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Midnight Mass Review

Midnight Mass Netflix show is an American television that streams miniseries, dominating a genre of supernatural horror and dread.

The plot of this famous series revolves around a neglected island community that witnesses a variety of supernatural, frightful images and incidents after the arrival of strangely mysterious pry on the island.

The fact that is of utmost significance is that Midnight mass Netflix focuses on a genre that is common yet authentic and owns uniqueness of its own when it comes to adapting to the tastes and preferences of the audience at large.

Midnight Mass Review

Supernatural horrors are genres that not only evoke fear, dread, or horror towards the unknown but alongside, introduce an element of mystery and a realm beyond the known.

Midnight Mass Netflix, directed and written by Mike Flanagan, received positive feedbacks after its launch on Netflix on 24 September 2021.

This has spread like wildfire with such enriching Midnight mass reviews, reaching out to those who acquaint themselves with the genre and the essence of it.

Midnight Mass Netflix Main Cast

Midnight Mass Netflix Main Cast

● Zach Gilford as Riley Flynn.
● Kristin Lehman as Annie Flynn.
● Samantha Sloyan as Bev Keane.
● Rahul Kohli as Sheriff Omar Hassan.
● Henry Thomas as Ed Flynn.
● Hamish Linklater as Father Paul Hill.

Midnight Mass Netflix Episodes

Book 1: Genesis captures the incident wherein Riley Fynn returns to his hometown island, Crockett, after having spent quite a part of his life at the prison for having drunk driven his car, causing the death of a young woman.

His fragile self of lost faith in incarceration finds himself in his struggles to unite with the Catholic community of his island area along with a few others.

Midnight Mass Netflix Episodes

This involves his parents, brother Warren, childhood dearie Erin Greene, the parishioner Bev Keane, and Father Paul Hill who seems to be temporarily replacing Monsignor Pruitt.

Out for smoke of marijuana with his friends, Warren notices a weird movement along the island community area populated by a multiplicity of feral cats which are then mauled by an unviewed entity.

Later, the next night, Riley spots the shadow or the figure of Monsignor Pruitt walking along the beach in the dead of the night, even in midst of a thundering and raging storm, however, the figure soon vanishes out of sight. The next morning the area along the beach is found populated by a bunch of dead cats.

Book 2: Psalms records a few important events. None of the townsfolk is able to decipher the cause for the death of the cats.

Bev searches for the potential predators through the church perimeter with 1080. It is learned that Leeza, the Church mayor’s daughter was paralyzed to a wheelchair after being accidentally shot by the local Joe Collier.

Midnight Mass release date review

At the Ash Wednesday ‘Potluck’ event, Joe’s dog dies on eating off the ground. Joe suspects Bev whom he despises and who takes money from the townspeople after letting them accept a settlement with the oil company that destroyed the bay’s waters, with the knowledge that would directly benefit the church.

Surprisingly, at the Sunday Mass, Father Paul asks Leeza to stand for her eucharist and she starts walking. Riley expresses his guilt for the car accident stating his contempt for the idea of theodicy to Father Paul.

Book 3: Proverbs presents the townsfolk who experience a religious revival on Leeza’s recovery, as a miracle. Leza visits Joe for the first time after her recovery with tearful eyes only to forgive him for the hatred she had towards him for causing her a life- destructible ruin.

Joe decides to have an AA meeting with Riley and Father Paul. Sheriff Hasan, whose Muslim community stands against the Christian ideals, finds his boy reading a Bible.

Midnight Mass Review

He fails to convince Bev to not distribute the bibles to children of the public school. Father Paul collapses before the Scarborough’s and Bev with blood gushing out of his mouth only to return to life. in the flashback that occurs, he is at the confession booth. He reveals the story of Pruitt who at Jerusalem, was caught up in a sandstorm and attacked by a vampiric creature on discovering an ancient ruin.

That fed on his blood. He woke next morning, having regained his youth and revealing Father Paul as the revitalized Pruitt.

Book 4: Lamentations: Erin experiences a miscarriage. Father Paul witnesses the symptoms of vampirism. Joe finds him drinking Angel’s blood with the communion blood.

On hugging Joe, he falls to the ground, profusely bleeding. Bev tries to cover up the incident considering the revival of Father Paul as the Second Coming of Jesus. However, Riley considers the absence of Joe from the meeting as untrue and confronts Father as he finds the Angel shedding blood to its decanter.

Midnight Mass Season 1

Book 5: Gospels: Erin files a case on discovering Riley’s absence. Father Paul offers a sermon rife, urging his congregation to raise a war as soldiers of God’s army.

That night, Riley appears at Erin’s doorstep to be off in the boat with him to which she agrees. Riley reveals the truth- how he recovered with Father’s help who considers the vampiric blood as healing

blood when diluted with communion blood that he uses to heal the townspeople. As the sun shines, Riley combusts to ashes.

Book 6: Apostles: Father Paul had been inducing medical miracles via the church wine. At Easter Mass, he reveals that he is Monsignor Pruitt before unraveling the Angel to the townspeople.

Midnight Mass Review 2021

All are instructed to drink poison and die to be reborn again. A few do as instructed, while the others refrain. When Mildred shoots Father, the Angel swoops him out of the church. The undead ones threaten the others to do the same.

Book 7: Revelation: Father Paul confesses that he had brought the Angel to revive his relationship with Mildred. The un-turned people set on a burned boat to prevent the turned ones from reaching them.

Bev shoots anyone he sees and Father denounces him whom she announces as a false prophet. Everything is burnt down except the recreation center and church for a shelter for the undead ones.

The only survivors are Leeza and Warren who watch Angel’s wings failing and the waters driven down with the ashes.

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Midnight Mass Reviews

As per IMDB, the midnight mass review stands quite positive and uplifting. A 7.8/10 is worth the supernatural horror genre series.

The final episode, Book ‘Revelation’, offers Midnight mass reviews a skyrocketed position of worth and appreciation. An 8.2/10 for the ultimate conclusion to the series serves for the dread and the mystery in rightful terms.

Book 5: Gospels adds to the worth of Midnight Mass reviews as Sheriff Shabaaz reports the missing people and Riley reveals the truth to Erin. Midnight mass reviews reach even higher with an 8.8/10 for this episode.

Overall, a top critic, David Fear offers the Midnight mass reviews like the one that rightfully equates the scary with the sublime, the perverse with the personal. This comment carries the entire number of the midnight mass reviews to the level of claiming it as one of the best pieces of Netflix.

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