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Holi is a love language that has touched us all with its colors and vibrance. From our mothers forcing us all to make last-minute gujiyas all night to being doused with colors and dancing unrecognized all day – you know the feeling. Don’t you?

Bollywood has played its part perfectly and depicted this ambiance in its true colors for decades. Have a glance at some of these evergreen movies and timeless songs perfect for this season.

Holi Songs Playlist To Ornate
Your Holi Celebration

Holi Ke Din – Sholay


Hema Malini and Dharmendra grooving to Holi Ke Din? Yes, please! Get ready to forget your gile shikwe and embrace your friends and enemies alike with this iconic movie from the days gone by. The energy of people running around the village while painting the skies pink and green is sure to seep deep within you and set the mood for this festival of colors.

Also, don’t miss the jolly little dance of the angry young man – Amitabh Bachchan. While he has to go fight the bad guys later, you can leave your day free to dance in peace all day.

Hori Khele Raghuveera – Baghban


Here’s an idea – let us all wear white, a blank canvas just waiting to be painted in a multitude of colors. Holi Khele Raghuveera and the entire neighborhood join in with their own set of gulals. Now that is the spirit we are looking for this Holi! Or maybe slightly toned down as, unlike Raghuveer, we have entered the times of Covid.

That won’t stop us from performing a mini version of this classic piece with our family. If your family is having a hard time wearing white on the ‘festival of colors, just play this song for them. JUST THE SONG, Which they probably have already seen a million times but just for a reminder. That’s it. You can sit and relax. Raghuveer is on his way to set the mood right.

Lahu Muh Lag Gaya – Ram Leela


Deepika Padukone wins hearts with her seductive performance in this energetic yet soulful song. It takes a great deal of confidence to paint yourself with gulal in Padukone’s alluring way.

We look at you with rose-colored glasses as you try some of these scenes with your better halves this Holi, or if you have not found your halves yet, let’s just enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this movie. *sigh*

Balam Pichkari – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani


Yes, we all loved the nerdy Naina, but wait a minute! Just let her snuggle out of that introverted, reserved phase and ask kon chashmish while swinging around that hose sprinkling water. Just the kind of Holi we have all been missing these years.

The running around, the colors, and the season when the hose water temperature is finally bearable! Seedhi saadhi chhori who? Just put Balam Pichkari on speaker, and you might find yourself asking itna maza kyun aarha hai?

Soni Soni – Mohabbatein


Name one thing better than King Khan dancing to Soni Soni akhiyon wali? With this song, you will doubtlessly fall in love with SRK all over again while the violins play in the background. The drums, the melody, and the dancing will entangle you in its rhythm and push you out of your tough exterior to enjoy this season of colors, brotherhood, love, and enjoyment.

If Raj (SRK) can make the principal go soft on his paramparas, so can you with that serious uncle who hates dancing and everyone who does. Serve him the famous bhaang and watch joy unfold.

Holi – Padmaavat


Need any ideas for color coordination this Holi season? Padmaavat is the movie, and Richa Sharma’s folk melody is the song. The royal charisma of Deepika Padukone will leave you mesmerized beyond words and will make you want to go back to the days when they still did architecture like that.

If you wish to celebrate this Holi like royalty, take your inspiration from this movie. The softness of the song and the intense chemistry of the protagonists are enough to spark up the ambiance of this season.

Go Pagal – Jolly LLB 2


If Akshay tells you to go pagal because it’s Holi, that is what you do. The energy and liveliness of Go Pagal will get to you and make you groove along (with or without buckets on your head)

A Holi celebration without this song in the playlist is unimaginable Gather around your friends and family and just unleash the frenzy!

Badri Ki Dulhaniya – Badri Ki Dulhaniya


This song amalgamates the aura of Holi and the grace of the wedding season perfectly. If you are looking for dress inspirations that you can dance in as well as pass as a bride, look no further than Alia Bhatt! Her engaging dance moves are a sure-shot hit for the festival of colors.

Further, the uplifting and charismatic music is sure to ornate your playlist for the Holi season. We know your mother asked you to take out the oldest clothes from the corners of your almirah, but do give that lehenga a try this time.

The Holi Playlist:

  1. Holi ke Din
  2. Holi Khele Raghuveer
  3. Lahu Muh Lag Gaya
  4. Balam Pichkari
  5. Soni Soni
  6. Go Pagal
  7. Badri Ki Dulhaniya
  8. Ang Se Ang Lagana
  9. Rang Barse
  10. Holi Mei Rangeele
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8 Marvelous Indie Artists Who Will Surely Light Up Your Weekends



8 Marvelous Indie Artists Who Will Surely Light Up Your Weekends

Indie artists, as Google says, are independent musicians who produce and publish music autonomously. But for us, Indie artists are underrated magicians, creating wonderful soundscapes with poetry that touches the heart. Lately, with the rise of platforms like Soundcloud, Youtube, and others, the wave of Indie music has evolved manifold and given us some of the most groovy, trendy, and soothing pieces of music. If you are someone who loved The Smiths and Imagine Dragons, you are at the right place.

Since the weekend is almost here, we decided why not make your weekends a bit better by curating a list of popular yet underrated Indie artists for your weekends? For the music enthusiast in you who is always open to exploring new music, we are presenting 8 Marvelous Indie Artists who will surely light up your weekends!

8 Marvelous Indie Artists Who Will Surely Light Up Your Weekends

Priya Ragu

Priya Ragu Indie Artists

If you haven’t heard Priya Ragu yet, you are missing out on a lot, fr! The Switzerland-born Sri Lankan artist is known for her groovy, electronic tracks blended with poignant lyrics and a strong South Asian diaspora. The emergence of her “Ragu-wavy” voice portrays a perfect balance of the two cultures she was influenced by. Though initially she found it difficult to balance her roots and upbringing, her music showcases how magnificently she has mastered the skill. Her hits include Black Goose, Let Me Breath, Lockdown, and so on!


Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy Indie Artists

With more than 17 million listens on YouTube, Sophia Allison is renowned amongst fans as Soccer Mommy! With the name derived from her love for football and fame from her soulful music, Soccer Mommy is the perfect Indie Artist you might want to listen to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. We won’t deny the Rolling Stones calling her “one of indie rock’s most relatable heartbreak kids,” as her poetry and voice are something you might need with a broken heart. Shotgun, Yellow is the colour of her eyes, and Circle the Drain are some of her most-loved songs.

Aadya Jaswal

Aadya Jaswal Indie Artists

This Indie artist from Gurgoan knows how to beautifully illustrate her thoughts in soothing, warm and lucid songs. Trained in Piano, she is loved for her track in Made in Heaven Season 1, cover songs, and opening for artists like Jamison Ross and places like The Piano Man. For Aadya, music has been more than just playing instruments and singing; it’s a catharsis of emotions and melodies to create something touching and beautiful. You will certainly love her songs like Aisha, Pariah, Hooded Figures!


ALIF Indie Artists

If you have seen a band wrapping shawls around their concert mics,  you have witnessed one of the most unique Indie artists, Alif. Founded in 2008, Alif is a band of talented artists representing Kashmir and its folk traditions with their ardent music. Written in Koshur, a dominant Kashmiri language, the band captivates with their sense of gratitude and love for home fused with captivating and soothing music. Peer te Peeri, Ride to Home, Jhelumas, and Bas are some of the most popular music that has got them featured in Coke Studio, Spoken Fest and more!


Twin Strings

Twin Strings Indie Artists

If making emotional and warm music was cricket, they would have undoubtedly been Captain Cool. Popular for the recently trending Qawali Mashup, Twin Strings is a Delhi-based Indie artist band whose love for good music reverberates in their craft. Be it with their cover songs, lyrics or vocalist Manav’s voice, they can give a golden touch to any song they touch. To get a warm hug on a tough day, tune into songs like Baarish Ka Asar, Doori, Dhalti Rahe, Aisi woh Baarish, and basically everything produced by these Indie artists!

Band Of Horses

Band Of Horses Indie Artists

Formed in 2004, this Indie Artist band from Seattle is rockingly amazing and fun to listen to. With 5 popular albums released to date, Band of Horses is popular for their spirited lyrics and captivating guitar riffs, something that will undoubtedly soothe your soul and uplift your mood. They are popular not only for their EPs and singles but also for their energetic live shows. Showstoppers like Funeral, No One’s Gonna Love You, and Warning Signs are just to name a few of their wonders!

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Yuhina Indie Artists

Can industrial designers design superb melodies? Well, we would have said “No” had we not listened to the Indie Artist from Gangtok, Yuhina. Currently placed in Bangalore, Yuhina is a vocalist and electronic music producer who weaves intricate, inner emotions into soothing and eloquent songs. Drawing her biggest inspiration from genres like jazz, blues, country and rock, she began her music production to externalize her thoughts and emotions. This indie artist is known for her MNEMONIC EP and various collaborations. 


Suzonn Indie Artists

Main berang tu chamak hai, Farq hai farq hai farq hai! The man behind this viral reel audio is Sujan Sinha, known as Suzonn to all indie music lovers. He has been known for his soft, soothing music and beautiful explorations in genres like indie & contemporary folk, pop and folk rock. Hailing from Assam, he began his musical journey back in 2018 and was immensely loved for his 2020 single, Farq Hai. He is one of the brightest Indie Artists from India with Aao Na, Tu jo paas and Woh Purana Pyaar being some of his amazing works! 

Let us know in the comments below which Indie artist are you tuning in this weekend!

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9 Best Bollywood Music Albums From The Latest Movies 2022-23



9 Best Bollywood Music Albums From The Latest Movies 2022-23

Bollywood is known for its vibrant and eclectic music. There’s a song for every situation, from the high-octane dance numbers to slow romantic melodies. These have, for decades, captured the heart of audiences worldwide and continue to do so with some of the finest musicians, composers, and singers.

These soundtracks represent, in essence, the country’s rich, immensely diverse culture. We have shortlisted some recent movies with the best Bollywood music albums so you can revisit and maybe update your playlists a little bit!

9 Best Bollywood Music Albums From The
Latest Movies 2022-23

Gully Boy


Besides its storyline and commendable acting, Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy was known for its catchy and memorable music album. With over 50 contributors for the 18 songs the movie had, it was also the first to bring together Hip-Hop and Bollywood. Written by some of the most talented people from the Indian hip-hop scene, the songs are real, the music upbeat, and resonate with young people. 

The movie has won multiple awards for its music, including best lyrics for the most popular track, “Apna Time Ayega”. Tracks like “Doori” and “Gully Mein” were particularly known for their amazing lyrics and the underlying social connotations. It’s probably now a good time to go back and replay the album; I mean, name something better than mainstream Bollywood meeting Indian hip-hop!

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Dil Bechara

The songs in Dil Bechara are composed by A.R. Rahman and are known for their soulful music and heartfelt lyrics. The album has songs for almost every mood – “taare ginn” for a peppy one, “main tumhara” when you’re feeling romantic – sung by some of the most loved singers in the industry. Released during the lockdown, the album of this movie has managed to conquer many hearts and win several awards. 

As A.R. Rahman suggested, the entire album symbolizes life, its many ups and downs, love, friendship, companionship, and much more, and of course, is a tribute to the main lead Late Sushant Singh Rajput. 


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Although the movie had a rather unconventional storyline, the music was composed by Pritam and sung by some of the industry’s legends, including Jubin Nautiyal, Arijit Singh, and Shilpa Rao. The magical voice and wholesome lyrics in “Aabad Barbaad”, “Hardum Humdum”, and “Meri Tum Ho” made them chartbusters and won praises from the audience as well as critical acclaim.


The soundtrack got multiple nominations and bagged the Best Music Director of the Year award. If you want to update your Bollywood Romance playlist, listen to this amazing album from 2020.


Released in August ’21, the soundtrack was the biggest of the year and crossed a billion streams across different music platforms. While the song “Jai Hind Ki Sena” was a perfect patriotic track that complemented the movie’s theme and became rather popular during the same year’s Independence Day celebrations. 


“Raatan Lambiyan” and “Raanjha” were amongst the most popular tracks of the year and rightfully took over social media – people swaying to its melody. These songs made it to the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the Billboard Global 200, with millions of fans falling in love with the lyrics and the tune!


“Khairiyat” is hands down one of the most memorable romantic tracks of the Decade, even special with Arijit Singh’s voice. The lyrics just hit the right chords and leave you in awe. The album will make you smile with just the different emotions the songs bring out. 


If you want to go down memory lane and feel nostalgic, “Woh Din” and “Kal Ki Hi Baat Hai” are just the right choices. The movie captured some coming-of-age stories of friendship and romance, and the songs do not fail to resonate the same feelings.


Composed by some of the most loved ones in the industry, including Raftaar and Amit Trivedi, all seven songs in the movie are catchy, memorable, and just something you could hum about all day. Voiced by Amit Trivedi, the song “Naina Da Kya Kasur” became one of the fan favourites of the year and is a wholesome song to listen to. 


The beautiful “Laila Laila” sung by Arijit Singh and the Jazzy “Aap se Milkar” left a lasting impression on the audience indeed and are a must for any music lover. 


The soundtrack perfectly captures the essence of an old time that the period drama attempts to paint. “Ghar more Pardesiya” and the title track are especially memorable and resonate with the listeners. Voiced by Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Javed Ali, Jonita Gandhi, and many such legends, the album remains one of the best from the previous decades. It is a must-listen for anyone who loves Hindi music.


The album got immense praise and a bunch of nominations, with Arijit Singh winning the Best Male Playback Singer of the Year. 

Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhaan

Being one of the first LGBTQ+ movies in mainstream Bollywood, the songs in SMZD set quite a standard for the upcoming movies of the Decade. A beautiful mix of upbeat dance music and soulful romantic tracks, the entire album is wholesome and must-listen.


Gabru” and “Arey Pyar Kar Le” are some of the best blends of the Old and New, with inputs from both contemporary singers and ones from the last millennia. “Raakh” and “Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho” are some of the most beautiful and romantic tracks – Arijit Singh and Ayushmann Khurrana’s voices are just the cherry on top!

Badhaai Do

Amidst many remakes and mashups, the music album of Badhai Do is a breath of fresh air. Released in 2022, these are romantic, fun, entertaining, and more. With voices like Arijit Singh, Ankit Tiwari, Nakash Aziz, Nikhita Gandhi, and many more, the songs have a lasting impact on music enthusiasts.


Apart from the tune, the lyrics of “Atak Gaya” and “Hum rang hain” are especially remarkable, with layered meanings, complementing the visuals from the movie. You should check out the album if you are a Varun Grover’s lyricism fan!

For more such interesting content, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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8 Brilliant Indian Music Festivals That You Should Not Miss



8 Brilliant Indian Music Festivals That You Should Not Miss

Indian Music Festivals: a perfect way to showcase India’s rich cultural diversity to the world. India has always been known for its music globally. With time, Indian music festivals have stood out with their uniqueness, immersive atmospheres and showcasing some hidden talents to the world.

Numerous music festivals are held in the country that not only highlight established artists but also provide a stage for emerging artists to showcase their talents. These festivals have also portrayed the cultural heritage in a manner that has entertained and helped people engage with the community.

India is a land of diversity, and so are the musical festivals here. From exploring folk music to energetic EDM events, there are some stunning festivals in the country. Among many popular and favourite music festivals, we have brought you 8 brilliant Indian music festivals that you can’t afford to miss.


8 Brilliant Indian Music Festivals That You
Should Not Miss

NH7 Weekender

NH7 Weekender Indian Music Festival

With some of the most outstanding artists headlining the festival, NH7 Weekender is undoubtedly one of India’s biggest and most happening music festivals. Spanning over a weekend, this Indian music festival takes place in various cities nationwide and features musicians across genres, comedians, and artists. This popular event is organised by Only Much Louder and was first held in 2010 in Pune. Ever since then, prominent artists like Ritviz, AR Rahman, Mark Ronson and more have made this festival top-notch.

Besides music, this festival is known for its vibrant graphic arts. The entire festival is covered with some amazing visual arts that enhance the vibe of the festival. With music, art and a stunning ambience, NH7 Weekender is a must-visit for all music lovers. It is held in many cities, and a pass to this festival starts from Rs3499.

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Sunburn Music Festival

Sunburn Music Festival Indian Music Festival

Since 2007, I’m pretty much sure Goa has become more popular for this music festival. Being one of the World’s top 10 Music festivals and the largest in Asia, Sunburn is the most anticipated and popular Indian Music Festival. From artists like KSHMR and DJ Snake to Alan Walker and Martin Garrix, Sunburn is popular for its star-loaded lineups and energetic ambience. Organised by Sunburn Global, this festival is not only grand but also engaging, bringing all EDM lovers together. It usually takes place in December, spanning over 3 days.

A perfect fusion of EDM, top-notch production and electrifying ambience, Sunburn is held in most metro cities of India, with Goa’s show being the most popular one. Along with amazing food, gaming zones and an engaging community, the festival also provides camping for the visitors. It is truly an experience you wouldn’t want to miss and you must visit the festival ones. A ticket to the festival begins at Rs1000 and can go as high as Rs4000.

Hornbill Music Festival

Hornbill music festival Indian Music Festival

Held in the heritage village of Kisama, Kohima, this Naga Music festival is popular for its uniqueness and vibe. Showcasing Nagaland’s diversity and cultural heritage, the Hornbill Music Festival features various contemporary artists of the region. Fostering the local talents and highlighting popular artists is a splendid initiative in the festival. This festival uses Music and art as tools to portray the cultural diversity of the Northeast. First held in the year 2000, this is one of the pioneering Indian Music Festivals.


Despite not being set in an urban area with amazing stages and over-the-top arrangements, this is one of the most popular music festivals. Traditional music and folk dance provide a completely different vibe for the visitors, which will undoubtedly amaze you. Spanning almost 10 days, the Hornbill Festival caters to music enthusiasts worldwide. Though it is a very renowned festival, a per day pass to the festival costs just Rs30.

VH1 Supersonic

VH1 Supersonic Indian Music Festival

Throughout our childhood, VH1 has been a favourite for bringing some amazing Western music to our Televisions. A few years later, they just levelled it up and started the VH1 Supersonic in 2013. This Indian Music festival is an EDM event featuring a star-studded lineup of artists and DJs annually. Mostly spanning a weekend, the festival takes place in many cities like Delhi, Goa, Mumbai and more. Highlighting genres like techno, trance, bass and more, this festival has showcased artists like Marshmallow, The Chainsmokers, DIVINE and more.

With over-the-top production, this festival has gained popularity over the years for being a very sustainable event. With other art forms like installations, discussions and interactive sessions, VH1 Supersonic provides a very immersive and engaging atmosphere. This is undoubtedly a very popular EDM festival of the subcontinent. A ticket to the festival ranges from Rs3499 to Rs16196.     


Ziro Festival

Ziro Festival Indian Music Festival

Set in the scenic region of Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh, the Ziro festival is a fantastic amalgamation of nature, art and heritage. Featuring artists from genres like rock, indie, folk, electronic and more, this Indian Music festival promotes the cultural heritage of the Apatani tribe, known to have a rich cultural background. Like the Hornbill Festival, this festival is also set naturally, bringing music lovers very close to nature. The green fields, hills and amazing scenic beauty enhance the festival’s uniqueness.

Held mostly during September, the Ziro Festival takes place for 4 days. This festival was started in 2012 by the Apatani tribe and has been a major attraction for music lovers since then. There are also arrangements for accommodations and camping for the visitors. A ticket to the festival usually begins at Rs5000.

Mahindra Blues

Mahindra Blues Indian Music Festival

When artists like Buddy Guy, Robert Randolph, Beth Hart and more headline a festival, you can guess how grand and stunning that festival becomes. Well, that is Asia’s biggest Blues Music Festival, Mahindra Blues. Organised by the Mahindra group, this Indian Music festival takes place in Mumbai annually and is popular for its immersive ambience and star-loaded lineups. Not only does the festival feature international artists, but it is also an open stage for budding blues musicians. 


This festival gives a complete experience to all Blues fans by showcasing some of the most vibrant performances and also creating an engaging atmosphere with discussions, jamming sessions and more. Portraying a beautiful confluence of culture and music, this festival is one of the most awaited ones across the nation. A pass to this festival starts from Rs3500.

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Fields Indian Music Festival

A perfect blend of diversity and creativity in a picturesque desert setting can create something as fantastic as this Indian Music Festival. The Magnetic Fields, held in Rajasthan, is one of India’s most popular EDM music festivals. Featuring performances across genres like electronic, hip-hop, contemporary and more, this festival offers a luxurious experience to the audience. Besides popular DJs and international artists, this festival also showcases the traditions of Rajasthan through its music and art forms.

With a vibrant portrayal of contemporary art, this festival also accommodates camps and caters the visitors with a splendid experience. This grand and illustrious festival lasts 3 days, usually in December. This music festival is a must for all music lovers; a pass to this event costs around Rs12500.


Jodhpur Riff

Jodhpur RIFF Indian Music Festival

Set in the picturesque view of the royal Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur Rajasthan International Folk Festival(RIFF) is a very popular annual Indian Music Festival showcasing artists across nations and various folk genres. Usually held during October, Jodhpur RIFF is organised by the Mehrangarh Museum Trust and has been ongoing for more than 15 years currently. This festival showcases a diverse and unique array of performances like folk music, dance, discussions and film screenings. 

Besides the classical Rajasthani folk, this festival is popular for featuring artists from Baul, Sufi, Bhakti and other conventional folk genres. Artists like Sumitra Devi, Padma Shri Lakha Khan and Mick Jagger have headlined this festival in the past editions. Recognised by UNESCO, Jodhpur RIFF is one of the most sustainable and diverse festivals focusing on building a very immersive and engaging cultural community. A pass to the festival ranges from Rs200 to Rs12500. 

Let us know in the comments below which Music Festival is your favourite and which is on your bucket list.

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