Jaane Jaan Movie Pre Review: The Thriller That Promises To Shock & Awe

Jaane Jaan Movie Pre Review: The Thriller That Promises To Shock & Awe

If the plot twist in Kahaani made your jaw drop, you are probably at the right place. Continue reading the pre review of Kareena Kapoor starrer Jaane Jaan movie, which is releasing on 21st September 2023 on Netflix.

If you love thrillers, here’s some good news: Netflix has dropped the trailer for Kareena Kapoor Khan starrer Jaane Jaan, which is due for release later this month. Based on the Japanese Novel, “The Devotion of Suspect X”, this movie by Shoojit Sarkar is highly anticipated.

Jaane Jaan Movie Pre Review: The Thriller That
Promises To Shock & Awe

Featuring an ensemble cast

Jaane Jaan movie has an ensemble cast including Vijay Varma – who is quite the thriller veteran – and Jaideep Ahlawat alongside Kareena Kapoor – which means a headstart. The glimpses in the trailer are already convincing and would make you root for the story. Plus, this is going to mark Kapoor’s OTT debut on Netflix. Does this pre review of Jaane Jaan have to mention it will be a blast?

What We Know of the Story

Maya D’souza, played by Kareena Kapoor, is a single mother and the neighbour of Naroo, played by Ahlawat. Vijay Varma, AKA Karan Anand – an officer from Mumbai Police, is on the lookout to solve a possible murder mystery. His suspect?

The very sus, and his old friend’s neighbour, Maya D’souza.

As the story progresses and things get unpacked, there could be a possible romantic tension between the characters. The question is, who’s guilty?

The Setting

Jaane Jaan movie is set in the hilly town of Kalimpong, Only a few kilometres from Darjeeling. The background’s Himalayan ranges and the Buddhist monasteries’ serenity add to the mystic aura and enhance every bit of the thrill. The nights in the hills and the music are bound to give you goosebumps.


Before we discuss anything else in the pre review of Jaane Jaan, can we acknowledge how suspenseful the background music sounds? Both the teaser and the trailer use this dreamy, electrifying music that draws you even more to the story and the wariness of the scenarios. It is going to be a pretty memorable album.

Anticipated Plot Twists

Even when it doesn’t look deceiving, maybe it is. Shoojit Sircar’s movies are incomplete without some mind-bending plot twists, and Jaane Jaan movie will probably not be any different. The trailer looks promising enough with murder, romance, and possibly some chase. So, get ready to be on the edge of your seat and witness some completely unexpected turns in the story.

The Tension and The Drama

The Jaane Jaan movie trailer hints at Possible romantic tensions between the three major characters. What is better than a gripping thriller? Well, a pinch of romance between the good and the bad. It might not be new, but come on, Vijay Varma and Kareena Kapoor, that sounds exciting! “Love blurs the line,” as the makers put it – The charming presence of Maya D’souza in the backdrop of a criminal investigation will make Jaane Jaan a nail-biting watch this month.

While we attempt to break down the trailer in this pre review of Jaane Jaan, it is still scratching the surface. If you want to know what lies “between innocence and guilt”, stay tuned to watch it on Netflix this September 21st.

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