Watch Joker Netflix | Is Joker A True Story?

Watch Joker Netflix

Psychological intense dark Todd Phyllis and walking phoenix have made an extraordinary masterpiece, which is Joker the movie that is available to watch on Netflix.

However, this film is not available in all of the regions but does not worry we have it covered. If you want to watch joker on Netflix then you just have to follow the steps that I mention down below.

Joker is the latest movie based on a DC Comics character that was released in cinemas in 2019 but with the COVID-19 pandemic, the question that has been recurrent among the fans is whether it is available to watch on Netflix. In this article, I will tell you how to get the film right now.
This film was an instant worldwide box office success and was welcomed with open arms by international critics as it achieved 11 Academy Award nominations out of which it won 2 them. Hence with all the hype around this movie, it is expected that you will be really curious to watch this masterpiece on Netflix but as it happens joker is not available in all of the regions. However, keep reading this article so that I can help you to watch this film in just no time.

So Let Us Jump Straight Into The Question: Is Joker Available On Netflix?

Is Joker Available On Netflix

The answer is yes the joker is available on Netflix Japan. However, the main problem is if you’re not in Japan right now you won’t be able to access the joker from your location.

When you have to select the location for your country it would unfortunately not include joker except if you are living in Japan.

But however, do not get disheartened because I have got you covered. You definitely do not have to be in Japan to enjoy its Netflix library as there is a trick to get it to watch. Yes, you heard it right!!!

All you need to do to get the trick starting is that you need the VPN app and once you have it downloaded just keep reading the following steps so that you can enjoy the movie to the

The Main Question That Is Arising In Your Mind Now Is What Is A Vpn?

Is Joker Available On Netflix Vpn

The VPN is actually an abbreviation for the virtual private network that serves as an intermediate between the Internet and your connection to safeguard your privacy online.

Now The Main Question Is How Does This Vpn Work?

By allowing us to connect to a server placed in a different location than ours it lets us browse the web as if we are in that location basically it helps us dupe the location of the library we want to access.

Another advantage that it adds to your system is that it helps you unblock streaming services that have go restrictions and in this case it allows us to access Netflix’s different libraries around the globe.

Is Joker Movie Available On Netflix

So when you have this VPN app downloaded with this app you can connect to a server in Japan and watch joker on Netflix as if you were residing in Japan and accessing Japan’s Netflix library.
There are several VPN services available on the market. However, there is only one that is effective which is an expression that is the best because of the following reasons:

1. It has extremely fast streaming speeds

2. It has a user-friendly interface

3. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee If you do not feel satisfied with the service and think they could have done better

4. However I would recommend two other extremely good options which work amazingly and will help you unblock Netflix Japan which are NordVPN and Surf Shark.

You can choose from any of the following and watch your favorite show on Netflix

However, just installing the VPN is not yet here are step by step methods of how do you start watching joker on Netflix:

No matter which VPN you choose, setting up the VPN of any choice is the same with all the services so it doesn’t matter which one you choose, however with the steps that I offered you right now you will be able to watch Joker in a couple of minutes.

For this example, I will be using expressvpn but you can use any VPN of your choice other than the ones that I suggested.

joker netflix

Step 1: First, you have to go to the expressvpn website. Now you have to choose a plan that you prefer. I would suggest you choose the yearly package because with that you will be saving a lot of money.

Step 2: Now you will be asked to create your account. Provide your email ID and select the payment method of your choice. I would like to suggest choosing the yearly package.

Step 3: Now all that is left is to get the app from the product section. From the product section, you will find apps for all devices. Depending on whether you are using an Android or an Apple mobile device you have to get it from Google Play or the Apple store

Step 4: No, now you have to login into your account. You can either log in using your email ID or with the supplied activation code that will be offered at the time of the login.

Step 5: Now that the app is running and you have already logged in, go to the VPN location pop-up menu and select Japan.

You have to choose any of the following locations: double click and click on connect. Now all you have to do is visit the Netflix website or you can just use their app and enjoy watching joker no matter what your location is.

Now before you start watching joker on Netflix you need to know what joker is all about?
The central protagonist of the story is a failed comedian Arthur flake.

He had been forever alone in a crowd and was on a quest for connection as he wandered on the streets of Gotham city.

Arthur flake had been accustomed to wearing two masks- One of the masks was which he painted for his profession as a clown and the other was the mask that was his vain attempt to feel or include himself in the society which never really accepted him.

Joker Netflix

Being the clown, he had been bullied, ridiculed, isolated, and disregarded by society. All of this together let his descent into madness and finally transformed him into a criminal mastermind known as the joker.

Before that, he lived an impoverished life with his sick mother. It is because of the society that labeled him as a freak when he decided to embrace the life of chaos and criminality.

With the box office collection of 107.43 crores USD, this film among many others won the Academy Award for best actor in a leading role. The film was released in India in October 2019.

One of the greatest lines from the movie was when Joker was saying to himself, “I used to think that my life is a tragedy but now I realize that it is nothing but comedy”.

This, however, explains the recurrent theme of the film which has a conflict between tragedy and comedy however it is disturbing as it highlights the ongoing socio-political structure of our country. The film is a fresh take on the iconic clown Prince of crime home we all are accustomed to and however love.

This movie is the most realistic portrayal of a comic book film that the audience has seen to this day.

However, the main person who was behind the success of the film was Joaquin Phoenix who played the complex character brilliantly and inculcated a lot of depth in the character nailing the iconic joker laugh so well which plays a major role in the film.

It becomes an ordeal to decide whether he or Heath Ledger was a better joker because both of them did an exceptionally brilliant job when it came to portraying their stories.

Watch Joker Netflix

The cinematography of the film is also really brilliant which would be another reason to make this film worth watching and it leaves the audience amazed with the countless number of unique and artistic shots that it contains.

Even the background music and the score is another strong element to the film which adds a lot of depth and intensity to every scene of the film and sense deep chills down your spine and that is what we expect from a movie based on one of the most dangerous villains ever who has been caught up in the most entangled dangerous web of crimes.

One of the most important features of the film is that the movie has added a touch of the real world which proves that a man so dangerous has indeed been created by the society that decided to neglect it and drove him to the point of becoming the worst criminal ever.

The plot is extremely captivating, powerful, and merging and it provokes thought in the audience and leaves them on the edge of their seat every time the phoenix appears on stage.

The acting and the actual scenes are extremely well delivered and done in an extremely realistic manner. They were intense scenes that were so realistic that shook the audience who found themselves gasping in shock while watching the movie.

The character study in the film is so prominent in the repetition of the music. Whenever the Joker is at his best, his crimes allow the audience to connect to the film so well and witness the birth of the villain, the birth that serves the main climax of the film.

If you are a person who is a fan of psychological burners then you should watch this film which would send chills down your spine whilst you watch this film on Netflix. It will evoke pathos most terrifyingly.

Joker Movie Cast :

Watch Joker Netflix

The cast of the film is also another important factor in making this film a huge success as all of the actors played their roles brilliantly. They are as follows:

1. Joaquin Phoenix as the joker: Walking phoenix plays a mentally ill impoverished party clown and stand-up comedian disregarded by a society which causes him to become an elastic criminal with a clown motive.

Phoenix adds Indian interest in a low-budget character study of a comic book character and said that the film feels unique in its way and maybe it might as well be the thing that scares you the most to be a part of the film.

Phoenix lost 15 pounds in preparation and based his laughter on the videos of the people suffering from pathological laughter as I always already said earlier walking phoenix’s laughter was an important factor in making the film a success and making it realistic.

2. Zazie Beetz as Sophie Dumond: An important thing to notice about her character is that she plays a cynical mother and also serves as Arthur’s love interest. Another important fact that most of us did not know was that Beetz was a huge fan of phoenix and said that it was an honor to work with him as she learned a lot working with him on set because he is such a talented actor.

joker Zazie Beetz

3. Robert De Niro as Murray Franklin: Robert De Niro was a talk show host who played the role in Arthur’s downfall. His role in the film contributed homage to his character from king of comedy. Rupert pupkin is a comedian obsessed with a talk show host English.

4. Frances Conroy as Penny Fleck: Arthur was living his life as a clown with his ailing mother and Francis plays this role of being Arthur’s mentally and physically ill mother. She also worked formerly for Thomas Wayne. The Canadian actress Hannah grows and acts as the young penny.


joker Cinematography

The film principal photography started in September 2018 in New York City under the working title. Romeo Bradley Cooper joined the film as a producer which was unknown to most of all and the director of photography was Lawrence, both of whom Philips had previously collaborated with in his previous projects.

According to one of the actors in the film, Philips wrote the entire script during production because phoenix lost a lot of weight for the film and there would not be an opportunity for reshoots.


Watch Joker Netflix

As I told you earlier Gotham City was one of the primary locations in joker. However, this fictional town was set in 80s New York City according to Todd Phillips.

To separate it quite frankly from the DC universe he wanted the city to portray a gritty small city as described in Taxi Driver, therefore, he renamed all the structures and the lines in this film and drew a specific map of Gotham City.

A certain place was named after Batman comics like the state hospital which was named Arkham. The VFX Team also played a major role in the beauty of the film who added fictional buildings and erased the skyline of the city to give the city a sense of pressing down on earth which suffocated him and gave a sense of claustrophobia.

Cultural Impact:

The film had a lot of cultural impacts which was prominent when during a five-star movement event in October 2019 Italian comedian and politician Grillo gave a speech varying the joker’s makeup. Also one of the locations seen in the film was a set of stairs in the Bronx in New York City which was then renamed as the joker stairs.

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Summary: Watch Joker Netflix

Joker is one of the latest movies belonging to the DC Comics universe and it was a huge surprise at the box office but surprisingly it’s not widely available for streaming except on Netflix Japan.

Like I already told you so if you already own a Netflix account this is your signal to get a VPN service like expressvpn which is my favorite and start enjoying joker among the many other films

that you can enjoy which is not available in your regions and you do not need to worry as a VPN will also protect your privacy online while giving you a lot of films and TV shows to binge-watch during this festive season.

Even after three years of the release of this film, the audiences haven’t grown tired of the film with joker finding an astonishing new lease of life on Netflix which you would be missing if you miss out on the film over the last couple of days.

The ad-rated psychological drama has rocketed up to 80 places on the most-watched list and is now sitting in 19th place on the global viewership charts.

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