collette, this movie is beyond mesmerizing with its clever plot twists and eerie visuals. Do not miss out on this uniquely trippy movie on Netflix!

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The Platform (2019)

Trippy Movies On Netflix: The Platform

If you are in for a thought-provoking thriller that keeps you glued to the screen, watch this science-fiction horror film – The Platform. The movie unfolds within a vertical prison, where inmates are fed on a platform that moves down the levels. 

Those on the upper floors have access to a full feast, while those on the lower floors are left with scraps. As the protagonist tries to survive and understand the system, the movie offers a scathing critique of social inequality. With a haunting score, intense visuals, and brilliant acting, The Platform is a must-watch for fans of suspenseful, mind-bending films.

The Wandering Earth (2019)

Trippy Movies On Netflix: The Wandering Earth

The Wandering Earth is an epic sci-fi adventure movie that takes us through space by moving the Earth. This Chinese blockbuster follows a group of astronauts and scientists trying to save the planet from being destroyed by the dying sun. 

They hatch a plan to move the entire Earth to a new star system, but the journey is fraught with danger and obstacles (obviously). With stunning visuals, heart-pumping action scenes, and a gripping storyline, this trippy movie on Netflix is a thrilling ride that you just have to ride at least once!

The Midnight Sky (2020)

Trippy Movies On Netflix: The Midnight Sky (2020)

Another science fiction movie on the list with a captivating storyline, The Midnight Sky, is definitely worth your time. This film, directed by George Clooney, follows the story of Augustine, a solitary scientist stationed in the Arctic who embarks on a mission to alert a returning spaceship crew about an imminent global disaster. 

Along the way, he forms a touching relationship with a young girl, adding emotional depth to the story. The movie is a cinematic masterpiece with an unforgettable score, taking you on a journey through space and time. For those who enjoy sci-fi movies with an emotional impact, The Midnight Sky is a must-see. Beware! This one will tug at your heartstrings!

The Midnight Gospel (2020)

Trippy Movies On Netflix: The Midnight Gospel

If you are here for suggestions on something incredibly unique and thought-provoking to watch, The Midnight Gospel is a must-see animated series for you. Created by Duncan Trussell and Pendleton Ward, it follows the journey of a space caster named Clancy as he travels through alternate universes to conduct interviews with different beings about life and death. 

The show’s colorful animation, trippy visuals, and deep conversations will surely expand your mind and leave you pondering the meaning of existence long after it is over. With a mix of humor and profoundness, this one-of-a-kind show is an experience you would not want to miss!

I’m Thinking Of Ending Things (2020)

Trippy Movies On Netflix: I'm Thinking of Ending Things 2020

Last on our list is a mind-bending psychological thriller – I’m Thinking Of Ending Things – Which will make you wonder what is real and what is not. This trippy movie on Netflix, based on the novel by Iain Reid, is about a young woman who goes on a long road trip with her boyfriend to visit his parents on their farm. But what starts as a simple journey quickly becomes a surreal nightmare of disturbing secrets, illusions, and memories. 

With outstanding performances, a twisty plot, and incredible cinematography, “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” is a jaw-dropping rollercoaster with your heart racing the entire time. 

Black Mirror (2011)

Trippy Movies On Netflix: Black Mirror

Black Mirror is literally a treat for all the sci-fi fans out there. This British anthology series makes us question the impact of technology on society. Each episode explores a different storyline set in a future world where technology has advanced beyond our current capabilities. 

From virtual reality to social media, Black Mirror shows us the dark side of our obsession with the tech world. The show will keep you hooked from start to finish with its thrilling plot twists and mind-bending concepts. With five seasons to binge-watch, there is no excuse not to give this trippy show on Netflix a chance. So, what are you waiting for? Go and immerse yourself in the twisted world of Black Mirror.

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