Sara’s, A New Take On Social Stereotypes | Sara The Movie Review

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Sara the movie, brings out various stereotypes, put together beautifully while covering various social stigmas like sex education, gender equality, and the right to abortion.

Sara’s Movie Cast

Sara the movie is directed by Jude Anthany Joseph. The main character, Sara’s role is played by Anna Ben, Jeevan by Sunny Wayne. Sara’s also have Mallika Sukumaran, Dhanya Varma, Jibu Jacob. 

Sara’s Movie Review:

Sara’s, A New Take On Social Stereotypes | Sara The Movie Review

Sara’s is a one-time watch, with IMDB ratings of 7/10. The storyline was thought to be simple but some of the audience perceive it differently. Every scene seems like a voice raised against the social stigma and stereotypes.

Sara the movie can put a lot of thought in people’s minds like abortion is the right of an individual, sex education should not be avoided in the school curriculum, gender equality, family pressures on married couples. One way or the other, this movie connects with the audience as this movie makes up for most of the issues young people face today.  

Sara The Movie Story Line:

The storyline is about Sara, a young girl who makes up her mind in her school days not to give birth after getting married. Sara also has a boyfriend, Jeevan, with whom she discusses everything. As the story proceeds, Jeevan gets to know about Sara’s future plan, so he breaks up with her; this all happens during their school days.

After completing schooling, Sara joins a film school to pursue acting, but later she finds her calling being an aspiring film director. While working in films, Sara gains some experience. Besides, she keeps writing her script, aiming to direct a film of her own someday. While working on her film script, she meets a forensic expert, Dr. Sandhya Philip, and her younger brother Jeevan, her school boyfriend. Jeevan and Sara again build a friendly relationship and ultimately marry.

As the story progresses, Jeevan gets success at the workplace. At the same time, Sara faces many rejections. After a lot of struggles, she finally finds a producer who shows interest in producing her film.

At the same time, she gets to know about her pregnancy. As decided from her school days, she wants to abort the child. However, with varied opinions and heated arguments among the couple, Jeevan, who is reluctant to have a child, finally changes his mind and accepts Sara’s decision.

Is Sara’s a source of entertainment?

This film is more than entertainment. Each scene reflects different issues which the youngsters are facing today which put a lot of thoughts into audiences’ minds to not give up on things that make us happy and successful. The film also gives us a strong message,

It is better not to be a parent than a bad parent.

The Music went unnoticed:

The songs were disappointing and not as expected. The story was a complete power pack, so songs were just a small part that did not have much attention from the audience. 

Lead characters and their performance: 

Anna Ben Nayarambalam and Sunny Wayne, who played the roles of Sara and Jeevan, have done justice through their acting. The storyline was given the best cast who modestly did their characters. 

The story has to be perceived in the right way

Some audiences seem to be upset with the movie supporting abortion. If understood properly, this movie neither encourages abortion nor motherhood. The movie focuses on a simple point to live the life a person chooses. It does not discriminate against parenthood. In fact, the doctor who gives them counseling advice can be seen saying that parenting needs a lot of sacrifices and hard work and it cannot be done by everyone at the same time it’s an individual’s choice to give birth. These are what the movie has conveyed.

How well did it end?

If anything was outstanding in this movie, it would have been how well it ended. The whole point of the movie was to bring awareness and to break the social stigma. Sara always knew what she wanted and she achieved the same. She got her abortion and she directed her first film which was a great success. Sara represented every individual who would want to have happily executed freedom of choice.

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