The Talk of Teenage Dating: Heart to Heart

Bollywood songs like ‘Isharo Isharo Mein Dil Dene Waale’ are a beautiful way of conveying how teenagers start dating. Teenage love might sound mushy and childish. And, in a country like India, adolescent love is forbidden and looked down upon. Nevertheless, the warm, fuzzy feeling of love keeps a relationship thriving in your teen years. Here’re tips that you should follow while dating during your teens. 

Curate a mesmerizing first-date experience even with the simplest things.

Make sure you work hard on the first date experience and make them feel special. Pay attention to the small details and ask them if they’re comfortable. Bring flowers or a little card along to greet someone with love. The first date is vital as it either creates a potential romantic relationship or breaks it into pieces.

Trust your intuition. 

Always trust what your intuition says. Listen to your heart and do what you feel like. Be your genuine self. Be a person who’s kind and caring. Don’t fake. Be honest. Also, make sure you never fall for someone who fakes their looks, their riches, or anything at all. 

Identify whether it’s infatuation or love.

Infatuation is common among teenagers, and most of them fail to identify that. Don’t fall into a trap and assume that it’s love. Take your time; go slow. Understand if what you’re feeling is truly love and then persuade it. It’s better to accept that infatuation or lust will end sooner or later.

Respect boundaries.

Set and respect boundaries. Value yourself as well as your relationship. Understand that consent is of utmost importance. Don’t ask for nudes, please! Your self-worth is valuable, and so is your relationship. Work on it and make things work for y’all. 

Spend time with yourself, family, and friends.

Spending quality time with loved ones apart from your partner is necessary. Your partner may be a part of your little world, but they’re not your entire world, and your survival shouldn’t depend on their existence. Family and friends are there for you through thick and thin, so trust me, it’s a lovely idea to spend some time with them.

Open up and communicate well. 

Share your likes, dislikes, and hobbies. Communication facilitates excellent conversations. You need to understand that opening up to someone definitely requires courage, and if we engage in mindful conversations, we’ll be able to create a special bond. Life is a journey, and fruitful conversations are a bang-on.

Trust your partner

To be a part of a happy relationship, trust is crucial. Trust your partner and do not misuse the concept of trust. It’s important to know that without trust, no relationship can sustain. Don’t be that doubtful creep who keeps on stalking their partner. 

Heartbreaks aren’t the end of your life. Don’t take things too seriously. 

After a heartbreak, you feel like the world has come to an end. You think that it’s the end of your life, your world. Nothing positive will come your way. Well, it’s not so. Don’t be so hard on yourself. And you know what they say, you must suffer heartbreak at least once in a lifetime; it’s a great deal of learning and life lessons.

Dating and relationships are a part of life and not your entire universe. Do things at your own pace. Teenage love is beautiful but breaks off at times. And sometimes, it stays. Whenever it does, treasure and nourish it to the fullest. Love grows when you nurture it every day, and that’s a pretty awesome thing, I’d say.

What advice did your friends give you while you were/are dating in your teens? 

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