Remember-Worthy Villains FromThe 90s Cartoons Shows

Remember-Worthy Villains FromThe 90s Cartoons Shows

We all cherish the memories we had as a child. Those days, when we used to sit in front of our television screens and wait for our favorite cartoons were something which we can’t forget. There were always a hero and a villain in almost every show. We had prepared a list of remember-worthy villains from the 90s from the list of our favorite cartoon shows.

Remember-Worthy Villains FromThe 90s Cartoons Shows

Mechanicles from Aladdin


The main goal of Mechanicles was world domination; well, it became quite scary because he was intelligent but dumb enough to be narcissistic about it. He described himself to be greater than the great Greek geniuses. The gadgets that he developed were all peculiarly based on insects.

The metallikats from SWAT Kats


They were a pair of robots who terrorized the entire Megakat City. To top it all, they were husband and wife who were, well, unnecessarily evil. Well, they were not robots from the beginning. Professor Hackle turned them into robots to save their lives after they had drowned while trying to flee the prison.

Medusa from the real adventures of Jonny Quest


Medusa has been one of the scariest villains that we have seen as children. Her ability to turn people into stone has scared us like anything. She gave this show a whole new angle.

Magica De Spell from Duck Tales


Magica De Spell is an Italian sorceress whose main intention was to steal Scrooge McDuck’s number one Dime as she believed that it would bring her a lot of wealth and fulfill her dream to be super-rich.

Ranger from Dungeons and dragons


Ranger was a rough and wild-looking character who proved to be a difficult villain to defeat. His extraordinary skills to hunt and be vigilant gave the heroes a tough time.

King Ramses from Courage the Cowardly Dog


This is probably the most haunting childhood memory that we have. King Ramses was a ghost and had given Courage a curse, and it seemed nearly impossible to defeat him.

Sedusa from The Powerpuff girls


She was an enemy of the Powerpuff girls who used her feminine wiles and witty nature to woo men and make them do things they probably would not. She was a supervillain who knew how to extract money and make the lives of the Powerpuff Girls tough.

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