8 Worst Maggi Recipes That You Never Wanna Try

8 Worst Maggi Recipes That You Never Wanna Try

Here are some of the worst Maggi recipes that you should never give a shot!

Maggi is hands down our favourite snack. Be it a midnight craving or a tidbit during the movies, Maggi has always been our go-to bite! Besides enjoying our bowl of Maggi, we have often played around with it. From adding a cube of cheese to giving Maggi a Chinese touch, some of our trials really turned out to be amazing! But to show off their creativity, some people turned Maggi from delicious to terrible!

8 Worst Maggi Recipes That You Never Wanna Try

Maggi Milkshake

Maggi Milkshake

No, it’s not Maggi with a glass of milkshake. It is a milkshake made with Maggi. Like seriously? What’s wrong with the makers? This weird fusion was grossed out by Maggi lovers all over the internet. While people expressed their disliking and said one of the worst Maggi recipes, some people actually enjoyed and appreciated this!

Maggi Custard

Rosy maggi in pista custard Recipe by Neha Mangalani - Cookpad

When found for the first time, we really wanted this to be untrue. But it was too late! This recipe ruined both Maggi and custard for all of us. Garnished with nuts, pistachio and dry fruits, even if this looks appetizing, it is surely not worth a try!

Maggi With Pepsi

Pepsi Maggi

After seeing this, all we want to do is ask, “Why?” It wasn’t creative to make the most loved noodles with a carbonated drink. Nevertheless, the video comes with a “Do not try at home” warning, and we are pretty sure no one’s going to try this ever!

Chocolate Maggi

Chocolate Maggi

We agree that Chocolates are a treat for the taste buds, but that doesn’t imply that they can be used with anything! Making momos out of them was still okay, but Maggi? Are you serious? Why are some people up to ruining our all-time favorites?

Maggi With Curd

Maggi With Curd

Remember SRK having curd with noodles in Ra One? We think someone took that very seriously! Adding curd to Maggi or any noodle is highly unacceptable. Having curd with rice is really soothing at times, but with Maggi, it is certainly bizarre! The worst part is a user saying, “Maggi and curd are for the soul.” We are speechless!

Maggi Laddoo

Maggi Laddu

Yes, we also read that twice! A sweet Laddoo made with raw Maggi, jaggery, and dry fruits. This is not only going to be hard on our emotions but also cause a toothache. Even if we bore with the Maggi pakoras, most of us will surely not tolerate this!

Oreo Maggi With Ice Cream

Oreo maggi with ice cream

Okay, someone needs to clarify this: Oreo is sweet, and Maggi is savory and mixing them is a bad idea! Who even does this? After a bowl of spicy Maggi, we get that you might need some ice cream, but putting them together is a terrible idea. Oreo is indeed a great topping on sundaes but not on Maggi. While we expressed our distaste, some people surprisingly found this delicious!

Maggi Panipuri

Maggi Pani Puri

It’s been two years or more that we haven’t had panipuri on the streets, but that really doesn’t mean we can try this! Panipuri with Maggi is indeed confusing! Though this is quite different from the rest yet, we can’t hold with the Maggi Panipuri! Neither do we get the real panipuri taste, nor can we ask for the tangy masala paani!

Food choices are definitely personal opinions, but these bizarre recipes are too much! After all, Maggi is an emotion, and all of these do hurt us! We expect these to be jokes and done just for fun. Because if you are serious with these recipes, Sorry but you don’t have a taste!

After seeing all these weird recipes, all we want to say to such people is nothing but “Tumse Na Ho Payega!”

Let us know in the comments the weirdest and worst Maggi recipes you have tried!

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