What It Is Like living Away From your Parents

What It Is Like living Away From your Parents

In today’s fast-paced world, where metropolitan cities seem to be the hot spots for youth migrating and settling down from their native places, there seems to be a gap between the child and their parents.

While some may enjoy the freedom that this opportunity brings, there is ‘n’ number of people who find it extremely difficult to cope up without their parents. Adulting is challenging, and that without your parents living next-room often gets more complex but is also rewarding if one learns to adjust accordingly.

Having Trust issues 24X7

If you live in a small city and plan to move to a big city, you’re bound to have some trust issues with regards to the people you meet daily, especially the ones who are your landlords or the brokers who will get you your place of stay.

Apart from that, there are many people you might encounter on the go and would fall into the trap of whether or not to trust them. You’ll always hear the words of your close relatives reverberating in your ears going “beta, kisi anjan par trust nahi karna.”

Managing your expenses.

Managing your expenses.

Often it is likely that you’ll find yourself broke unless you’re working a stable job. It won’t matter if it’s mid of month or end. You’re more likely to vary in how you’re spending your bucks on your household since this house belongs to you.

P.S.- Maggie might become your companion for many breakfasts, some lunches, and occasional dinners.

Coping with your health.

Coping with your health.

It becomes imperative to take care of your health, especially when you’re away from your family. Doing your daily chores and then coming back to keeping your health in check is a tough challenge, given one tends to eat oily foods at stalls outside and other poor habits of eating junk.

Interestingly, you don’t want to be upsetting your budget by spending too much on medication and visits to doctors and hospitals.

Dealing with loneliness

Dealing with loneliness

It’s a merry time and a rough one too on occasions when you’re with your family. A little argument here and there and some love around is all that is going around most of the time. Interestingly, when one doesn’t have such a connection away from home, homesickness tends to get one choking and troubled many times. You’re even bound to cry lonely tears when no one is watching you.

Opportunities to learn

While there are a lot of demerits of living away from your family, there are certain positives too!
One does realize the freedom that is brought to them and acts accordingly, respecting the boundaries as well. There are many skills that one acquires while living without parents. For instance, cooking is one of the life-saving skills that one acquires and learns over time. It becomes a necessity for the long run if one thinks about it.

Mixed feelings towards your folks.

Mixed feelings towards your folks

If you’re living away in a distant place from your parents, the feeling of love and hate(might sound a little hard, but that’s not the intention here) might evoke at the same time for them. For example, you can love them for letting you out and live on your terms, go partying late at night, sleeping all whole day if you want to have your own time and space, or even skip a meal if you are not in the frame of mind to prepare it or order it online. At the same time, you can just a tad bit hate them for not being around when you may fall sick or are in your moment of weakness.

Appreciating what you have as a family back home

Appreciating what you have as a family back home

It might come across as a revelation to many people. Still, with time, one does realize and starts to appreciate the term “family,” which in turn is not just a word but an emotion attached with almost every other human being living on this planet.

Rushing back home the moment you have days off

It’s cute how a bachelor runs towards his house when he realizes that he has certain days off from college or office, for that matter. They take no time booking their tickets and rushing back to their loved ones in their native place.

Come to think of it, it’s a blend of opportunity and struggles to live in a long-distance relationship with your parents. There’s a lot that one learns and an Everest of burden that one has to deal with on a day-to-day basis.


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