Noble Start-ups For A Positive Change From Shark Tank India

Noble Start-ups For A Positive Change From Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India became a household name in the country ever since its first episode got aired on 20 December 2021 on Sony Entertainment Television, with people from every age group enjoying and applauding the show which has contributed significantly in adding fuel to the start-up wave in India.

While Shark Tank India witnessed a wide array of smart and innovative entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas and walking away with marvelous deals, there were also some entrepreneurs who not only won investments but also our hearts. So here we are with a list of our favorite entrepreneurs whose businesses aims at bringing about a change in the lives of millions of people from across the world:


Peeschute from shark tank India

Featured In: Season 1 Episode 3

Asked For: ₹75 Lakhs for 4% Equity

Final Deal: ₹75 Lakhs for 6% Equity

Shark: Aman Gupta

Holding in your pee for a long period of time can often stretch your bladder and your body might lose the ability to know when it’s time to pee.

So then what can be done when one can’t access clean toilets in dire need? Siddhant Tawarawala the founder of Peeschute came up with an innovative and patented unisexual pocket toilet that instantly solidifies human urine and turns it into an odorless gel form.

The product is a urine bag that is environment-friendly, portable, requires no cleaning, and is easily disposable. Undoubtedly Peeschute is an innovation that will surely make a difference in the sector of sanitation and hygiene.


Menstrupedia from shark tank India

Featured In: Season 1 Episode 6

Asked For: ₹50 Lakhs for 10% Equity

Final Deal: ₹50 Lakhs for 20% Equity

Shark: Namita Thapar

Founded in 2012 by Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul, Menstrupedia is a comic book and content creation company that aims on educating young girls and boys alike, on periods and puberty.

Being India’s first comic book on periods, Menstrupedia focuses on busting the myths and transforming the narrative about menstruation.

Available in 11,000 schools in India and across eight other countries, it comes in 16 different languages and its comics are primarily for girls and boys between the age of 9 to 16.

Thinkerbell Labs

Thinkerbell labs from shark tank India

Featured In: Season 1 Episode 13

Asked For: ₹30 Lakhs for 0.5% equity

Final Deal: ₹1.05 crores for 3 % equity

Sharks: Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, and Anupam Mittal

Founders of Thinker Bell Labs, Sanskriti Dawle, Aman Srivastava, Saif Shaikh, and Dilip Ramesh, came up with “Annie” which is the world’s first Braille self-learning device in an attempt to make products that help improve learning outcomes for visually impaired children.

As explained by the founders of Shark Tank, Braille is literate and is necessary for the cognitive development of visually impaired children, hence, Annie helps them to learn, read, and type braille without any supervisor.

Needless to say, half the sharks on the panel were more than happy to invest in Annie, rightly referred to as— an iPhone Moment in the field of Braille Literacy.

The Renal Project

The Renal Project from shark tank India

Featured In: Season 1 Episode 14

Asked For: ₹1 Crores for 3% Equity

Final Deal: ₹1 Crores for 6% Equity

Shark: Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta

To combat the inadequacy of dialysis centers for a large number of kidney patients in India, a Mumbai-based company, The Renal Project was founded by Shashank Moddhia.

The Renal Project which currently offers Hemodialysis, Home Hemodialysis, Ad-hoc Emergency Dialysis further plans to open around 500 micro-centers across India to revolutionize the availability and delivery of dialysis therapy to kidney patients by making dialysis centers more affordable, approachable, and accessible.

KG Agrotech

KG Agrotech from shark tank India

Featured In: Season 1 Episode 24

Asked For: ₹30 Lakhs for 10% Equity

Final Deal: ₹10 Lakhs for 40% Equity & ₹20 Lakh 0% Intrest

Shark: Peyush Bansal

Kamlesh Nanasaheb Ghumare who refers to himself as “Jugaadu Kamlesh” has a passion for inventing new machines, and one such invention of his that he brought to Shark Tank was his multipurpose bicycle for pesticide spraying, seeding, and carrying luggage at the same time.

Being a farmer himself, his innovation is aimed at making the lives of fellow farmers easy. By sourcing all the raw material from a local scrap dealer and investing 7 years of his life in making this bicycle from scratch, without any formal education, “jugadu Kamlesh” is undoubtedly an inspiration to all of us.


Spandan from shark tank India

Featured In: Season 1 Episode 25

Asked For: ₹1 Crore for 2% Equity

Final Deal: ₹1 Crore for 6% Equity

Shark: Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, Ghazal Alagh & Anupam Mittal

Rajat Jain, Nitin Chandola, Sabit Rawat, Saurabh Badola Sunfox Technologies is an R&D company that came up with ‘Spandan’ a portable ECG device for monitoring heart activity through its compact and smartphone app.

Claimed to have 99.7% accuracy, this pocket-size revolutionary product can be easily used by a regular person.

Spandan was developed to combat the unfortunate situation of an increasing number of people losing their life due to cardiovascular diseases of which the main reason is the non-availability of monitoring equipment for an early diagnosis of the disease.

Today with 90 unicorns, India is the third-largest unicorn hub after the US (487) and China (301) and amidst the rapidly rising wave of entrepreneurship in the country, Shark Tank India has been a delight so far which hopefully will add to the innovativeness and enthusiasm of budding and aspiring entrepreneurs and soon enough, we will be proudly able to call ourselves the largest unicorn hub in the world.

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