Interesting Facts About India: What are 5 interesting facts about India?

Interesting Facts About India
Interesting Facts About India

India! The Incredible nation with a rich and magnificent heritage, culture, and history! India is a nation full of stories! And today, we have brought you some amazing facts from Indian history!

World History

World History

India has undoubtedly been an important part of world history. Yet India is known as one of the most peace-loving countries. In 10,000 years of India’s history, we have never invaded any other country! The last invasion was done by the Chola Dynasty to stop piracy done by some south Asian Countries.

One of the most visited countries in 8000 BC

Most of us wish to visit or live in a foreign country. But do you know which were the most visited cities back in 8000 BC? Well, they were the Harappa and Mohenjo Daro Civilisations of the Indus Valley Civilisation! Yes! You heard it right. Believed to be highly urbanized and planned as cities, shreds of evidence have shown that people from other civilizations visited the Indus Valley! This civilization is the world’s oldest yet be notably modernized compared to other civilizations and even some developed countries!

Birth of Snake and ladder game

Birth of Snake and ladder game

Last year’s lockdown days were mostly spent playing board games, be it online or with our families. I’m sure you will be amazed to know that the snake ladder game has its origin in Indian Soil rather than in the mind of a 13th-century poet, Gyandev! Made to instill moral values in children, this game was originally called Mokshapat!

What comes to your mind when you hear “New Delhi”? I guess amazing street food, vibrant places, and of course friendly people! But do you know how old our capital is? In 1911 King George V declared the construction of a new city, and finally, after 20 years, in 1931, New Delhi was inaugurated! Well, that makes the city to be 87 years old!

  1. Ayurveda is surely one of the most advanced medicinal practices in the world. Amongst some amazing benefits of Ayurveda, the most astonishing one is definitely Plastic Surgery! Yes! In the 5th Century BC, Sushruta, a medicine teacher, became renowned for his practice of nasal reconstruction within Hindu Vedic Medicine. He was a pioneer in surgery and is also known as the father of Plastic Surgery! 
  2. Kung Fu! A martial art form that has been developed in China, precisely Shaolin. Interestingly the man who laid the foundation of Shaolin was not from China. He was a ruler from Southern India who traveled to China and other Southeastern Asian countries preaching Zen Buddhism and meditation. He is known as Bodhidharma, the third son of a Pallava King! 
  3. We all try to take the best care of our hair. Using branded Shampoo is one of our care regimes. But do you know the concept of Shampoo had originated in a province of Bihar where people had a Champoo (massage) with fruit pulps mixed with herbs! It was later introduced in Europe by the British and thus introducing Shampoo to the world. 
  4. Lakes in India are like the enhancers of Natural Beauty! With mesmerizing views, almost all the lakes are a treat for the eye. One such lake is Lonar Lake of Maharashtra. This lake that turned pink due to Haloarchaea Microbes has formed 52000 years ago and is surprisingly formed by a 2 ton weighed meteor! Surely it is the first constructive effect of a falling meteor! 
  5. It is popularly said that after every 50-100 KMs, language in India changes. Maybe this accounts for India having 22 officially recognized languages! No wonder why India does not have a national language. 
  6. Jewelry in India is taken very seriously by the people. A big Indian Wedding is popular worldwide mostly for the beautiful Gold and Silver Ornaments worn by people. But 3000 years back, India was also known for mining and being the source of Diamonds! Those diamonds were famous as Golconda diamonds as they were mined in the Golconda region of India!  

India has always been spectacular with its history! Undoubtedly that justifies why India is called Incredible! 

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