Hannah Montana: An Icon That Shaped a Generation

From music to fashion to pop culture, there is nothing that this iconic pop star hasn’t left her mark on. Every late 90s and early 2000s kid knows the lyrics to most of her songs by heart and would be the first ones in front of the TV when the show came on. 

Even today, if the show were to air, there’s no doubt that they’d watch it with the same excitement. Read on to dip into how huge her impact was and how she continues to shape generations even today. 

The teen star made her first appearance at a promotional concert before the show officially aired. No one knew the songs or who she was, but her presence was so powerful that people danced along anyway. 

Once the show aired, it gained instant popularity because of how unique and relatable the characters were. Read on to see her influence:

On Fashion:


Everybody wanted to be like their favorite pop star who, quite literally, had the best of both worlds. We all dreamed of owning her gorgeous walk-in closet. And as soon as the show started gaining popularity, the fashion industry saw its opportunity.

Soon enough, every store was selling outfits inspired by the show’s characters, whether Hannah, Miley, or Lily.

And of course, Disney also launched their own Hannah Montana clothing line, seeing it as a branding opportunity. Teens and kids could now actually look like their idols. Hannah Montana’s impact on fashion was so high that “Hannah Montana” and “Miley Stewart” wigs were also being sold (and bought!) like crazy, even in the different hairstyles she wore throughout the series. 

On the Music Industry


The mark Hannah has made on the music industry is so huge that people still listen to her songs, even to this day. We all probably still know all the words to ‘The Best of Both Worlds,’ and there’s also a high chance that whenever you hear someone say, “everybody makes mistakes,” your first thought is, “everybody has those days.”

The movie, however, was in a league of its own. The impact of songs like “The Climb,” “Butterfly Fly Away,” and “Hoedown Throwdown” is unmatched. Hoedown Throwdown was what we had before TikTok dances, watching Miley’s tutorial and trying to master the steps. We can also bet a lot of you still listen to The Climb when feeling low. 

On Pop Culture


During those four years, there was not an instance where you could avoid seeing her face. From notebooks to toys, she said, “you’ll be with me, wherever I go.” 

And, of course, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t own at least one of those items. It was kind of inevitable, especially with those cool toy guitars or dolls!

Not only that, but she had her video games as well! In fact, for every kid-friendly item you can think of, there was a Hannah Montana version for it. 

The iconic phrases and inside jokes probably deserve a post of their own. That’s how popular they were – and still are. Cue Amber and Ashley’s “Oooh, tss!”

In fact, this small article probably doesn’t even begin to do justice to the huge footprint Hannah and Miley have left on our generation. 

And they will continue the same, possibly even for generations to come.

What do you miss the most about Hannah Montana? Tell us in the comments below!

Cover image: Hannah Montana/It’s a Laugh Productions

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