8 Ways to Deal with Grown-ups Who Shout While Talking about Politics

We all have relatives and acquaintances, mostly grown-ups, who turn any political discussion into a spit-flying rap battle with their own self. But here we have a handful of ways to manage such folks. 

Remind them that they are not in a prime-time panel discussion.


That’s why you don’t even have the option to turn their volume down. So they can chill and be a normal human being and not a megaphone.

Google an image of a black hole for them and show them what the void inside them looks like.


No matter how much they try to compensate for their insecurities through political loud-mouthing, unfortunately, that void will always be there. Make this clear.

Get them a paper bag. Ask them to breathe into it and relax.



Or better, scream into it and let their frustration out, all at once. Tell them, this way they can avoid being an insufferable zealot.  

Prepare a scrumptious platter of snacks.


If they are busy stuffing samosas into their mouth, they will not be able to say much. 

Open a calculator in front of them.


Enter 7,800,000,000 (the population of Earth.) Subtract the number of people who don’t care about their opinions. (Also, 7,800,000,000.) The result will be zero. Let them know this many people care about what they’re screaming at the top of their lungs.

Do not reply to them.


Although you will be tempted to correct countless misleading facts they are spewing confidently. Think of it as someone puking after food poisoning. They have to let the junk out.

Play audio of a crying baby.


When things get too tense and they are blabbering non-stop, even talking loudly over others, play audio of a crying baby. When they get weirded out, say that you had assumed everyone was trying to mimic a tantrum-throwing toddler.

Lastly, you can pretend to be impressed by them.



And then, ask them to start a blog to showcase their opinions to the world. After all, heated discussions can only boost their ego so far. Once they have a blog, people will at least have the choice to hear their unsolicited views or not.  

Which tips do you find helpful? Do you have any of your own? Comment below!

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