5 Times You’d Fall In Love With Zakir Khan’s Shayaris

5 Times You’d Fall In Love With Zakir Khan Shayaris

We all Know Zakir Khan as an astounding Stand Up Comedian who has managed to blow our minds with his hilarious routines. However, his poetic side isn’t unknown to the audience – Zakir Khan’s Shayaris are rather popular among Gen-Z. The way he adds a touch of his Urdu Shayari, even in the middle of something absolutely funny, is truly eloquent.

His upbringing in a musical family and his expertise in the Sitar probably added a great deal to make his poems so magical. One of the very famous Zakir Khan’s Shayaris – “Mai shunya pe sawaar hoon” – written on a train journey to Delhi – has been a fan favorite for a while now. You might be a “Sakht” person, but his shayaris will melt your heart!

Zakir Khan Shayaris

Mai shunya pe sawar hoon,

Be-adab sa mai khumaar hoon,

Ab mushkilon se kya daru,

Mai khud keher hazaar hoon…

Here are some instances when Zakir Khan’s Shayaris made us all go, “waah, waah”!

5 Times You’d Fall In Love With Zakir Khan Shayaris

Zakir Khan Shayaris

Batane ki baat toh nahi hai par batane dogi kya!

ishq bepanah hai tumse, ekbaar jatane dogi kya!

On the sets of Comicstaan

Zakir Khan appeared as a mentor and judge in the second season of Comicstaan and as a judge in the third season of Comicstaan on Prime Video. Although the show is one of the most popular comedy shows ever, Zakir and his shayaris totally killed here (And, of course, Samay Raina’s take on Shayaris just added the right amount of fun!).

Zakir Khan Shayaris

Ye bohot masoom ladki hai, ishq ki baat nahi samajhti,

Na jaane kis din mein khoyi rehti hai, meri raat nahi samajhti

Be it Zakir’s unique way of giving feedback, dropping a couple of shayaris in between, or just adding them while doing his little bit, Zakir Khan’s Shayaris were something we all rooted for in the entire show. Zakir Khan is known for his anecdotal comedy and how he beautifully narrates stories with a tinge of poetic charisma. Well, his Shayari is a rather good reason to go back and binge the whole season again! 

On Tanmay Bhat’s Reaction Series (Clap Clap for “Shayar OP)

If you are a fan of comedy, then you would have definitely watched the reaction series on Tanmay Bhat’s YouTube channel. One of the “OG members of the team,” as Bhat puts it, Zakir Khan, aka Shayar OP, never misses a chance to recite one of his shayaris.

It might seem like an unlikely combo, but when Khan does it, Memes and Shayaris totally go together. From shayaris on cringe love to just bloopers from his show Farzi Mushaira, Zakir Khan’s Shayaris make not just the “Bot Army,” but everyone goes crazy. Bhat’s infectious laughter, combined with Zakir Khan’s “Shayarana Andaaz,” is all we can ask for!

India Shayari Project

Zakir Khan Shayaris

Wo titli ki tarah aayi aur zindagi ko baagh kar gayi,

Mere jitne napaak the iraadein unhe bhi paak kar gayi

Released on Independence Day 2021, this documentary attempted to bring together some of the greatest artists in the field and pay an ode to the tradition of Shayaris or similar poetic forms. India has had a rich history of poetry writing – ghazals, shayaris, nazms, and so on, and India Shayari Project celebrates each of these art forms.

In this one-and-a-half-hour-long program, legends like Javed Akhtar Sahab, Kausar Munir, Dr. Kumar Vishwas, and Zakir Khan discuss details of these art forms and course mesmerize us with their bits. If you are a fan of poetry in general, you should definitely check this one out on Zee5.

Zakir Khan's shayaris

..wo shaam hota dhal gaya,

Wo raat se tha darr gaya,

Mai jugnuo ka yaar hoon,

Mai shunya pe sawaar hoon”

Zakir Khan’s podcast “Ummeed”

Shayad uske raaste mein mujhse behtar log padh gaye,

Wo bewafa toh na thi magar aage zarur badh gaye…

While Zakir Khan’s Shayaris might not be the sole thing in his podcast series Ummeed on Gaana, he does drop in occasional verses and couplets, so you get the essence anyway! The best part about this podcast is that he touches upon some of the very relatable subjects like love, friendship, life, and insecurities – basically, stuff that we have all been through. With his poems here and there, the whole thing is beautifully hosted and will hit you no matter where you are from and what you do!

Zakir Khan Shayaris

Mere ghar se daftar ke raaste mein

Tumhare naam ki ek dukaan padhti hai,

Vidambana dekho,

Wahan dawaiyyan mila karti hai!

“Zakir Bhai” hits it home with his very optimistic takes throughout the series, using Urdu couplets and beautifully crafted metaphors that might give you a completely different perspective of some of the most simple things in life (and in a good way).

Farzi Mushaira

Zakir Khan Shayaris

Ghair ko muh laga ke dekh liya,

Sab jhuth, sach aazma ke dekh liya;

Nahin aa rahi hai budget mein teri sandal Parveen,

Zamaane bhar ka coupon code humne laga ke dekh liya…

Well, well, well, let’s not forget this stunning show where Zakir Khan pushes the boundaries by creating an amalgamation of jokes and shayaris. Mushaira, or a “Poetic Symposium,” is an event where poets or Shayars gather and recite their verses to an audience. Farzi Mushaira or Pretentious Mushaira, in contrast to the actual events, make you laugh with their silly takes on most trivial things and deliver jokes or puns in the form of Shayari.

Hosted by Khan, this series on Amazon Mini TV has guests like Kumar Varun, Hussain Dalaal, Nishant Tanwar, and other famous personalities. However, it is, after all, Zakir Khan’s Shayaris that stand out the most – they are funny, poetic, and just wholesome. 

Zakir Khan Shayaris

Haal-e dil unka maalum kar liya,

Bas uske baad OYO mein ek room kar liya;

Sab kuchh theek tha gadbad yahan hui makhdoom,

Jab DP ko meri usne zoom kar diya!

So if you are a fan of Zakir Khan and his poetry, and can’t wait to watch more of him, go check these out this weekend!

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