9 Horrifying Web Viral Trends That Have Taken Lives

10 Horrifying Web Viral Trends That Have Taken Lives

In India, several Chinese apps, including TikTok, came into effect a while ago. Although TikTok is banned for some of its horrifying viral trends and other issues in India. But in several countries, it is still very popular and performed by common people.

Following some trendy, funny, web viral trends and challenges for fun and entertainment is all good. But what happens when some simple, fun-loving challenges turn into deadly and stupid challenges?

Here we have some of the most deadly and horrifying web viral trends and deadly Challenges that have even taken lives!

9 Horrifying Web Viral Trends And Deadly Challenges
That Have Taken Lives

Benadryl challenge

Web Viral Trends: Benadryl challenge

In this deadly web viral trend aka Benadryl Challenge, the users take high doses of medication to try and experience a temporary high and hallucinations. However, taking high doses of medication can lead to serious heart problems, seizures, coma, or even death.

The Silhouette Challenge

Web Viral Trends: The Silhouette challenge

In this web viral trend, the participant, usually a woman, stands in a doorway, wearing only lingerie or naked, backlit by a red light only so that only their silhouette is visible. But This challenge posed a serious threat to women’s privacy as some people discovered a way to reveal the women’s bodies and posted them without the owner’s consent.

Blackout challenge

Web Viral Trends: Blackout challenge

Even though this challenge didn’t originate on TikTok, it has been circulating on TikTok since last year. The participants in this challenge choke themselves until they pass out. This can lead to brain damage or even death.

Burning Pile Challenge

Web Viral Trends: Burning Pile challenge

This challenge looks simple at first as the user is simply dressed in casual clothes, but suddenly there is a transition that shows them dressed well and holding a lighter in front of their faces. Users can burn their hair or face while trying this challenge, making it dangerous, or a big accident can even lead to death.

Full Face Wax Challenge

Web Viral Trends: Full Face Wax Challenge

As the name suggests, the user gets wax poured all over their face, nose, and ear under this. This may not sound that serious, but it can cause serious danger to the skin and lead to suffocation.

Stand up challenge

Web Viral Trends: Stand up challenge

This challenge involves two persons. One will be standing on the back of the other person. Then the person on the back would eventually make it to their shoulder as the other person stands up. This challenge can lead to fractures, broken bones, and, even worse, a broken neck.

Penny challenge

Web Viral Trends: Penny challenge

The Penny challenge entails the participant dropping a penny between a half-plugged charger and the socket, creating a spark. However, this challenge can cause an electric fire.

Cha Cha Slide challenge

Web Viral Trends: Cha Cha Slide challenge

This challenge involves the user driving, according to the song’s lyrics. If the song says “slide to the right,” the user will do so in reality. This type of aimless and careless driving can cause some serious accidents.

Dry Scoop challenge

Web Viral Trends: Dry Scoop challenge

Under this challenge, the tiktokers eat and try to gulp a spoon full of pre-workout powder. But these powders are meant to be dissolved in water and consumed. This can cause suffocation, sore throat, or in some severe cases, even heart attack.

DISCLAIMER: Storishh in no way promotes these types of challenges or web viral trends. This article informs people not to try such challenges and make them aware of such harmful trends.

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