Things Only Hoomans Who Have Pets Can Relate To

Things Only Hoomans Who Have Pets Can Relate To

“Please poop!”

We can all agree that the sight of shit is not endearing unless it’s our pet’s poop. When dogs sniff in circles and finally plop a nice poop, it feels incredibly satisfying. The consistency and color of their poop also matter a lot!

Finding the Perfect Match

Our pets are our masters with the most pristine tastes. To find their perfect treat, we first need to invest a lot of dough and get them an assortment of delicacies. We know they have found their perfect match when they lick the packet of the treats clean. 

Black and Brown Short Coated Small Dog

Pet-friendly Travel

Besides the usual things, our vacation plans also revolve around our pets. Finding the right pet hostel or a pet-friendly hotel stay is nerve-wracking because we want our baby to remain comfortable. 

Tricks of the Trade

#1 Baiting into Bathing

We have to use different baits to get our little one into the bath, from walkies to treats. And when no lure works, we have to carry them inside, ignoring their puppy eyes which scream, “No baths, please!”

#2 Feeding the Meds

It’s an art to hide pills within treats and feed them to our pets without giving the medicine away. We also need to perfect the timing with which we pour the syrup into their mouth. 

#3 The Ride to the Vet

We have taken our pets to the doc with the promise of a walk or the park. But we are also familiar with the look of betrayal on their face when they realize where they have been brought. 

Friends and Other Guests

All of us have friends who act like delicate snowflakes and treat our little munchkins like Godzilla. Then some can’t stop photoshoots with our pets. And those guests who are more than friends that either make our pets too jealous or too nosey.

“How Dare You Grow up?”

Two Puppies on Brown Bowl

It’s the most memorable phase when our pets are as ‘smol’ as beans. When they grow up and lose a bit of their playfulness, we miss their babyhood. We also end up empathizing with our parents’ obsession with our embarrassing childhood tales. 

We would also love to hear about your experiences with your pet. Share with us in the comments!

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