Best Places To Eat Momos In Pune

Best Places To Eat Momos In Pune

In this article we have featured Best Places To Eat Momos In Pune, Momos and foodies are like long-distance lovers who can’t be apart! To keep your tummy and heart delighted, all you need are steaming hot momos with fiery red chutney and creamy mayonnaise. Momo stands can be found all over the city, but there are a few spots where a plate of momos is more than simply food; it’s an experience.

Seven sisters Momos

Best Places To Eat Momos In Pune

At Sevensisters in Viman Nagar, you can beat the blues with a dish of steaming hot momos. Choose their signature momo meal with a sauce of your choice if you want your momos with a twist. The chicken fried momos in the Manchurian sauce is a must-try. The momos here are delicious and worth the price

Address: Viman Nagar

Price: Rs 80 Onwards

Yeti & The Monk

Best Places To Eat Momos In Pune

Yeti & The Monk in Khadki serves comfort food inspired by Tibetan, Vietnamese, and other East Asian cuisines. Your search for the ideal pork momos has come to an end. Its bestseller is pork and vegetable dumplings served with a portion of highly hot but delicious garlic sauce.

Address: Khadki, Pune

Price: Rs 100 onwards

Wow Momos

Best Places To Eat Momos In Pune

When it comes to the flavor of momos from this store in Kothrud and Aundh, the name says it all. Wow, Momos makes a variety of momos, including steamed, pan-fried, tandoor, cheese, and chocolate momos, all of which are delicious. These momos, which start at INR 90 a plate, are incredibly filling when mixed with various dips. There are also butter chicken, makhani, and tomato capsicum sauce momos, all of which are drenched in gravy. Chocolate momos are a must-try for chocolate fans. 

Address: Aundh, Pune

Price: Rs 120 onwards 

Rassasay Food Truck

In Wakad, there is a Tibetan food truck where you may order hot momos in 30 different varieties. Rassasy – Food Truck is well-known for serving authentic Tibetan cuisine at a reasonable price. Steamed, gravy, deep-fried, butter-fried, chili, and tandoori momos are available on this modern food truck’s extensive menu, which is their best seller. You can choose from vegetarian, paneer, mushroom, chicken, or corn-cheese options. You can go with either of the combos and dive right in. 

Address: Wakad, Pune 

Price: Rs 60 onwards 

Yeti & The Monk

Yeti & The Monk in Khadki serves comfort food inspired by Tibetan, Vietnamese, and other East Asian cuisines. Your search for the ideal pork momos has come to an end. For starters, we ordered the famed pork and vegetable dumplings, which came with a side of incredibly hot but delicious garlic sauce.

Address: Khadki, Pune

Price: Rs 130 onwards

Yalla Momos

Yalla Momos, located on Baner Pashan Link Road, serves you some delectable pan-Asian cuisine. However, as the name implies, they are well-known for their momos. Regular steamed and fried momos start at INR 90, but if you’re going to eat here, you must sample their specialty momos. Their spinach and cottage cheese momos and afghani momos are must-try there. They’re both flavor-packed and one-of-a-kind.

Address: Pashan, Pune

Price: Rs 80 onwards 

Peter Momos

When you want those hot, steamy momos, Peter Momos in Bavdhan Place has you covered with a restricted menu but authentic taste. The four types of momos served here start at INR 50 and are definitely worth a second visit.

Address: Badhvan, Pune

Price: Rs50 onwards

Yahoo Momos

Yahoo Momos is the place to go if you’re looking for some delicious momos to share with your family. Chicken momos, chicken schezwan momos, veg momos, and manchurian momos are all popular in Kothrud. Their spin on momos will have you coming back for more!

Address: Kothrud, Pune

Price: Rs 30 onwards

Momo’s Corner

The majority of people congregate in Koregaon Park to eat, drink, and relax. You should stop by this café the next time you’re walking through the gorgeous lanes of KP. The restaurant is located in Koregaon Park’s lane number 6 and is constantly packed with people looking for its tandoori momos. This nook is a must-visit for people who like their cuisine especially spicy, thanks to its red scorching chutney. This establishment also has fresh juices to assist you to deal with the spicy momo chutney.

Address: Koregaon Park, Pune

Price: Rs 75 onwards

Himalaya Momos

Himalaya Momos is situated in Viman Nagar, which is densely packed with students from all over the country. Because momos are a universal favorite, no matter where you go, a slew of young people flock here for a cheap bite. Their momos are soft and juicy, with a chutney that is neither too spicy nor underly bland. If you’re in or around Viman Nagar, the first place that comes to mind for wonderful momos should be Himalaya momos.

Address: Viman Nagar, Pune

Price: Rs60 onwards

And with that, you’ve covered the best places in Pune to eat momos! All of them provide delicious momos, so give them a try; we’re confident you’ll enjoy them.

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