Shark Tank India Is Coming As A Ray Of Hope For Budding Entrepreneurs

Shark Tank Comes To India As A Ray Of Hope

For the unfamiliar, Shark Tank is an unscripted business reality series that invites aspiring entrepreneurs onto the show to pitch their ideas to a diversified group of “shark” investors. We are excited because Shark tank India is ready to launch on Sony Entertainment Television. 

Shark Tank comes to India as a ray of hope for budding entrepreneurs. Here’s detailed information on the history of this American show, the Indian version of it, registration, release date, judges, and the channel where it is going to be aired.

Here’s everything you need to know about Shark Tank India:


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The “sharks” look at the business visionaries presenting start-up ideas or business expansion possibilities. If one or more of the sharks are interested in the concept being presented, they’ll strike up a deal, invest their resources in the idea, and enter into a partnership with the entrepreneur.

If none of the “sharks” bite, or if any doesn’t convince the entrepreneur of the sharks’ deals, it’s a bust, and everyone walks away empty-handed. And in the process, the “sharks” or the investors take up the best possible ways to find faults in an entrepreneur’s plan.

Shark Tank India: Channel

Sony Pictures Networks India has obtained the rights for telecasting the show with the aid of the production house- StudioNext on its popular channel Sony Entertainment Television.

Shark Tank India: Release Date

The makers took to their social media handles on the afternoon of 22nd June 2021 to share this delightful piece of news to their fans along with the first promo of Shark Tank India. However, they haven’t yet revealed the release date. And this surely is building a lot of anticipation within the Indian audience!

Shark Tank India: Registration Process

All You Need To Know About Shark Tank India

The interested candidates need to follow an easy, 4-step process to register themselves to try luck in turning around their business idea into a successful reality!

Step 1: Online Application

In this step, one needs to download or update the SonyLiv app and fill in the Shark Tank India registration form by following all the guidelines mentioned there and also accept the terms and conditions.

One wise piece of advice is to mention the business venture to hook the Shark Tank India team!

Link for Shark Tank India Online Registration

Step 2: The Pitch

In this step, the Shark Tank India team will have close proximity to know their applicants better. The applicants will have to present their business idea to the “sharks” and prove with confidence why their idea is better and unique than the other potential candidates and why it is worth investing in the investors. And this will take place in the form of a 3-minute-long compelling video pitch.

Make sure to make this video your sole weapon to win the initial battle!

Step 3: Audition

The selected candidates will go through a series of tests with the Shark Tank India team, and this will be the penultimate step on their part in setting the feet on the historical debut of Shark Tank India.

Step 4: The Shark Tank

This step is the apogee of their Shark Tank India journey is quite the make-or-break step. The chosen candidates or the ‘Pitchers’ in this stage will have a one-to-one session with the “Sharks,” who will analyze their’ final pitch’ and decide its standing in the market and how it will benefit them if they invest in the proposed idea.

They mainly check whether the idea will be drowned in the ocean of other brilliant ideas in the long run and if it appeals to a large number of buyers. And if any candidate fails to blow them with their idea, the sharks also put forward the forthcomings in their ideas and guide them to shine in life.

Shark Tank India: Judges

The caption of the makers’ social media handles, which read:

Jahan Sharks, yaani India ke experienced businessmen, aapke business aur business idea ko parkhenge, taraashenge aur bada banayenge…

was a successful attempt in creating suspense within the audience as they are now shooting countless questions asking- “Who are the ‘Sharks’ of this much-awaited show?” And that is still unanswered as the identity of the judges has not been released yet. It is expected we will get to know once the registration process ends.

Shark Tank India: Selection Process

After the candidates register themselves from all around India, putting their whole effort, the next duty is on the team’s shoulders to strain out the best ones from the average. This takes some time, and then once a candidate is chosen, the best five teams can obtain funds from the shark tank team and acquire the momentum to start up again.

The “Sharks” in Shark Tank USA


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The shrewd financial backers of this show, or as we like to call them, “sharks,” are Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary, who have also steered the Dragon Den’s version. Among others are Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin Harrington, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner. These judges also provide entrepreneurial advice, and their esprit de corps make the show a good watch.

As even David Hinckley says, “Shark Tank works because the panelists are personable and focused, and the format lets them develop personalities.” And not just the main sharks, the guest sharks are also great.

Evidently, the ship with such good sailors ready to invest their money to nurture talented young entrepreneurs is bound to be everyone’s favorite.

Thus, Shark Tank doesn’t limit itself to just being an entertaining show but is also supremely educational. It enlightens us about pitching, the inner workings of investing, and even product development presented in any of the episodes. So, it’s mostly like a life-changing tunnel coming out of which one upgrades oneself to a better version.

And so, for all these very valid reasons, when the Indian audience got to know that Shark Tank is going to make its headway to India very soon like a fresh breath of air, the internet is jammed with countless memes, crazy reactions, and #SharkTankComesToIndia, #SharkTankIndia is now trending. The internet is also abuzz with innumerable questions regarding the channel on which it is to air, release date, the process of registration, judges, and its selection process.

Start-Up Reality in India

The moment a young adult crosses the boundary of college, Indian society bombards them with the question of “Aage ka kya plan hain, beta?” And when their expectations of them working for a renowned firm gets shagged out as the ambitious dreamer reveals their dream of running entrepreneurship, they try to unnerve them by all possible means. But the dreamer disregarding the society walks on the path of reaching the summit of their dream; the path is indeed rocky, but they continue to hustle.

An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business by organizing, managing, and attempts to gain profits by bearing the risks all alone in the business world. Their path is never as smooth as butter; they have to succeed in uncountable tests of time to become a prominent face.

In the past records, the number of entrepreneurs was relatively low. However, with the recent decline in the employment sector and absolutely no security of jobs since 2020, over half of the adults of 35 economies are inclining towards the idea of embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship. And considering the fact that the Indian audience is highly driven to the world of web series now, shows like TVF Pitchers and Scam 1992, provide a good deal of motivation to beginners.

But the fact that web series are nothing but fiction remains a point of disappointment for the Indian audience as there are no such entrepreneurial-themed reality shows. Still, cringe shows like Roadies, Splitsvilla, Emotional Atyachar, and others. So having no option, the aspiring entrepreneurs had to tune into American shows like Shark Tank, The Profit, The Billion Dollar Buyer, and others for a visual guide.

History of Shark Tank:


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Having premiered on 9th August 2009 on ABC, this widely acclaimed American reality show has been winning people’s hearts with 13 long seasons (the new one premiered on 13th May 2021). The first few seasons even stream on Netflix.

The show is the American franchise of the international format of Dragons’ Den, which originated in Japan as Money Tigers in 2001. As Andy Dehnart says,” ABC’s Shark Tank definitely does work and has actually improved on the original series while retaining everything that works.”

Basking in praise ever since its premiere, Shark Tank was also established in Australia, Colombia, Vietnam, Nepal, Mexico, and soon the show is going to make its way to our country. And for the huge love it received, Shark Tank bagged the Outstanding Reality Program in 2012-2013 and also the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program four times (2014–2017).

Why is Shark Tank India advantageous for the Indian audience?

The show that provides a family-friendly environment is advantageous for the Indian audience in many ways. They are as follows:

  1. Provides a platform to showcase a potential idea for a start-up which the candidates aren’t getting.
  2. In the show’s version in different countries, the contestants who gave brainstorming ideas and were picked up by the ‘sharks’, have gone a long way in their life as an entrepreneur. Isn’t this inspiring?
  3. Even the ones who didn’t make it knocked off many deals and made a decent spot in the market by just being a part of this globally hit show. Companies that are worth mentioning here are Brethometer, xCraft, Scrub Daddy. The public consideration truly helps!

Thus, we can say with conviction that a show like Shark Tank India is a must-have to promote the world of start-ups in the Indian economy and to boost the spirit of talented, aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them their much-required fund and if not fund, the right guidance and defensibility to combat any situation.

Break a leg, India, and blow the sharks with your electrifying ideas!

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P.U.B.G. Mobile India Game Release Date

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