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What Makes Eternals One Of The Worst Movies Of Marvel?

What Makes Eternals One Of The Worst Movies Of Marvel?

Marvel has hit a new low with the release of Chloé Zhao’s cosmic epic Eternals in November 2021, by being the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to be rated as Rotten on Rotten Tomatoes with a score of 48%. Though the project introduces big names such as Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Kit Harrington, and Harry Styles into the MCU, that didn’t exempt it from receiving harsh reviews from critics.

So here are some points which we feel may have contributed to making Eternals the worst movie of Marvel.

Far-fetched storyline

Eternals movie by MCU

While the story itself was pretty predictable with the repetitive “fight the monsters from space and save the world from the bad guys” plot, it was also quite unconvincing to watch a gigantic Celestial bigger than the Earth itself, tearing out of the planet without shattering the Earth like an egg.

It remains a mystery to us how the humans were left without a scratch when even the partial emergence of Tiamat was more than enough to split open the Earth in half.

Unnecessary amounts of betrayal

Eternals movie by MCU

While Arishem’s, Ajak’s, and Ikaris’ lies were somehow justified, Sprite teaming up with Ikaris and kingo deciding not to fight alongside his family made no sense at all. We scratched our heads a good deal when Druig formed a clan of humans through his ability of mind-controlling without any consequences. The movie made clear that Eternals are not supposed to interfere in human matters of any sort.

Excellent casting gone waste

Eternals movie by MCU

The casting of Eternals had thrown in a bunch of talented big names of Hollywood without assigning to them any significant role in the movie.

We were looking forward to catching Angelina Jolie playing Thena, just to be disappointed to see her having very minimal dialogues and significance in the movie.

It was agonizing to see Jolie play Thena just to kill a deviant at the end when any eternal could’ve easily done that! In a similar scenario, Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo sits the final battle out for philosophical reasons despite him being one of the movie’s strongest warriors.

Lack of chemistry

Eternals movie by MCU

The romantic connection between Ikaris and Sersi radiated humongous amounts of awkwardness and to be honest we were better off without it. It is pointless to expect viewers to ship Ikaris and Sersi when their relationship only appears in the movie in brief flashes, with so much discontinuity and lack of any proper backstory or closure as to why their relationship ended.

Underdeveloped relationships

Eternals movie by MCU

Thena and Gilgamesh had an adorable relationship though it’s not explicitly stated whether they were friends or lovers their relationship had far better chemistry than the main romantic leads of the movie.

The same goes for Makkari And Druig who always has each other’s back and kept each other from getting in trouble with Ajak. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of their relationship but were forced to focus on Ikaris and Sersi who completed lacked the chemistry.

Absence of Avengers


Since the Eternals are forbidden from interfering in human conflicts, it is justifiable that they were unable to partake in the battle against Thanos. However, the absence of Avengers in Eternals was highly disappointing since one would expect the Avengers to offer support or advice to the Eternals when the emergence is threatening to wipe out the entire human population. It would’ve been much more of an entertaining plot if at least any one of the Avengers had made a brief appearance in Eternals.

Eternals however do have many achievements to boast about, its diverse cast being one of them. It even goes so far as to portray an LGBTQ romance through Phastos’ relationship. It also features Marvel’s first deaf superhero – Makkari, played by Lauren Ridloff. Amidst all the negative reviews the movie received from critics it’d still be safe to say that we are eagerly waiting for Eternals to make a comeback with a better and exciting plot in Eternals 2, which is yet to be confirmed by Marvel.

What’s your take on Eternals; are you a critic or did you feel Eternals is wrongly titled as Marvel’s worst-rated movie?

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