Things We Can Expect in Aashram Season 3 

Things We Can Expect in Aashram Season 3 

The trailer of the much-awaited Bobby Deol starring Aashram season 3 has been released, and the complete season 3 will release on June 3 at MX player. The series by Prakash Jha shows Bobby Deol in the lead role where he plays the role of a self-proclaimed godman named Baba Nirala. This popular cult series covers the journey of his illicit activities, a portrayal of blind faith by his followers, and a mix of politics. Its unique subject and authentic direction have gained popularity, making the fans eager to know what that third season will offer them. So, here are the things Things We Can Expect in Aashram Season 3.

Things We Can Expect in Aashram Season 3

A more fearless Baba Nirala

The trailer tells us that we will get to a more assertive Baba who considers that no one can expose him with a more fearless approach. He says,

My words are law, and whatever I want, I will get it.

New Entry of Actress Esha Gupta

The most surprising factor of the trailer is the entry of Film Actress Esha Gupta, who is seen in the role of a disciple of Baba Nirala dancing with the Baba. But, we can expect more mystery and surprises from her character. 

Continuing exploitation of Women in Aashram

In the trailer, we get to see that exploitation against women and drug trafficking continues in the ‘badnaam‘ Aashram.  

More control over politics

We get to see a scene with the references on a ‘menu card’ for the posts of ministers. Also, there is a discussion on charging Rs. 35 crore for one post of a cabinet minister by Baba Nirala’s Aashram. Like the previous seasons, we get to see more control and influence on politics by the Aashram. 

Plan for expansion of Ashram

In the trailer, Baba Nirala thinks about the expansion of Aashram worldwide and makes plans to increase his area of influence. Also, there are meetings on it and discussions on it. 

Skeptical Bhopa

In the previous season, we get to see that the partner-in-crime with Baba Nirala is Bhopa. He is the one who carries out administration, looks after illicit activities, and covers his crime. But, in the trailer, we see that he has begun to warn Baba Nirala and gets skeptical that soon they might be exposed. 

Political opposition

Since the first season, we get to see that Baba Nirala and his Aashram are involved in directing the politics. So, in this season, we can get to see opposition towards him and his expansion idea by the other political parties looking for a way to get rid of him. 

Planning and plotting

Aashram Season 3 Release Date Revealed- Details Inside

Just like the earlier seasons of this series, we can expect a lot of planning, plotting, and mystery in this season. There are secret investigations against him planned by his enemies to expose him and end his quest.

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