Best Places To Eat Momos In Mumbai

Best Places To Eat Momos In Mumba

In this article we have featured Best Places To Eat Momos In Mumbai, If you think Bombay is only about vada pav, you’re wrong! You’ve most likely fallen in love with very tasty, wonderful, and juicy momos if you’ve lived in Delhi or the northern or eastern areas of India. That isn’t to say that Bombay doesn’t have good momos. Here are a few places where you can get your momo fixed. You’ll be able to thank us later!

Sernyaa, Oshiwara

Best Places To Eat Momos In Mumbai

This modest restaurant in Oshiwara is known for offering Tibetan and Burmese cuisine and has Tibetan heritage. Sernyaa claims to satiate your momo needs with its one-stop momo shop. You’ll be a regular once you’ve tried their momos. The steamed pork momo is their most popular dish. Cheese and BBQ Style Momos are available for vegetarians to try. There’s also a Sernyaa-only T Momo, which entails making bread with momo dough. It’s served with a unique gravy created from scratch.

Address: 185, Adarsh Nagar, Oshiwara

Price: 150 Onwards

Timings: 11:30am-12am

Dev’s Momo Hut

Best Places To Eat Momos In Mumbai

This small momo stall in Dadar is famed for serving some of Mumbai’s greatest momos. The Nepalese men that run the stall are quite friendly. They use the thinnest momo dough possible and stuff it with the most succulent beef filling. Chicken, vegetarian, and paneer momos are available at Dev’s Momo Hut. On a dish, eight handcrafted momos are offered with garlic chile and tomato sauce. This is a momo lover’s dream come true!

Address: Worli, Mumbai

Price: Rs80 onwards

Timings: 5pm-11pm

Kepchaki Momos

Khar’s Kepchaki momos are a momo lover’s dream come true. They have a variety of momos to choose from, including Prawn Momo, Pork Momo, Mixed Veggie Momos, and their famous Chicken Momos with basil and mint. Thukpa, wantons, Chow chu potato, Kyong’s chilli chicken, and other comfort foods are available at this budget-friendly eatery. You’d be spoilt for choice with their menu’s selection of delectable foods.

Adress: 53 shop, Chuim Village Road, Danda, Pali Hill

Price: Rs100 Onwards


Brownie Point


Brownie Point is a bakery, despite the fact that the food stands directly outside isn’t. Since momos weren’t even that popular in the city, these guys have been serving up some amazing momos. While they rose to fame recently, the quality history speaks for its name in town. Trying momos of this place will never let you down 

Address: Building 40, Sargam Society, New Link Road, Oshiwara

Price: Rs 170 onwards

Timings: 10am-10pm

Ulta Tawa

Ulta Tawa is a modest, teeny-tiny recently (but not so recently) opened branch in Versova near D-Mart. It is primarily a delivery kitchen, however, there is seating for around 7-8 people at four tables. This location is ideal for fast eats. They also serve everything in disposable foil dishes. It’s definitely worth it to try their momos.

Address: Shop no 4, Benzar Apartment, Near,Gulmohar Park, Yari Rd, Versova

Price: Rs 190 onwards

Timings: 12pm-11pm 

Golden Fork

We discovered this restaurant only because of its brilliant red, almost festive Chinese design, and we made a mental note of it because of its great food. However, their piping hot dish of steamed and chicken momos was unquestionably the best in town. It serves “homestyle” Chinese cuisine at a reasonable price. Crispy chicken, on the other hand, is a must-try.

Address: 24, Mhada Oshiwara Complex, Andheri West Azad Nagar

Price: Rs 150 onwards

Timings: 12:30 pm-12am

Dumpling Khang 

Chef Sreejana’s passion for local cuisine led her to create Dumpling Khang is one of Mumbai’s most affluent neighborhoods. The restaurant takes pleasure in serving dishes made with the freshest garden ingredients. There are plenty of vegetarian options available. The momos are real and flavorful, and you’ll want to order more. Gravy Momo, Kothay or Pan Fried Momo, Chilli Amchi Momo, and Momo Thukpa are all available at Dumpling Khang.

Adress: Shop No 8, Garib Nawaz, Nehru Road, Santacruz East

Price: Rs 180 onwards

Timings: 11:30am-11:30pm 

 Well, Momo Lovers, these are some of Mumbai’s greatest momo spots. Bring your friends along to sample a variety of momos, which are best enjoyed when shared.

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