RRR Movie Review: A Gripping Tale Of Patriotism & Friendship

RRR Movie Review: A Tale Of Patriotism & Friendship

The man who framed Indian cinema on a global level as no one else did, has done it again and better. The visionary director SS Rajamouli made Bahubali a household name through his direction and dedication to the project. RRR is a level-up work of cinema encapsulated with all the elements that the silver screen is projected to deliver. Taking his time after Bahubali and Bahubali 2, Rajamouli collaborated with the two finest actors, Ram Charan and Jr NTR, to serve what people ought to receive through the price paid for movie tickets. Here’s our take on a cinematic experience through RRR movie review. 

RRR Movie Review: A Tale Of Patriotism
& Friendship

RRR Movie Review: What’s In The Name?

RRR Movie Review: What's In The Name?

Picking ‘RRR’ as a title for a movie that took five long years to conceptualize, shoot, and bring to the audience, seems tricky and confusing. When the movie was announced, it was speculated that three Rs were taken from the prominent faces of the movie, i.e., Ram Charan, Rama Rao Jr., and Rajamouli. The speculation got busted with the release of various posters where the three Rs stands for ‘Rise. Roar. Revolt. It’s a sin to doubt Rajamouli’s vision as the Rs also get depicted on the screen, defining The stoRy, The fiRe, and The wateR. 

RRR Movie Review: Story

RRR Movie Review: Story

In the pre-independence era, set in the 1920s, the wife of a prestigiously posted Englishman took along with her a little girl of the Gond tribe, being mesmerized by her singing and hand art. The scene displays the cruelty Britishers have raised upon Indians, giving a little push to the anger inside. Bheema (played by Jr. NTR) is the protector of the tribe and gets on the hunt to bring back the little girl, anyhow. 

On the parallel side, the story of Ramaraju (played by Ram Charan), an angry, young police officer, who has his motive, is showcased. He gets orders to hunt down the Bheema, who has reached the outskirts of Delhi. 

How does Bheema plan his way to the palace where the little girl is kept, and what does Ramaraju go through to catch Bheema and move one step closer to his motive? Is what’s there for you to watch? The story roars through your heart, riding upon the shoulders of both the protagonists. 

RRR Movie Review: Multi-Starrer Cast

The most-awaited movie is studded with a multi-star cast. Southern cinema’s two most famous and highly loved male actors, NT Rama Rao Jr. and Ram Charan, are in the lead roles. Alia Bhat has a decent and note-worthy screen time, whereas Ajay Devgun has done his cameo part with perfection. And the likes of Shriya Saran, Makarand Deshpande, Possani Krishna Murali, Alison Doddy, Ray Stevenson, and Olivia Morris have played important characters in the story.

RRR Movie Review: Direction

Writing a story and conceptualizing the ease it needs to be shot and directed is one thing, whereas bringing the characters to life and frosting the story with aesthetics; is another. One of India’s most sought-after directors, SS Rajamouli, showcased why he is being loved so much. Time and again, the movie serves as a cinematic experience through scenes that makes you want to jump on your feet. Making the audience feel like being grabbed in a crowd of thousands through a scene is nothing but a masterpiece of direction.

RRR Movie Review: VFX

The movie inhales around 2800 VFX shots brought to reality by 18 different VFX studios. Visual effects supervisor Srinivas Mohan leads the visual spectacle of RRR. From the action sequences that involve animals like tigers, antelopes, bears, and wolves to many other scenarios, the audience not getting a hint of VFX means a perfect win.

RRR Movie Review: Music & Background Score

Since its release, the Internet has been in awe of the ‘Naacho Naacho’ (Hindi version) song from the movie. But, the song has changed the way the audience celebrates the song. Naacho Naacho is a song filmed to showcase friendship and Desi Naach, but it makes you feel patriotism alongside joy in theatres. Music is on point throughout the movie. Talking about the background score has been done perfectly to raise the viewing experience by many folds.  

RRR Movie Review: Final Words

RRR is made for the silver screen and nothing less. The aura of the protagonists and the build-up of two stories meeting at one point and becoming one is bliss to indulge in. Almost every movie shot holds immense strength to make you go ‘wow.’ When you think that there’s nothing more to flabbergast you, the movie’s climax hits you to keep your eyes wide open. 

RRR is a must-watch cinematic craft, and in a word, It’s teRRRific.

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