Must Read Books That Instil Hope

Books that Instil Hope

In difficult times, we cling to hope, and on happy days, we pass on hope to others. Hope keeps us alive. Literature and hope share a common thread, which is why literature never disappoints you. This article shares a few books that instill hope on the saddest days in tough and harsh times.

Must Read Books That Instil Hope

A Man Called Ove

Must Read Books That Instil Hope: A MAN CALLED OVE

Translated from Swedish, the book is beautifully woven around life, love, loss, and hope. The main protagonist is Ove, a grumpy old man. After losing his beloved wife, Sonja, he wants to die and end his life. However, he finds hope and an urge to live with his neighbors, Patrick and Parvaneh, and their young kids. He chooses life over death, and these characters are pivotal in his choice.

Just like Ove, we must find our reason to live. Either we choose to die, or we live. So before it is too late, make the right choice and cling to hope.

As Bright As Heaven

Must Read Books That Instil Hope: Bright as Heaven

Set in the backdrop of the Spanish flu in 1918, the book is a beautiful piece of historical fiction. Amidst the crumbling world and colossal loss, here is a story of the rebirth of hope. When all things are lost, something/someone comes to you and becomes why you believe in hope and, thus, life.

When Breath Becomes Air

Must Read Books That Instil Hope: When Breath Becomes Air

In his memoir, Paul emphasizes that hope is a central aspect of human life, and science sometimes fails to understand. It is a book that reduces you to tears but teaches what makes life worth living in the face of human mortality.

Be hopeful, be alive. Live life to the fullest and read the best of literature. Which book instills hope in you? Let us know in the comments.

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