From the Frontlines: 8 Intense War-Based Movies

From the Frontlines: 8 Intense War-Based Movies

War-based movies have long captivated audiences with their intense narratives, gripping portrayals of conflict, and compelling characters. Across history, we have seen many wars happening around the world. Some people favour the concept of war while some oppose it claiming it has adverse effects not only on the soldiers but also on their close ones. These perspectives have been explored through books, movies and documentaries and have become one of the most notable genres, especially in movies.

Many directors have taken inspiration from real-life war incidents and made a film on them. Some are also based on books written on them. Here are some intense war-based movies that you should add to your watchlist.

From the Frontlines: 8 Intense War-Based Movies

Saving Private Ryan

Intense War-Based Movies: Saving Private Ryan

This war-based movie, Saving Private Ryan, is set during the D-Day invasion of Normandy in World War II. In the movie, Captain John Miller and his soldiers are tasked to rescue Private James Ryan, whose brothers had already perished in the ongoing war. Considered one of the best war-based movies of all time, the film stars Tom Hanks and Matt Damon and is directed by Steven Spielberg.

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Hacksaw Ridge

Intense War-Based Movies: Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge is a true story about Army Medic Desmond Doss, who refuses to carry a weapon in the battle during World War 2 on religious grounds. Through sheer determination and without resorting to weapons, he courageously rescued 75 men amidst the ferocious Battle of Okinawa. Directed by Mel Gibson, this movie stars Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington and Teresa Palmer.


Intense War-Based Movies: Fury

Set during World War II, Fury follows a Sherman tank crew as they journey through Germany in the war’s final days. The movie portrays the mental and emotional anguish soldiers face during a war. It stars Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Jon Bernthal and Logan Lerman in the main roles.


Intense War-Based Movies: 1917

Set amidst World War I, “1917” narrates the extraordinary journey of two soldiers entrusted with a critical mission: delivering a life-saving message to rescue 1600 comrades in peril. The movie’s cinematography was appreciated. It stars George Mackay, Dean-Charles Chapman, Andrew Scott and Benedict Cumberbatch.


Intense War-Based Movies: Dunkirk

Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan, portrays the gripping narrative of the remarkable Dunkirk evacuation amidst the backdrop of World War II, in which 330,000 Allied soldiers were rescued after being surrounded by German forces. The film’s action sequences, visuals and score were appreciated.

All Quiet On The Western Front

Intense War-Based Movies: All Quiet On The Western Front

The movie follows Paul Baumer and his classmates who enlist their names in the army to serve their country. Upon enlisting in the army, their eyes are opened to the horrifying realities of war, witnessing its profound effects on themselves and their comrades. Adapted from Erich Maria Remarque’s novel, this film garnered prestigious recognition by receiving nominations in nine categories at the Academy Awards, winning in 4, including Best International Feature Film.

American Sniper

Intense War-Based Movies: American Sniper

Regarded as one of Bradley Cooper’s finest performances, this film chronicles the life of Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL who bravely served four tours in Iraq. Delving into the profound consequences of war, the film delves into the far-reaching effects on soldiers and their families and the toll it exacts on the mental well-being of those in service. The film stars Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller and is directed by Clint Eastwood.

13 Hours

Intense War-Based Movies: 13 Hours

13 Hours is about six security contractors defending an American diplomatic compound against Islamic militant attacks. Drawing from real events, the film portrays the harrowing account of the 2012 Benghazi attack. The film stars John Krasinski in the lead role and is directed by Michael Bay.

War movies are intense and showcase the realities of war. They showcase the struggles and sacrifices that soldiers make for their country. They also help us understand the horror and brutality of war that soldiers face daily. These movies are great if you seek interest in history and stuff related to the military or like watching action films.

Let us know your favourite war-based movie in the comments section.

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