Take Notes From Our Favourite Characters From Campus Diaries

Take Notes From Our Favourite Characters From Campus Diaries

Campus Diaries is one of MX Player’s latest original series released on January 7, 2022. This coming-of-age college drama revolves around the lives of 6 friends as they struggle to live through their college life with each other’s help. Though Campus Diaries has managed to cover a wide range of issues such as love, sex, drugs, ragging, politics, and friendship, it’s still far from reality.

Nevertheless, each character taught us something or the other which is too significant to be overlooked. So here’s a list of ‘what to do’ or more accurately ‘what not to do’ in your 20s, Campus Diaries edition.

Focus on your studies, like Sanya.

Focus on your studies, like Sanya.

You might have made a mistake by believing your teacher when they said, “study well in your school because in college no one cares whether you study or not”.

On the contrary, you’ll have to make a shitload of assignments, prepare for quizzes, participate in class discussions, maintain a good relationship with your professors, give vivas and exams, and score good marks in college just like you did in school.

So it’s high time you look up to Sanya and focus on your studies just the way she does, along with adequate amounts of entertainment of course.

Spread happiness everywhere you go, like Sudheer.


Be happy and keep up your high spirits like Sudheer no matter how hard the situation is. He might appear to be a clown to some, but undeniably he has got a heart of gold.

He always had his friends’ backs, though generally a coward he does somehow always manage to stand up for what’s right, wherever he goes there’s laughter and happiness and though he didn’t win the elections, he for sure won our hearts.

Be the change you want to see, like Priyanka.


Saw something you couldn’t tolerate? Speak up! Priyanka taught us that there’s no point in going back home, upset about why the world isn’t changing when you yourself are static.

Priyanka doesn’t count on anyone else, the moment she sees something which doesn’t sit well with her, she runs to the Dean’s office to complain, and willingly or unwillingly the authorities have to take action because Priyanka raises relevant questions.

Be sweet like Raghav, but don’t be stoned like him.


Can’t deny that Raghav is a sweet guy, he is fun to be around and he motivates his friends to move forward while he himself stays back to get stoned.

That’s the problem with Raghav, he thinks he can quit drugs whenever he feels like it, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. What begins as “just trying” leads to addiction.

Drug abuse is a major problem among students in the country and the series did a marvelous job in depicting the situation as realistically as possible.

Don’t be a simp; Abhilash tried and failed!


Simping is a big no-no! No matter how awesome your crush is, they aren’t all that good if they treat you like garbage, heartlessly confine you to the friend zone, be vague about their feelings for you just to keep you on your toes, live off your money, use you as an Uber or Ola to go meet their bf/gf despite knowing your feelings for them.

Stay where you are valued, unlike Abhilash who sold his soul to feed his crush who never gave two cents about his existence.

Walk away from bad vibes, like Chloe.

Unlike Abhilash or Sushmita, Chloe never wasted an extra second over people who didn’t value her. Chloe loved and respected Raghav, she had faith in him and gave him an ultimatum to quit smoking up when she felt he was getting out of control.

Unfortunately, Raghav’s addiction put an end to their relationship and she had no regret in leaving behind bad vibes. Be like Chloe, surround yourself with people who value you, and walk away from garbage at the right time.

Don’t be a Sushmita to anyone. Just don’t!


Never entertain a toxic relationship like Sushmita. She got abused, beaten up, lied to, and cheated on repeatedly by a rich guy and still stayed with him because umm …. Well, he’s rich and influential. She neglected someone who truly loved and appreciated her.

She wasn’t just a bad friend to Abhilash but also took advantage of his feelings knowing that it wouldn’t end well. Don’t be like Sushmita and sell yourself short in exchange for something cheap.

Be both innocent and mature, like Nikhil.

While his relationship with his own student, Sanya, can appear to be a bit problematic to some of us, it’s undeniable that Nikhil is the perfect partner one could ask for. He’s too innocent for his age but at the same time reeks of wisdom. He motivates, scolds, and advises Sanya rightly to not give up her passion just for the sake of a relationship, as love is meant to set you free and not hold you back.

How cute right? We just hope Sanya doesn’t end up being dumb and choose Raghav over the gold, that is, Nikhil.

Campus Diaries is a light watch better not be taken seriously. It is entertaining, has ample humor to crack you up, and makes you reminisce about your college days to some extent.

However, if you are a newbie to college, let us clear it up for you— Campus Diaries is a highly unrealistic depiction of Indian colleges/students and is entirely opposite of what’s waiting for you in college, in real life.

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