Pixar Perfection: The Best Animated Movies That Define the Studio

Best Animated Movies From Pixar That Touched Our Heart

Animated movies have a large viewer base because they appeal to all ages in a house, and this is why some of the most well-known and best animated movies are about families for families, and Pixar Animation Studios understands this. With their unique blend of stunning animation, compelling characters, and powerful storytelling, Pixar continues to set the bar high for animated films.

Pixar Animation Studios is known for its exceptional storytelling and groundbreaking animation techniques. Over the years, they have produced a remarkable collection of best animated movies that have captivated audiences of all ages. In this article, we will explore some of the best animated movies from Pixar.

Pixar Perfection: The Best Animated Movies
That Define the Studio

Turning Red


One of the latest and can be called one of the best animated movies about families, Turning Red is about a minority Asian family in America. It shows how Asian families push for perfection and how it can cause generational trauma. Meilin pushes this cycle and helps free her mom from this pursuit of perfection too.



Mirabel and her family are all affected by the generational trauma Abuela carries. Abuela was traumatized because of how war displaced her family, and she only managed to survive because of the miracle. Now she only cares about perfection and forgets to appreciate her family, which endangers the miracle gifted to her.

Finding Nemo


Marlin is an over concerned single parent. He lost his entire family, except his son Nemo to an attack. When Nemo gets lost, Marlin goes through every length to get him back and keep him safe. The animated movie shows the growth of both Marlin and Nemo and how they come to understand each other while being away from each other.



Merida is an independent girl with many ‘unladylike’ habits that her mother disagrees with. Both Merida and her mother have a lot of fights, and after one fight, Merida by mistake turns her mother into a bear. They both get time to bond while she looks for a cure for her mother, and through this bonding, both grow to accept each other as they are.



Carl was never able to have a kid and even lost his wife to disease, making him a grumpy old man. Because of a young kid, Russell, and his dog, he ends up visiting his wife’s dream destination, Paradise Falls. During this time, he finally feels joy again and can form a family-like bond with Russell and think of him as his own child.

Inside Out


The movie shows a normal family but is ingenious in how it personifies all the emotions and struggles one goes through. It personifies Riley growing up and how as she grows up, her relationship with her family changes and how her emotions guide her through these hardships.



Elsa and Anna have always had a distant relationship because of Elsa’s powers. This relationship gets further challenged after their parents pass away. Frozen shows these sisters’ love for each other and how they work hard to build their relationship again.



Coco is about you can forgive family and love them no matter how much time passes. When Mama Coco remembers her father and her love for him, she stuns everyone by speaking for the first time. She expresses her love for him and shows the power of love.

Pixar Animation Studios has consistently delivered some of the best animated movies in the industry, captivating audiences with their stunning animation, compelling characters, and powerful storytelling. From the groundbreaking “Toy Story” to the emotionally resonant “Inside Out,” Pixar’s movies continue to entertain and inspire people of all ages. As Pixar continues to push the boundaries of animation, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in their extraordinary storytelling journey.

Which is your favorite and best animated movies from Pixar? Share it with us in the comments.

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