Things Every Convent Goer Has Experienced

Things Every Convent Goer Has Experienced

Convent school folks, we feel you.

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Never-ending Praying

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Lord’s prayer in the morning, then one before recess and another post-recess. Not to forget, the prayer at the end of every school day. Stifling your yawns between these 50-odd prayers is a real struggle. But rushing through the final words of a prayer in unison and hastily getting done with it is so, so satisfying.

Angrezi, Please

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It’s sacrilege if you do not converse in English. It’s even worse if you use incorrect grammar. Your entire education will be demolished in an instant. Also, good luck dealing with a dramatic lecture about being uncultured, if you are caught talking in any other language. 

Prison-like Uniform Code

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Convent schools are overly touchy about uniforms. Your character will be assassinated if your skirt is a cm shorter. You are bound to become an underworld gangster if your tie is a bit loose. And don’t even try experimenting with your hair or piercings. That clearly won’t go down well with people who have problems with basic nail paint.

Too Much Discipline 

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Walk with hands on your back, follow pin-drop silence, and a zero-giggling policy: welcome to oppression that is masqueraded as ‘discipline.’ All you need to do is talk on the staircase while thumping your feet on the steps to establish yourself as a rebel. 

Toxic Shaming

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Several convent schools subject their students to constant shaming on the basis of uniform, discipline, and academics. You become exhausted by it and it feels like carrying a bulky weight on your shoulders. It may also feel like your innate capabilities are being hindered by all these expectations. 

Christmas and Carols

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Singing carols is one of the few fun things in a convent school. The days leading to Christmas are also very exciting. Most schools have special events planned for Christmas which feel so wholesome. In addition, you also get more days in your winter break than other schools.

Being Charitable  

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Most convent schools are big on charity. From donating necessities to visiting orphanages, you are bound to become altruistic as a convent goer. It drives you to make the best use of your privilege for the needy. 

Taste of Azaadi 

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It’s not a mystery why convent goers feel like they have been let out of jail once they switch schools or go to college. You don’t have illogical rules holding you down. For some, it also takes time to shake off that internalized discipline and let go because you are finally free.

What has stuck with you the most as a convent goer?

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