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Films That Celebrate Pride – LGBTQ+ Edition

Films That Celebrate Pride - LGBTQ+ Edition

Cinema has started to do a better job of representing LGBTQ voices. Here are a few films that made this possible! 

Handsome Devil

Image: Handsome Devil/Treasure Entertainment

Imagine if Deads Poet Society was a gay film and you will get Handsome Devil. This heartfelt coming-of-age movie takes apart toxic masculinity and its effects on gay pride. It features a great soundtrack and also, the heartthrob gay actor Andrew Scott. 


Image: Moonlight/A24

This Oscar-winner will win you over with its realistic storytelling and leave you in tears. It accurately depicts the struggles of trying to be yourself in a world that wants you to confirm. The amazing background score and cinematography make it absolutely perfect. 

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Image: Portrait of a Lady on Fire/Arte

The intimate spaces of lesbian love remain vastly unexplored. But this film makes up for that. Not only is it a brilliant pride film but it also shows the connection between love, art, and feminism. 

Laurence Anyways

Image: Laurence Anyways/Lyla Films, MK2

A man tells his girlfriend he wants to become a woman in Laurence Anyways. One could use many adjectives to describe this film but words won’t suffice. It can only be experienced.

A Fantastic Woman

Image: A Fantastic Woman/Fabula, Komplizen Film

First up, this film illustrates that casting is an important indicator of representation as it features a trans woman playing the character of a trans woman. Rather than being preachy, it makes us empathize with the struggles of the transgender community through the universal theme of grief. 

The Half of It

Image: The Half of It/Likely Story

This quintessential Netflix original is extremely layered in its exploration of love, sexuality, and friendship. If you want to watch something heart-warming this pride month, The Half of It is the perfect pick. 


Image: Carol/Number 9 Films

Carol will empower you to defy societal norms, but not with bold or jarring storytelling. It is a warm, slow burn that will fill you with hope and strength this pride month.

Call Me by Your Name

Image: Call Me by Your Name/Frenesy Film Company

Scenic visuals of the Italian countryside and love simmering between two beautiful boys make up for a perfect escapist watch. Adapted from the novel of the same name, this film will leave you with an unwavering sense of liberation.

Uncle Frank

Image: Uncle Frank/Miramax

Paul Bettany (Vision from the MCU) plays the role of a gay literature professor named Frank in this touching film. Frank is made to confront his past and move on with his life. It is a heavy watch that will make you cry at several places but ultimately, it will treat you with warmth.  

The Thing about Harry

5 Things We Love About 'The Thing About Harry' - The Honey POP

Image: The Thing about Harry

This is the perfect gay romantic comedy for an ideal day. While most films have portrayed attraction to either the same or the opposite sex, The Thing about Harry goes beyond that and says, it’s totally cool to have your eyes set on more than one gender. 

Love, Simon

Image: Love, Simon/Fox 2000 Pictures

Love, Simon is helmed as one of the most effective movies to be made on accepting oneself. This Netflix original will keep you hooked from the first scene itself and will make you desperate to see the characters own their identity. 

4th Man Out

Image: 4th Man Out/Tait Productions

A man decides to reveal to his hyper-masculine friends that he is gay. What could go wrong? As it turns out, not much. This film will tickle you and make you sob a bit as well but the rollercoaster journey will be worth it!

God’s Own Country

Image: God’s Own Country/Met Film Production

Partly inspired by director Francis Lee’s own life, God’s Own Country is about finding the best way to live with one’s identity. It is unflinchingly honest and raw. But don’t worry, it breaks the trope of sad endings in queer cinema and leaves you with a lot of hope.

Which pride films are on your watchlist?

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