Best Suspense Short Films On YouTube That Will Shake You To The Core

Best Suspense Short Films On YouTube That Will Shake You To The Core

Short films are known for their crisp storyline and perfect execution in a limited timeframe. Recently, some popular Mystery/thriller suspense short films on YouTube have gained popularity during the pandemic.

Interestingly, the short films have unexpected spine-chilling climaxes that are unique yet entertaining. So, if you are bored watching regular films and web series, you must look at some of the best suspense short films on YouTube.

Best Suspense Short Films On YouTube That Will Shake You To The Core


It is a modern twist to the episode of Ahalya in Ramayana. This epic retold in a modern way is a 14 mins film that has gained more than 16 million views on YouTube. The modern tale has a different ending where the guilty are punished and not let loose like the one in the original story. 


elaichi short film

Elaichi is a 5 mins Thriller short film that is a tale of love that has no expiry date known for its short and to-the-point storyline. The short film starring Nimrat Kaur and Divyendu Sharma is about an irritated woman who is troubled by the ghost of her clingy husband. She is the only one to see him and the ghost attempts to kill himself but in vain that makes the wife annoyed. 

Interior cafe night

The 13 mins short film is about two couples. Among them, one is young and the other is elderly. They face contrasting results like a painful separation and a romantic reunion in a cafe in Kolkata. This heartwarming story of lost love features  Shernaz Patel, Naseeruddin Shah, Shweta Basu Prasad, Naveen Kasturia. 


A psychological thriller is also termed a dark drama. The plot is based on a Psychiatrist who helps a man find out if his new love is real. Kriti is a 19 mins short film that will keep you engaged till the end with news events unfolding one after the other.


A short film based on a successful businessman whose wife’s death turns his life completely and the situation becomes more complex when the details about his whereabouts do not match the crime. So, the question remains whether he is guilty or a culprit? 


The short film revolves around a housewife Kavita. She lives with her husband and bedridden father-in-law who calls her by tapping a teaspoon on his bed. But, she becomes frustrated and angry, which makes her take an extreme step. This short film is packed with complex plot twists that make it a perfect thriller. 

Dry Dreams

A young carefree man who dreams about a beautiful girl, suddenly his life turns upside down because of her. The theme of dry dreams is highlighting the significance of water conservation

Tenth Race

In the Tenth race, 4 men join together to commit a perfect crime. But, if anything goes wrong, it can be very hazardous. This 15-minute short film starred Pankaj Tripathi in the lead role. 

Do watch them on YouTube and let us know about your favorite ones in the comments section.

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