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Ready Player One Reviews

Ready player one is available on Indian Netflix which arrived on the online streaming platform on May 2, 2020.

This film revolves around a world that is on the brink of collapse and a talented gamer takes the lead in a series of challenges to win ownership of a humongous virtual reality universe. 

Steven Spielberg Is always known for surprising the audiences and he is back on the screen doing crazy stuff with this film you should consider yourself the luckiest do not have missed a chance as it is now available on Netflix.

Ready player one is a movie revolving around games and a man punctuated an amazing plot, brilliant acting, drama, writing and almost an introductory for us to learn about the gaming world, plenty of Easter eggs for fans, some awesome soundtracks by alan Silvestri who is on a streak of producing good music now after composing the soundtrack for Infinity war.

The adaptation of the film is amazing with its extremely good visuals, the pop culture references which hit hard and never shy away from their potential, The characters are likable and the emotional moments play the strings of the heart at home which gives a very good message that humanity should not be able to completely lose sight of reality because that should be what everyone should be concerned about. 

The concept of finding three keys, leading to an Easter egg makes for a really fun adventure film in the “ready player one”. when there are so many references to the real world popular culture elements of late years, it makes the experience all the more relatable and fun, kudos to the director.

Ready Player One Review

There are enough quirks and minor surprises to keep the plot entertaining and the world of CGI oasis certainly eep a sense of wonder and succeeds in capturing the video game experience which is not very thought-provoking and does depend on a lot of archetypes and cliches. 

If you were a person who watches a movie for entertainment, not mental stimulation then this film is an excellent way to spend the night with your family and friends. 

This adaptation of the film modern is some of the references like Halo and Overwatch while still referencing things that are nostalgic like the Gundam franchise and back to the future.

The film also cranks the visual style of the book up to 11 and stays mostly on track with the story only altering itself now and then with a few details and changing the characters’ avatars to look a lot less human which the audience appreciated because they didn’t have to play video games to feel human.

Anyway, talking about what makes this movie relatable is its relevance to the world today: it may be established in 2045 but it brutally mirrors the crude image of the world today.

The game which is shown in the film where they find salvation from the deteriorating world around them is exactly the social media apps where we spent countless hours of our time putting out

Only the best version of ourselves, doing our best to conceal the flaws whereas in real life we turn a blind eye to the wars and the gender-based political violence happening around the world after we’re done posting one politically correct little post a tweet on social media to show that are aware 

of the situation, however, we do nothing to help or improve it. 

Ready Player One

The movie hit the screens on the 6th of April and was super amazing as well as nostalgic just as the audience had expected it to be the first movie for the gamers, the teens, the geeks, nerds present in a retro theme blended with graphics which were mind-blowing and watching it in Netflix would be worth their subscription.

The storyline is amazing as If some of the characters from the movie had come alive it tells us much more about the near future which is an immersive experience and the director must be thanked for it.

We have talked all about what to love in the film: its light, breezy, a poppy film loaded with familiar cultural references which Cline decontextualizes in surprising ways.

Stevens’s Adaptation of the film prominently features the same car which was used in the book but in a context that improves it immensely.

The director did not have Wade talk audiences through it, and he doesn’t spell out the reference.  He just slams the car down in the middle of a terrific early action scene where it’s prominent, standing apart and memorable fans who wanted default nostalgia trip of the book, who wanted to rinse every Easter egg out of the experience, would eventually be able to pause the movie and frame by frame through it looking for the flux capacitor on the dashboard checking the plates and scanning for bonus material

ready player one poster

The film adaptation of ready player one has major advantages over the book the exposition is however as bad as the book but once it’s done the director focuses on the endless Dynamism of a world where anything is possible however the film does Carrie some of the books most notable flaws especially a suspicious reliance on negative convenience and coincidence the characters

Which is showcased in the film are thinly drawn and most of them are little more than cool avatars and signature moves there’s no sense that anyone involved with the story cares about the details of the real world given how little the real world scenes hold together and the film particularly is an almost no approach to what should be significant emotions especially when a death that should shatter wade but is shrugged off within seconds. 

Top 3 Moments Of The Film: 

1. When Parzival took a tour of the OASIS: The book is pretty much dedicated to the 80s, however, the film steps away and creates something of his own:

An imaginative world right off the bat. Early on in the film with describes the virtual world of Oasis by mentioning that you can be pretty much anyone or anything that you want in the stimulated world.

He also mentions that one could go anywhere they wanted to mention how they could climb even Mount Everest if they are determined to do so.

While this was a depiction of Batman in the 80s however this movie which showed a modern version of batman was mind-blowing which was fair game for the movie. 

ready player one parzival avatar

2. The race for the Copper key: The best part of the film also is the quest for the Copper key which is the next challenge for which Parzival goes on a wild ride in DeLorean.

One of the most mind-blowing scenes from this film is When Parzival’s crush, Art3mis, when she’s riding Kaneda’s bike from the cult classic film Akira.

3. How each company survives the shining: one of the scenes pays a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s classic movie, the shining. Parzival and his friends need to survive the horrors at the overlook hotel.

However, there is one huge problem which is each despises horror movies. Some of the favorite scenes which the audience go gaga about are: the blood from the elevator scene, the two twins in the hallway, the naked woman in the bathroom, all of this may a major role in the plot and it’s funny to see each reaction to all of it as he despises horror.

This sci-fi best seller is metatextual in its fascination with limits, loopholes, and crossover points of the self-contained universes artists create. 

ready player one Stanley

The development for this film began first in 2010 when Warner Brothers gained the rights to the book into July 2015 the director, Speilberg signed on to direct and produce the film and the casting for this film began in September 2015 the filming of this film took place in England in 2016 July and was completed in 2016 September.

The industrial light and magic handled the visual effects of the film with the digital domain, the third floor, and the territory studio handling the pre-visualization.

The film premiered at South by Southwest in Austin Texas on March 2 1018 anniversary theatrically released by Warner Bros Pictures in the United States on March 29 in 2018 the film acclaimed only positive reviews from the critics who had much to say about its visual pacing and the performance of the characters however there was some criticism for the lack of development among the film’s supporting characters.

Box Office Collection: 582 Million Worldwide 


1. Nominated for best visual effects at the 91st academy awards 

2. 24th critic’s choice awards 

3. 72nd British academy film awards 

4. Outstanding created environment in a photoreal feature 

5. Outstanding virtual cinematography in a photoreal project 

6. Best science fiction film 


1. Parzival played by tye Sheridan 

2. Samantha Cooke played by Olivia Cooke 

3. Nolan Sorrento played by Ben Mendelsohn 

4. Helen harris played by Elena Waithe 

5. I-R0k played by tj miller 

6. Ogden Morrow played by Simon Pegg 

7. James Halliday played by Mark Rylance 

8. Zhou played by Philip zhou 

9. Toshiro played by win morisaki 

10. Alice played by Susan Lynch. 

The music of this film also played an important role in its success. John Williams was initially going to form the music for the film however in July 2017 Williams left the project in favor of scoring the post, and Allen took over producing the music for the film.

The official music was released by water tower music as a 2 CD set on March 30, 2018, with vinyl and cassette releases all over the world.


Also at the directors request the Music Writer took references to his music from back to the future in the films music album as well as quoting music written by other composers including Max Steiner’s theme from King Kong, Akira’s main theme from Godzilla, and the theme by Wendy Carlos and Rachel from the shining. 

This film had a total box office collection of 582.9 million. The collection was as follows: 

1. 137.7 million dollars in the United States and Canada 

2. 445.2 million dollars in other territories 

The estimation by deadline Hollywood was that the film had to earn over 440 million dollars to break even. 

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With the success of the film, cline when asked about the sequel says that :

“I think there’s a good chance that warner bris will want to make a sequel.” 

Cline wrote a sequel book, named ready player two, which hit the floors on November 24th, 2020.  In December 2020 cline announced that the sequel of the film was in the early stages of development. 

 Like I said before some people have even said that the movie’s plot is better than the book’s.  Steven pulled the film very well and the audiences enjoyed that there were plenty of references despite a few major ones having to be pulled out most notably the war game sequence and Ultraman. 

 Steven exactly knows what the audience wants enough action sequences to make the audience shocked and the hero finding themselves during the journey and the bad guy eating crow, in the end, the film is a typical formula family feel-good film you have your evil adult corporation trying to ruin a child stream which is pretty standard at this point in Stevens career. 

Ready Player One Review

The difference between this movie and Stevens others was the theme of the video game characters which helped younger viewers to feel a stronger attachment tortoise going on screen knowing that they just played as that character earlier that day. 

The kids who loved playing games felt themselves connected to this movie the audience loved all the references only 80s movies music and video games which was a trip download nostalgia lane. 

Along with that ready player one also had an amazing plot filled with great visuals that are mind-blowing especially the race scene. 

Tye Sheridan  Is more Indie than any leading man in a massive blockbuster.  he is a great actor but the direction he’s been working with doesn’t know what to do with him or utilize his potential to the fullest. 

Olivia crook’s entire character contradicted with her appearance because of the birthmark on her face which was laughable however she still did a pretty great job.

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