8 Best Apple Arcade Games to Download Right Away

8 Best Apple Arcade Games to Download Right Away

Apple Arcade consists of over 200 premium games to enjoy on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. The curated subscription service has something for everyone. But the sheer volume of options that Apple Arcade offers might get confusing. 

Here’s a list of a few Apple arcade games that are worth a shot.


Image: Creaks/Amanita Design

Amanita Design, a developer known for the quality of its artwork, brings you an eye-catching and addictive game. Creaks sets in a surreal world hiding behind the protagonist’s bedroom wallpaper. The world is inhabited by bizarre creatures. In Creaks, you get to solve puzzles by observing and interacting with the world; you manipulate machines and befriend monsters as you pass each stage. 

Sayonara Wild Hearts 

Image: Sayonara Wild Hearts/Simogo

Sayonara Wild Hearts, a pop album video game, is more like an interactive music video. This captivating video game is filled with stylish high-octane races and dance-battle action. The Fool, the protagonist of the game, is charged with bringing back balance to the universe. You tag along with her as she journeys through the bewitching visuals and scoops up collectibles. 

Little Orpheus

Image: Little Orpheus/The Chinese Room

This game is inspired by timeless classical movies like Flash Gordon and Sinbad. Little Orpheus tells a gripping story unraveling across eight bit-size episodes. This side-scrolling adventure game lets you explore lost civilizations, undersea kingdoms, prehistoric jungles, and much more. The Hollywood-quality sound design makes this game even more engrossing. 

Oceanhorn 2

Image: Oceanhorn 2/Cornfox & Bros.

Knights of the Lost Realm: Oceanhorn 2 is a stunning RPG quest spanning over 20 hours of gameplay. The game sets a thousand years before the events of the first chapter. Beautifully handcrafted graphics paint an intriguing world where you get to solve odd puzzles, comb varied locations, scrap with plentiful enemies, and complete missions. 

Assemble With Care

Image: Assemble With Care/Ustwo Games

This game tells the story of Maria, a restorer on a continental journey. She pays for the journey by fixing things for customers. Your job is to restore precious items spanning from old gadgets to items of sentimental value. Its bright visuals, smartly conceived interface, and chill soundtrack will certainly offer you a wholesome experience. 


Image: Grindstone/Capybara Games

Grindstone boasts 200+ levels, daily challenges, and leaderboards. The game sets on Grindstone Mountain which is littered with creeps. Your job is to get rid of them with a massive sword. But this game isn’t typical brutal-battle action, but a surprisingly thinky puzzle. 

What the Golf?

Image: What the Golf?/Triband

This game aims to reinterpret the likeness of golf. The sport depicted in this game isn’t tedious or monotonous. The familiarity of knocking the golf ball into the hole vanishes as you play the game. The apparatus itself is replaced by some of the most bizarre and outlandish levels of design. The game blends humor, absurdism, and visual gags to give you a unique experience. 


Image: Mutazione/Die Gute Fabrik

A meteor strikes a holiday resort situated on an island. Only a few survive but develop strange mutations. Now, one hundred years after the event, you visit the island as a teenager named Kai to look after a dying relative. This story-heavy adventure paces slowly. It’s filled with wholesome characters that you’ll be desperate to get to know. 

Which apple arcade games are you currently obsessed with? Tell us in the comments below!

Cover image: Little Orpheus/The Chinese Room

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