Why Weathering With You On Netflix Is A Must Watch Anime?

Weathering With You Web Series

Weathering with You is a notable Japanese animated and romantic fantasy film which is produced by the CoMix Wave Films, and was released by Toho, in the year 2019.

It portrays a high school boy, who runs far away from his own rural hometown to Tokyo, and then befriends an orphan girl, who possesses the ability to control the weather.

Weathering With You Netflix – Must Watch


Just after “Your Name,” Netflix is now going to release Makoto Shinkai’s notable series “Weathering with You.” This 2019 super hit anime film is set to premiere on the streaming platform on July 31.

The Weathering With You is streaming on Netflix, available in South Korea and in Australia, and in the Philippines.

If one has a Netflix account and one wants to enjoy this very beautiful film, one will require the support of a VPN like either ExpressVPN or else Surfshark. This film was commissioned in the year 2018 which was written and also directed by Makoto Shinkai.

The voices of both Kotaro Daigo as well as Nana Mori are featured in this film along with the animation and direction appropriated by Atsushi Tamura and Masayoshi Tanaka approved the character design as well as with its orchestral score and Radwimps composed the soundtrack while the two later on which previously collaborated together with Shinkai on the Your Name in the year 2016.

It is a light novel of a similar name. Also written by Shinkai, it was published a day before the film premiered.

A manga adaptation was also serialized in the afternoon of July 25, 2019. The Weathering with You was released in IMAX and the 4DX theaters in Japan on July 19, 2019, and then was released in the United States on January 20, 2020.

It received very positive feedback and reviews, along with praise for not only the animation but also the close attention paid to the narrative, the music, and also the emotional weight though some of the reviewers were greatly divided over the largely perceived similarities to Your Name.

The film grossed over almost 21.11 billion worldwide and thus became the highest-grossing Japanese film of the year 2019, and also became the sixth, highest-grossing anime film of all the times and which is unadjusted for inflation.

This film has won a large number of awards which includes being selected as a Japanese entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards. It gained four Annie Award nominations, including the Best Independent Animated Feature.


The Weathering With You is a great Japanese animated and romantic fantasy film which is all about Hodaka Morishima and which is voiced by Kotaro Daigo who is a 16-year-old boy and who runs far

away to Tokyo and then ends up meeting and then falling for Hina cast by Nana Mori, who is indeed a mysterious teenage orphan who is taking care of her little younger brother and can strangely manipulate the weather.

Hodaka almost dies facing a storm which he encountered during his which he made to Tokyo but is rescued by Mr. Suga cast by Shun Oguri who then offers Hodaka, his own business card.

After passing along sketchy time looking after work Hodaka ultimately seeks the help of Mr. Suga who in response offers him a room and also a board in exchange for his housework and also his reporting skills.

Tokyo, which was suffering from several days of severe rain, Hodaka is then assigned a story which is all about the legend of the “weather maidens’ ‘ that is the girls who possess the ability to supernaturally either cause the sunshine or else the storms.

Soon afterward, Hodaka slowly realizes that Hina is able to pray for the rain to pass away and can bring sunshine to the areas and surroundings in her close vicinity.

Hodaka assists Hina to come up with a way to the market portraying her as the “Sunshine Girl ” skills though the more she does this in fact the more this becomes evident that there is a personal cost to the supernatural capability.

Weathering With You is the latest film directed by the writer and by the famous director Makoto Shinkai, who received great worldwide fame with the release of Your Name in the year 2016.

It was perfectly distilled of Shinkai’s great sensibilities and was openly romantic and quietly profound and in addition, it has every frame gorgeous. It is very tempting to make a comparison of

Weathering With You the Your Name, as both the films have several similarities. The Weathering With You is aiming to reach for something which is greatly far more difficult.

CAST: Weathering with You Netflix

  • Nana Mori is casted as Amano Hina
  • Kotaro Daigo is casted as Hodaka Morishima
  • Alison Brie is casted as Natsumi
  • Riz Ahmed is casted as Takai
  • Lee Pace is casted as Keisuke Suga
  • Shun Oguri is casted as Keisuke Suga
  • Tsubasa Honda is casted as Natsumi Suga
  • Casting Yuki Kaji
  • Ashley Boettcher is casted as Hina Amano
  • Casting Sei Hiraizumi
  • Brandon Engman is casted as Hodaka Morishima
  • Barbara Goodson is casted as Fumi Tachibana
  • Mike Pollock is casted as Yasui
  • Sakura Kiryu is casted as Nagisa Amano
  • Emeka Guindo is casted as Amano Nagisa
  • Casting Chieko Baisho
  • Mone Kamishiraishi is casted as Mitsuha Miyamizu
  • Michael Sinterniklass is casted as Taki Tachibana
  • Wayne Grayson is casted as Kimura
  • Stephanie Sheh is casted as Mitsuha Miyamizu
  • Ryunosuke Kamiki is casted as Taki Tachibana
  • Kana Hanazawa is casted as Kana
  • Ayane Sakura is casted as Ayane
  • Ryo Narita is casted as Katsuhiko Teshigawara
  • Sumi Shimamoto is casted as Mrs. Mamiya
  • Masako Nozawa is casted as Fortune Teller
  • Casting Barbara Rosenblat
  • Casting Ryohei Kimura
  • Lexie Foley is casted as Moka Suga
  • Kana Ichinose is casted as Sasaki
  • Kyle Hebert is casted as Katsuhiko Teshigawara
  • Erin Fitzgerald is casted as Additional Voices
  • Hidekatsu Shibata is casted as Kannushi
  • Aoi Yuki is casted as Sayaka Natori
  • Kimberly Brooks is casted as additional voices
  • Kirk Thornton is casted as additional voices
  • Dino Andrade is casted as Priest
  • Catie Harvey is casted as Yotsuha Miyamizu
  • Victoria Grace is casted as additional voices
  • Casting Zeno Robinson
  • Casting Faye Mata
  • Joe Ochman is casted as additional voices
  • Jaden Waldman is casted as additional voices
  • Kanon Tani is casted as Yotsuba Miyamizu
  • Casting Sebastian Fitzner
  • Casting Yusuke Takeda
  • Casting Akira Kuwahara
  • Kentaro Araki is casted as Araki

The setting of Weathering with You Netflix

Weathering with You Netflix

The film takes place in the very Japan beset by the endless amount of rain which is under a perpetual gray sky.

The film Weathering With You showcases Hodaka who is a teenage boy who had left his home in Tokyo with no other real plans other than to get away and then afterward try to make his journey on his own.

He then falls in love with Suga who is a tabloid writer and who gives him a refuge to stay but which was in return for being his assistant.

All throughout the journey, he keeps on crossing several paths along with Hina who is a girl whom we perceive possesses the power to summon the sunshine only with her prayer.

Both Hodaka, as well as Hina, together with start a business after they set up a website where the residents of Tokyo will be able to request “the sunshine girl” to come to their locality and so as they can finally have a little bit of a blue sky at least for a day which meant a lot to them comprising of either a wedding or a birthday party or even a sporting event.

There is a price that one must pay for this, unfortunately, which both Hodaka and Hina are unaware of at first and then it compelled them to make a very terrible choice.

Weathering with You Netflix

In Weathering With You, this very climate apocalypse is present already although it is never explicitly revealed.

This is a story that is conveyed almost entirely through the environment where the buildings are overgrown with all the vines and other greenery which starts to creep into the buildings which are deserted by the humans.

The metal surfaces are beset with rust along with an overwhelming sewage system leading to small floods at all the places. This world of the film is placed in a state of complete and utter disaster although that is rarely given acknowledgment by anyone.

All the things occurring ultimately feel helpless although the Tokyo of the Weathering With You continues to move forward.

This is a true love story that is developed at the very center of the Weathering With You which does not reverberate when it is compared to the predecessor although the tragedy is greatly more profound.

While crossing the paths with each other, both Hodaka, as well as Hina, discover that they can do something indeed, and as they are young still because they do not really know each other in a much better way, they can only ever think of that something personal and they can make some income gaining happiness but also might end up losing each other if they kept on wishing the sunshine into the world.

In the end, they made a choice which is about the world they have to live with and although they do not know that they have been made by two teenagers themselves who must weigh the value of the blue sky also along with their feelings for one another.

Weathering With You Web Series

In June 2021 a first-year high school boy Hodaka Morishima escapes Kozu-Shima to relieve himself from his troubled home life making his way to Tokyo. Keisuke Suga rescues him from being hit by a storm and gives Hodaka his own business card.

Hodaka met Hina Amano who was an employee of McDonald’s who took pity and offered him food. In later times to come, Hodaka discovered a deserted Makarov PM handgun which was in a waste bin he fell into and after he arrived at Suga’s business place he met him there and also his niece named Natsumi.

Weathering With You Web Series

He was employed as an assistant at a little occult magazine company designed to investigate the urban legendary people who are related to the rainy unusual weather hovering over Tokyo.

Based on a psychic level, they heard the legend of the “sunshine girl” who possesses the ability to control the weather.

Hodaka perceives Hina who is being intimidated to work at the alley club and after a brief period of chasing, he scares off the owners of the club by firing his gun in the air.

He was taken to Yoyogi Kaikan to a deserted building where he threw away the gun with a shrine on the roof. Hina astonishes Hodaka by showcasing her capability to clear the sky by praying.

The police and a detective searching for Hodaka went on the quest as his family had filed the missing person report and found Hodaka was discovered using a gun on the security camera.

Suga visits Hodaka after the police left, who had also been investigated by the police. As all of them, Hodaka and Hina, and Nagi tried to run away they had to encounter the degrading weather.

With midnight passing, Hina revealed that the body was changing slowly into the water the more power she used.

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She explained that she is the reason for the abnormality of the weather conditions and intends to be the sacrificial human being and that with her disappearance the weather will return to normal.

He decides to bring her back to earth as he had fallen in love with Hina and has a close escape from the custody of police with the support of both Natsumi and the Honda Super Cub.

Coming back to the rooftop shrine all of them Hina and Hodaka and Natsumi and Nagi as well as Suga were all arrested while the heavy rains resumed.

After three long years, the rain fell endlessly in Tokyo and led to submerging major parts of the city. Hodaka discovered her praying on a street as he overlooked the submerged city and they reunited again, with Hodaka promising her that both of them will be alright.

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