Best Ways to Stay Calm and Focused

The past two years have been tough for everyone. The emotional turmoil of the isolation has made it difficult to stay calm. Thoughts keep racing in mind when you try to focus. And not to mention an insatiable drive to check your social media when you’re studying or working.

Don’t worry, you’re no different than others. In the lockdown, we’ve developed a comfort zone for ourselves. It’s hard to get out of it without getting anxious or stressed. Here’re some ways with which you can get back with your flow of life.

Take Deep Breaths

Silhouette of Man Sitting on Grass Field at Daytime

It’s scientifically proven that taking deep breaths can reset you both psychologically and physiologically. So next time you’re anxious, follow this breathing technique: 

Inhale deep while counting to 4

Hold your breath and count to 3

Exhale while counting to 4

This is enough to signal your mind that there’s no danger and it can turn off the Flight and Freight response.

Write Down Your Thoughts

Person Holding Orange Pen

Most of the time you’re worried because your mind is tangled with unnecessary thoughts. Declutter your mind by writing down all your thoughts and worries on a piece of paper. You’ll soon realize that you’ve been worrying about nothing at all. In the end, crumple the paper and throw it in a bin. With the piece of paper, you dispose off your negative thoughts and worries too. 

Listen to Music

Man Wearing Black Headphones Beside Train Rail

Listening to your favorite music has a calming effect on your mind. So next time you’re anxious grab your headphones and tune in to your favorite playlist. 

Take a Walk

Man Walking Near Body of Water

Nature has healing power. Taking a short walk, even for 20 mins, is beneficial for your mind and body. Get out of your room, head over to a park, and spend some time in the lush meadows. With a change in place, you’ll help your mind begin a new series of thoughts.

 If you’re troubled by chronic stress, you should build a walking habit. 

Practice Mindfulness

Serene man meditating in Lotus Pose on sofa

Mindfulness is the art of living in the present moment. It’ll enhance your focus and get your creative juices flowing. The key principle of mindfulness is to pay attention to your feelings and being kind to yourself. 

Sit in a comfortable position and focus your attention on your breathing. Your mind will wander for sure. But don’t force yourself. Be gentle and try to bring back your thoughts to the present moment. 

Take a Break

Selective Focos Photography of Man in White Sweater Reading Book

In a world where everything is trying to strain your attention, it’s hard to stay focused. Take a break once in a while. Switch off your phone and other gadgets. Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything. Read a book or develop a hobby. 

Plan Your Day

Pen on to Do List Paper

List down all the tasks that need your attention. When you have got a schedule it becomes easier to get on with your day. This way whenever you think of an unfinished task when you’re trying hard to focus, just look at the schedule and tell your mind that there’s time for it. And right now it should focus on what is at hand.

Download focus apps

Young ethnic guy with backpack smiling while listening to music on smartphone

Apps such as Forest, Engross, and Headspace offer fun activities to stay focused for a long time. If you’re obsessed with checking your phone once in a while when you study or work, these apps are the best option for you. It’ll help you put down your phone once and for all. And at the end of the day, you’ll even have statistics to find out how productive your day was.

Do you have techniques of your own to stay calm and focused?

If so, mention them in the comments for others. 

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