Feelings Of Nostalgia – How The Internet Became Our Playground

Feelings Of Nostalgia - How The Internet Became Our Playground

Sorry, not sorry for hitting you with this punch of nostalgia. Here are some feelings of nostalgia that shaped our digital lives!

Feelings Of Nostalgia – This is how the internet became our playground while growing up

Those Orkut Days

Feelings Of Nostalgia - How The Internet Became Our Playground

For many pre-2000 kids, Orkut was the real deal. The number of messages you had in your inbox was directly proportional to your popularity in your social circle. From changing the background to coming in touch with people from around the globe — Orkut was so fun for social media virgins.

Request Accept Kar Lo, Yaar. Creating an account and accepting requests on Facebook

Facebook was when social media became an integral part of our lives. It was just so cool to carefully craft our ‘timeline’ and choose a cover pic from hundreds of options. We have also put up our favorite celebs as profile pictures and using our own photos that were very cringing in retrospect. 

Facebook chats and notifications

It used to be so exciting to surf through our FB ‘wall’ and like and comment. The pop-up chat on the bottom right part of our screen used to make our hearts flutter whenever we got a new notification. And we had put so much thought and effort into choosing the right emoji. 😛 

Candy Crush and Farmville notifications

But it was intolerably annoying to get endless notifications inviting us to play Candy Crush or Farmville from people we barely talk to. And how can we forget the guilt and thrill associated with the then-newfound concept of ‘stalking’! 

Spoofs and pretentious movie reviews

It started with TVF: spoofs on YouTube and hilarious sketches. Then there was AIB and SNG (RIP.) It was so delightful to watch new videos for the first time, especially the pretentious movie reviews. We knew we were witnessing a gem when we could not stop rewatching it for the 10th time. The concept of stand-up comedy also went mainstream. 

Message to WhatsApp

The days when you had to get a message pack for your cell. The days when there were no blue or grey ticks, no sign of ‘typing…’. These were the days when texting included a lot of anticipation. 

Communication was not so easy but it was a tad more real. Also, ‘forwards’ did not have such a bad reputation. 

Streaks & Stories

FB became a basic qwerty phone to the touch-screen smartphone of Instagram and Snapchat. Maintaining streaks on Snapchat turned the most important, while Instagram introduced us to ‘aesthetic.’ 

The internet raised us

On Fb, we put images in which we felt good but on ‘Gram, we put pictures in which we looked good. Our world was never the same again. Between updating our FB status and posting stories, we somehow grew up. Lorde was right when she sang “the internet raised us.”

What do you prefer: then or now?

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