From Fundamental to Fashion Statement, How Face Masks Reshaped The Fashion Industry

How face masks reshaped the fashion industry

As Casual Fridays slowly turned to casual every day, the fashion industry began seeing a slight dip in its business as people stopped leaving their houses. With no reason to buy new clothes anymore, at least for a few months! So makers turned to manufacture more and more masks.

Read to discover how these masks turned into fashion statements from a necessity.

The fashion industry which is one of the most versatile industries – can adapt from anything and turn that into a raging trend. At the beginning of the COVID-19 era, face masks were a mere necessity, something to be worn at all times outside the house. A year later, that necessity has been converted into a fashion statement – to be worn at all times, but with style.

Woman Wearing Face Mask

Image: Pexels

Face masks used to be boring and annoying, but now they’re fun and stylish. Fashion labels all over the world launched their lines of designer masks, the prices for some of them are staggering.

During the wedding season, bridal masks decorated with crystals, diamonds, and even gold could be purchased or customized according to our liking. Casual masks with cute and funky prints are available at every store.

Another positive attribute seen in these ‘stylish’ face masks is that they give people a sense of control over their lives that are otherwise spiraling out of control during this time, given the lockdown and increasing mental health issues.

The pandemic dictated that we had to wear masks. So we turned them into a trend, by adding patterns and stones and sequins to the masks.

Today, barely anyone is seen wearing a disposable mask; nearly everyone wears cloth masks. Most people also own multiple masks, one for every outfit, which allows us to express ourselves and show off our mask collections.

I’m pretty sure that even when the pandemic ends, many of us won’t stop wearing masks for a long time to come.

Tell us about the silliest masks you’ve invested in, in the comments below!

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