9 Best Songs Of Coke Studio

9 Best Songs Of Coke Studio

Our hearts always crave good music. A beautiful tune can make the heart peaceful and happy, and Coke Studio has never failed to create such sensations through an original composition or an infamous old song. Coke Studio has also presented some amazing fusion of music forms, from Indian Folk to Western Influences and even its confluence.

Following are some of the best songs of Coke Studio that we can listen to on repeat.

9 Best Songs Of Coke Studio


Best Songs Of Coke Studio: Tajdar-e-Haram

The first in the list of best songs of Coke Studio is Tajdar-e-haram. The rendition of one of the most popular Qawallis was released in 2015, produced by Strings, and created a tribute to the song’s composer, Sabri Brothers. A perfect blend of traditional and modern music fills the heart with peace and joy as we experience this song.

Sung gracefully by Atif Aslam, the phrase Tajdar e Haram means The King of the Holy Sanctuaries. This portrays the devotion toward the Lord as a plea to him to take care of us.


Best Songs Of Coke Studio: Madari

Written by Manoj Yadav and composed by Clinton Cerejo, this 2012-released song instills faith and piousness through its powerful words. This song effortlessly illustrates that every situation in our life is in the almighty’s control, and we can only play along to the tune of his “Damru.”

Vishal Dadlani’s vocals and Sonu Kakkar take this song to another level. With various instruments and a fantastic arrangement, this song is absolutely a treat to the ears.

Paar Chanaa De

Best Songs Of Coke Studio: Paar Chanaa De

We all have witnessed tales of true love like Romeo and Juliet, Heer Ranjha, and others. This song narrates one such tale of compassionate love between Sohni and Mahiwal. Composed by the brother duo Noori, this song has been passed down as an oral tradition in their family.

Set completely in the Urdu Dialect, this song describes the night when both lovers meet their ends in an attempt to meet each other. Vocals by Shilpa Rao and the melody of the beautiful Sagar Veena by Noor Zeher gently touch our hearts.


Best Songs Of Coke Studio: Husna

The void parting with our beloved lives in our hearts can never be compassed by someone else. This feeling is illustrated in this song by Piyush Mishra, where he talks about two lovers who were separated due to the partition of two nations.

Husna is the girl name whose lover Javed writes a letter in the form of this song. A sense of grief and helplessness is seen in the writing. The song’s end portrays the turmoil a lover feels in his heart through an amazing use of the instruments! The arrangement has perfectly defined the sounds of that era.

Tera Woh Pyar (Nawazishein Karam)

Best Songs Of Coke Studio: Tera Woh Pyar (Nawazishein Karam)

If the butterflies in our hearts when in love had a song, Nawazishein would surely be the one. This song satisfyingly stirs our souls with the soft and beautiful melodies of the piano, violins, and other instruments.

Voiced by Momina Mustehsan and Asim Azhar, this romantic ballad was originally composed by Shuja Haider. This song leaves a pleasant sensation of romance and happiness as we experience it!


Best Songs Of Coke Studio: Chaudhary

We think highly of this song to experience an amazing fusion of Rajasthani Folk with Guitars and Drums. Sung by Mame Khan and composed by Amit Trivedi, this song is set in the Marwari dialect.

This song from the list of best songs of Coke Studio portrays the emotions of Chaudhary or a respected man of the village, as he falls in love with a young girl and highlights the difference between the calm and restrained nature of the man and the enthusiastic and spontaneous nature of the man girl. This song fills the heart with happiness and is a treat to the ears.

Afreen Afreen

Best Songs Of Coke Studio: Afreen Afreen

Recreated by Strings, this song was originally sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The use of acoustic instruments turned out to be an unplugged version of the Qawwali.

This song resembles the beloved of all the elegant things in the world in such a fascinating way that it leaves a soothing effect in our hearts! The craft in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice and the melodious voice of Momina Mustehsan amplify the beauty of the song.


Best Songs Of Coke Studio: Laadki

This song by the duo Sachin-Jigar gives us a soothing and pleasant sensation. A conversation between a daughter and a father is beautifully depicted in the music. Penned down by Priya Saraiya, this song celebrates a daughter-father bond as the daughter grows up.

The melodious voice of Taniska Sanghvi and Rekha Bharadwaj makes the song more heartwarming and elegant. A touch of the Gujrati Folk is radiantly added to the song by Kirtidhan Gadhvi’s voice, elevating the song’s elegance.

Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo

Best Songs Of Coke Studio: Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo

This is one of the most beautiful Ghazals and one of the best Coke studio songs we have listened to. Written by poet Fayyaz Hashmi, this ghazal touches our hearts with its poetry and melody. This song pleases the beloved to stay a bit longer with him. The words used are simple yet so graceful that we feel every bit of the song.

Produced by Strings, this song has been given an acoustic touch, amplifying its beauty. Farida Khanum Sahiba’s vocal craft and the acoustic music make this song very elegant and heartwarming. This song is indeed a treat for our hearts!

True music is beyond nation, culture, and language boundaries, and Coke Studio’s songs have splendidly depicted this. These songs from the list of best songs of Coke Studio are surely in most of our playlists and help us find joy and peace, especially after a stressful day.

Let us know your best songs of Coke studio that deserve to be on the list in the comments below.

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