Dating In India In 21st Century, Where Do We Stand?

Living in the 21st century, young Indians are still worried about their parents finding out about the love affair. Dating in India isn’t as easy as it seems. Issues such as family estrangement, being torn apart from your partner if your family finds out, the constant demand for arranged marriages and a big ‘No’ to premarital sex, is a major cause behind dating in secret. Their personal choice is not valued enough. It is not considered to be of utmost importance. And, their love lives are overcomplicated due to this. Here’re reasons why Indians are dating in secret, even in 2021 –

Killing to Safeguard Honor

Dating In India In 21st Century, Where Do We Stand?

Honor killing in the name of love is rampant. Murdering youngsters if they fall in love with someone who doesn’t belong to the same caste, creed, etc., has been observed for decades. Family members usually justify honor killings by stating that these were committed to safeguarding the family’s image and caste. Sadly, most cases of honor killing go unreported. 

Conforming to Religious Norms and a Social Ban on Inter-Faith Dating 

For instance, if lovers belong to different faiths, a Hindu woman dating a Muslim man or vice versa, it is termed notoriously as ‘Love Jihad’. Conforming to religious practices, norms makes life difficult for adults to date beyond faith. Families disapprove of such relationships and force the couple to break up. The emotional trauma that the couple goes through is untold, unsaid in Indian society. 

Being Physical before Marriage is Looked Down upon

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In Indian society, virginity is such a vast concept that they make a fuss out of it. Those who have premarital sex are considered to be loose. They are considered to be under the bad influence of others.

Marriage is a certificate to have sex, and young Indians protest silently against the same. Basically, no marriage, no sex!

Parents disapprove of the Concept of Virtual Dating

Although online dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, OK Cupid! Aisle have captured the Indian market, and parents fail to believe that teenagers and youngsters look for partners online these days. Virtual dating has become popular, especially during the pandemic. May it be a companion, a cuddle partner, a Netflix and Chill mate, love through the screen is relevant, and we look for it virtually.

Age is Considered a Barrier

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Physical attraction may be a part of relationships and dating. Helping each other grow, supporting through thick and thin, respecting choices is the ultimate goal. People are happier with a snuggle partner who loves them to the fullest. In the end, age is just a number, and relationships surpass it. Age is not a barrier and doesn’t share proof of successful relationships.

Love is beautiful in itself. It’s a magical feeling that makes life a happier place. Once in a lifetime, date someone, love someone with all your heart. Don’t judge anyone for loving someone, don’t be judged for being loved by someone. Love is pure and let it be that way. Elders and parents need to understand that if not for love, humans wouldn’t have cohabited harmoniously. Love goes beyond race, caste, class, faith.

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